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  1. I am looking to buy the ZWO ASI120MM Mini and/or Astro Essentials 32mm f/4 Mini Guide scope (or equivalent i.e. RVO's version) Will buy both or individually depending on what people have. Camera must come with original cables etc
  2. Looking to buy an ASIair v1 (white one) with all original cables etc that come with it. Will need to be posted as I live in faraway Cornwall unless of course you're nearby. Item has been found.
  3. Cheers! I'm glad I managed to get the shot. Thank you! It certainly paid off.
  4. Thanks Martin! It's easier to fist pump when it's dark and no one can see you! Thank you Philip, glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Jumping on the ever-so-busy Neowise train I've got some shots of it myself. Living in Cornwall I'm quite lucky with the local skies but even still I ventured out to Bedruthan Steps. One reason is that it's darker and so it was a no brainer. Secondly I also wanted a widefield shot since the 'steps' are North-facing. I arrived around 9pm to make sure I got the spot I wanted and ended up staying there until 2:30am - if only I hand't forgotten the bleddy binos! The first is at 200mm although I didn't realise the full extent of its tail! Bigger than I thought and so I could've framed it a little better but I'm still happy with it. I remember seeing the first shot come up on the camera screen and fist-pumping the air in excitement! I also learnt how to stack a comet sequence in DSS as I didn't realise I had to. My first run-through of it returned a stretched comet. It was shot on the Star Adventurer Pro at 200mm, f/6.3, ISO 2500 and 45s subs. Along with darks and bias frames. Before I got into taking dso images I was huge on widefield imagery. While I know my dso imagery has a way to go (though I'm still happy with it) I always knew that I was better at widefield. I've not posted on here in quite a while with any dso shots even though I finally acquired a tracking mount; I'm not entirely sure why I've not posted but I've definitely improved since then. Either way it was fun to go back to what I was, once, most fond of. So, here it is. It is a stitch of 2 shots, one exposing for the foreground and one for the sky, both at 24mm. When the first shot came on screen I was back to fist-pumping again and this time joined by giddy laughter. Lots of "Wow" "My days" "Aha!" and "Getton!" Needless to say I'm chuffed to bits with this one. I do wish the ion tail showed more of its colour as it does in the first image but I'm glad to have caught it in this at least. This shot is as follows: Sky: f/3.2, ISO 4000, 45s exposure. Foreground: f/2, ISO 2000, 120s exposure. After this venture last night I think I will try and get back into nightscapes more, like I used to, as I forgot how much I enjoyed them. Part of the fun is the planning of the shot and travelling down/up to wherever it is I go. Clear skies.
  6. It might indeed be tricky then but may be worth a go; at least you'll know once you've tried. M106 was 15mins worth, NGC2403 was 10mins worth and M27 was also 10mins. I have now acquired a Skywatcher Adventurer so have been using that and getting used to all the new problems that comes with tracking!
  7. Hi Advait, The lens used was a 70-200mm Tamron f/2.8. I would for sure recommend a prime over a zoom just because you'll get better quality however you will then lose that use of different focal lengths. I'm pretty sure these were all shot at 12800iso, F/2.8 and I took around 300 for each. Increasing your focal length will mean less exposure times as the trailing will become apparent quicker, if the lens has an f-stop of 2.8 (or even less) then that'll help counter it; as well as your camera's iso limit. It's not often you'll get nice sharpness with a wide open aperture though so I'd recommend looking up lenses that are known to be sharp at those f-stops. The skies I shot under were Bortle 4 I believe. Hope this helps!
  8. Just seen someone's selling this little gem on gumtree for £85, ota only. I'd get it myself if I had a mount and such for it
  9. Thank you! Would love to be able to do all the tracking and 'proper' setup but that will probably be a ways off from now. I use a Nikon D750 with a Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 lens. I'm always rather surprised by the amount of detail I'm able to pick up with this method. I think the goal is to capture all the messier visible from my location, though some might not prove so easy!
  10. Been a while since I've been out with my advance setup due to weather and mainly observing when the chance to go out arises. Always wanted to have a go at M31 and this time of year is perfect for it., so here it is: Now, compared to some of the images I've seen recently posted on here of M31, mine pales in comparison. This is due to the setup differences. My one does look rather good on phone screens however Having no tracking capabilities does hinder what you can do. This was taken with around 400ish 2.5 second exposures whilst battling with patchy clouds. (As well as darks and bias too, no flats). Overall though I'm extremely happy with the result, I wasn't expecting as much detail as is present, it probably helps that my camera lens is fairly fast. When the next clear, moonless night comes around I think I will get some more data and see if I can improve it further. Clear Skies.
  11. Cheers John, seems like a solid setup to go for, quite like the look of the QuikFinder due to the height of it, less neck craning! Funnily enough I've looked at that exact webpage for the focuser upgrade so I'll probably go for that in the near future. And of course a light shroud, I don't know how I didn't remember one of them! Cheers for the replies guys!
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