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  1. Thanks for that update, I didn't realise! In that case here is the link to the scope: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/337921-skywatcher-8-dob-eyepieces-£200/
  2. Selling my 8 inch Skywatcher dob as looking to go bigger in the near future. I bought this second hand and is in very good condition (see pics). Primary has some dust but only the usual amount, obviously if you're willing to clean then it won't hurt! Comes with 4 eyepieces, nothing special just the usual ones you'd get with a telescope. - 6.5mm - 10mm - 15mm - 25mm With the eyepieces there are only 2 end caps as for the life of me can't find the others. It's also missing one of the end caps (the smaller one) for the finderscope. Looking for £200 ono.Offers welcome. Based in Cornwall - would have to collect due to size. (Cat not included)
  3. I have an 8inch Skywatcher Dob but I'm based in Cornwall mind. Cant post for sale on here but is up on both Astrobuysell and Gumtree.
  4. I decided to get up and head out around 2:30ish this morning to capture M8 and M20. Having never even seen these two objects in a telescope before I was excited to finally see them; even through the 200mm lens. I was rather surprised at what a single 2.5second shot could get (pictured below). After seeing that I realised I was in for a treat considering how bright and big they were in the picture, compared to galaxies that I've been imaging so far. There was some high clouds but very thin and hazy so it didn't ruin the session. I ended up imaging until the Sun's light became apparent. The final shot, processed in DSS and Post in Lightroom + some extra tweaks in Photoshop. 600 2.5second shots, darks, bias and flats. Equipment in signature: Very, very pleased with this one and I'll definitely be going out again when the moon has decided to go away once more. Seeing the final stack reveal itself in DSS had me feeling like a kid again, observing through my telescope! Clear Skies!
  5. I hadn't even heard of that until now! I've looked into it and it does seem to be much easier to make with the same, if not more, effect. My friend recently invested in a 3D printer so I may ask if he'd print one for me, a bit stronger than card I'd have thought.
  6. Mine works but the spikes are fairly small in the live view and for some reason my cats seem to love to mess with it if they can get their paws on it, so I think I'll have to keep it in the camera bag!
  7. I got to make 2 more posts then I can have a signature. However I did forget to add those details so here you go: Nikon D750 Tamron 70-200 f/2.8
  8. I had another attempt at M101 last night, I went for 600 shots this time as well as using the 300-odd from last time. All 2.5 second subs again but decided to push the ISO past 12800 and went for the H2.0 option because I live on the edge. In hindsight I feel I should have done this before since I'm not tracking and would want to get the most out of it as I can. I also made a bahtinov mask! I used some black card and it actually works fairly decently. Although I was a nonce and didn't take a picture of it in action! As you can see it's not quite as good looking as a proper one but for now it works so that's all that matters, and no one can see it in the dark The final image: Certainly more detailed than the last image of it but of course there's only so much you can get from this method. I'm only waiting on two more bits for the barn door tacker so hopefully that will be done soon!
  9. With a lovely clear night just gone I decided to jump out and get more images. I went with M106, M27 and NGC 2403. Due to my limited setup (Camera, 200mm lens, no tracking capabilities) I am fairly limited to what I can capture and so, I try to go for the brighter and bigger things. So far that's worked out and I can get results that are recognisable, at least; albeit nothing compared to what you could get with a basic tracking system. Nevertheless I still enjoy it and will continue to pursue it! Anyhow, enough blabbering, on with the hubble-esque images: M106: A few other galaxies can be seen on here too which is a bonus. NGC 2403: Probably the better image of the night. Better focus and better detail. M27: Image looks better when smaller ?. I think the focus may have nudged a tad during this one, there was a bit of wind at this point too and my make-shift card dew shield probably didn't help with that. Still, very pleased with the colour that was captured. For me this was a decent night although was bleddy windy and cold so some gloves wouldn't have been a bad option. Making progress on getting the bits and bobs for a barn door tracker so hopefully I'll have that built by the end of the week and can give it a test drive. Cheers!
  10. M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy. 326 light frames. 2.5 seconds. 12800iso. 25 dark, 25 bias, 25 flat, all stacked in DSS. Nikon D750, Tamron 70-200 f/2.8. I was surprised with how bright it came out in the final picture, as well as how small it is.
  11. M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy - but I'm sure you knew that. Once again all done with a Nikon D750 and a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens. 250 3second subs plus darks, bias and flats. Very small but some detail can be seen. Just squint real hard. And maybe tilt your head. Ahhhhh budget astrophotography.
  12. Got these 2 shots last night from the garden. No proper setup yet so they're made up of around 200ish 2.5second subs each so I'll take what I can from it! All done on my mighty setup of: Nikon D750, Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens. M13: M81 + M82: Leo Triplet: Been considering building a barn-door mount to see what results that may yield; nothing crazy I'd have thought but would be fun to do I think.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! While I save up the funds for the gear, I'll be doing the old school method of hundreds of untracked short exposures to create some very basic images. It'll hopefully keep the blood flowing until the next step, so to speak.
  14. After always looking around the site, be it at pictures or advice, I finally decided to make an account! Been in love with astronomy since year 6 and eventually delved into astrophotography. Primarily wide field with a DSLR but have always wanted to do it with a telescope and such. Ige attempted DSO imaging with a 300mm lens and stacking hundreds of lights but that can only do so much. Planning on getting a proper setup within the next year and having a real good go at it! Below are two shots I've done in the past (if that's alright to post in this). Durdle Door. Not a unique shot by any means but always wanted one of it. Recent eclipse at Boscastle Harbour. Rather chuffed with this one. Looking forward to exploring the site more and (hopefully) start my own adventure in DSO imaging! Clear Skies!
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