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  1. Thank you! Would love to be able to do all the tracking and 'proper' setup but that will probably be a ways off from now. I use a Nikon D750 with a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens. I'm always rather surprised by the amount of detail I'm able to pick up with this method. I think the goal is to capture all the messier visible from my location, though some might not prove so easy!
  2. Been a while since I've been out with my advance setup due to weather and mainly observing when the chance to go out arises. Always wanted to have a go at M31 and this time of year is perfect for it., so here it is: Now, compared to some of the images I've seen recently posted on here of M31, mine pales in comparison. This is due to the setup differences. My one does look rather good on phone screens however Having no tracking capabilities does hinder what you can do. This was taken with around 400ish 2.5 second exposures whilst battling with patchy clouds. (As well as darks and bias too, no flats). Overall though I'm extremely happy with the result, I wasn't expecting as much detail as is present, it probably helps that my camera lens is fairly fast. When the next clear, moonless night comes around I think I will get some more data and see if I can improve it further. Clear Skies.
  3. Cheers John, seems like a solid setup to go for, quite like the look of the QuikFinder due to the height of it, less neck craning! Funnily enough I've looked at that exact webpage for the focuser upgrade so I'll probably go for that in the near future. And of course a light shroud, I don't know how I didn't remember one of them! Cheers for the replies guys!
  4. Hi all, I recently acquired a 12inch Dobsonian and was wondering what sort of things people would recommend I get for it. I've got 3 different eyepieces which is plenty for now (all decent quality 2 inch). I'm looking into getting some sort of adjustable chair for comfier observing. It has a red-dot finderscope on it but I do have a regular 9x50 scope I can attach to it if need be. I've seen people raving about Telrads, so wondered if it'd be worth getting one of those instead. Also one of my eyepieces is 38mm 70 fov, would it be a good idea to use that in conjunction with a Telrad or the red-dot finder as apposed to using the 9x50? One thing I know I need is a collimator for obvious reasons. Something I have done is bought some carry-straps (seen below) to help with lifting the damn thing! Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks for that update, I didn't realise! In that case here is the link to the scope: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/337921-skywatcher-8-dob-eyepieces-£200/
  6. Selling my 8 inch Skywatcher dob as looking to go bigger in the near future. I bought this second hand and is in very good condition (see pics). Primary has some dust but only the usual amount, obviously if you're willing to clean then it won't hurt! Comes with 4 eyepieces, nothing special just the usual ones you'd get with a telescope. - 6.5mm - 10mm - 15mm - 25mm With the eyepieces there are only 2 end caps as for the life of me can't find the others. It's also missing one of the end caps (the smaller one) for the finderscope. Looking for £175.Based in Cornwall - would have to collect due to size. (Cat not included)
  7. I have an 8inch Skywatcher Dob but I'm based in Cornwall mind. Cant post for sale on here but is up on both Astrobuysell and Gumtree.
  8. I decided to get up and head out around 2:30ish this morning to capture M8 and M20. Having never even seen these two objects in a telescope before I was excited to finally see them; even through the 200mm lens. I was rather surprised at what a single 2.5second shot could get (pictured below). After seeing that I realised I was in for a treat considering how bright and big they were in the picture, compared to galaxies that I've been imaging so far. There was some high clouds but very thin and hazy so it didn't ruin the session. I ended up imaging until the Sun's light became apparent. The final shot, processed in DSS and Post in Lightroom + some extra tweaks in Photoshop. 600 2.5second shots, darks, bias and flats. Equipment in signature: Very, very pleased with this one and I'll definitely be going out again when the moon has decided to go away once more. Seeing the final stack reveal itself in DSS had me feeling like a kid again, observing through my telescope! Clear Skies!
  9. I hadn't even heard of that until now! I've looked into it and it does seem to be much easier to make with the same, if not more, effect. My friend recently invested in a 3D printer so I may ask if he'd print one for me, a bit stronger than card I'd have thought.
  10. Mine works but the spikes are fairly small in the live view and for some reason my cats seem to love to mess with it if they can get their paws on it, so I think I'll have to keep it in the camera bag!
  11. I got to make 2 more posts then I can have a signature. However I did forget to add those details so here you go: Nikon D750 Tamron 70-200 f/2.8
  12. I had another attempt at M101 last night, I went for 600 shots this time as well as using the 300-odd from last time. All 2.5 second subs again but decided to push the ISO past 12800 and went for the H2.0 option because I live on the edge. In hindsight I feel I should have done this before since I'm not tracking and would want to get the most out of it as I can. I also made a bahtinov mask! I used some black card and it actually works fairly decently. Although I was a nonce and didn't take a picture of it in action! As you can see it's not quite as good looking as a proper one but for now it works so that's all that matters, and no one can see it in the dark The final image: Certainly more detailed than the last image of it but of course there's only so much you can get from this method. I'm only waiting on two more bits for the barn door tacker so hopefully that will be done soon!
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