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  1. When I wanted this one I had a bit of a wait as well . Still it is nice mount well engineered.
  2. Not sure if our postman could walk that far theropod
  3. Hi we are about 5 miles east of the Dartford crossing about 1 mile south of the A13
  4. I brought the CEM25p in May 2019 from FLO to use as a portable setup when we were away in our caravan after being away from the hobby for some time. Decided to try it at home and I expect you all know what happened next, Narrow band filters and a camera. Now I have permission to convert the shed into an obs, plus now an owner of a CEM70 etc so the CEM25p needs a new home. The CEM25p comes with the hard case, the 2" tripod, an extra 2kg counter weight and the pier that is either 5.5" or 8". The mount is light but can take a 12.3kgs load, I usually had my WO 103, SW Evo guide 50 E
  5. Hi Sorry N.F and Alan I did not see your posts apologies. N.F. Yes upto last evening I had been playing with my WO 103 and SW mak visually, getting to know the software etc. As to what made me select the CEM 70 and TriPier I already have a CEM25p which I had brought for mobile when we go away in the caravan, hence the the 2 smaller scopes. I was impressed with the engineering on the 25p, the last mounts I had when I last played were SW HEQ 5 pro and a fork mounted C14 at the time and what I could afford they were good but I think the CEM25p is a lot better, so I could not get a CEM 60
  6. Firstly thanks to FLO for shipping in less time than on the website and for some good advice. So the beast ready to play. I guess start at the bottom and work up. The Tri-Pier arrived on a single skin box which to be honest is more than adequate for the Tri-Pier as there is more than enough air space around it if something should penetrate the box, but no pretty case like our cousins over the pond seem to get. Save the piece of foam protecting the head of the Tri-Pier,( should you be a philestine that does not save your astro packaging.) you will need it to
  7. As every one else has posted, what a wonderful resource for the community thank you FLO I hope it brings many rewards to FLO. thanks colin
  8. Hi Philip, if you are still looking for a solution I can recommend: https://www.toolstation.com/puraflex-40-high-modulus-pu-sealant-adhesive-300ml/p85566 2 concentric rings around area clamp/screw down but do not tighten all the way try to leave half a turn leave for 12/24 hours then tighten down. Only comes in black or white tho' Been using this for a few years now on various boats to fit hatches, windows and deck fittings works a treat. if in the future you wish remove the ring run a thin blade knife round it will come off. I get it from the basildon branch if you are th
  9. Like everyone totally gutted was looking forward to my first star party and putting faces to names, but thanks for the early warning. Thanks as well for all the effort and no doubt blood sweat and tears from the girls and guys organising you must be gutted as well. So here's to the next one. Colin
  10. Same weight as the 1600 pro without a filter wheel so that would save 300 grms, don't think I have enough browny points.
  11. Very nice work, like Mr Lurcher I also have shed envy plus scope envy, Colin
  12. Thanks for the welcome, that may change when I am bending ears trying to catch up developments. Ed i will try to get along to the club next week. thanks colin
  13. Hi all, returning to astronomy after a break of few years. Looking forward to some fun. Colin
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