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  1. I found it by aiming firstly to one of the bright naked eye stars in the 'W' of Cassiopeia and then using SGPs 'Solve and Sync' feature to make sure the star was in the exact centre of the FOV. I then manually entered the RA and Dec as given on the AAVSO chart into my APCC mount control software and then took a 1m exposure. I then simply matched the stars in my image with those on the chart and rotated the camera until I had more or less the same orientation as in the chart. At that point the nova was obvious. The plan now is to use my Star Analyser 100 filter with Tom Fields excellent R
  2. Managed to image this with ease last night. I will try for a spectra tonight. Where do we send or post observations/images to?
  3. I have just installed SN8. All looks great but when I go to Labels and then select Comets, the comet labels are not showing up on the sky display. Planetary labels are fine as are constellation labels. Any suggestions?
  4. So this afternoon we set the mount aiming at the NCP and turned on. Then connected the mount and the crosshair pointed at the NCP. All good. Next we manually slewed to a star using NSEW buttons in EQMOD. That was fine and we could synch on the star. Next we right-clicked on another star and selected 'Slew to …..'. The mount started aiming towards the star we chose, got almost to it but then the crosshair suddenly jumps a few degrees away from the star and the mount continues slewing past the position of the star. This jumping a few degrees happens each time the cross hair approaches our t
  5. None yet. I was going use Mizar as the first alignment/sync point but I didn't get that far. I know the mount encoders are turned on so I have asked that he turn the encoders off in case there is a clash going on. The way the mount was behaving it seemed as though something was fighting against the direction the mount was pointing so if the encoders are detecting that the mount is moving without the hand controller controlling the mount the encoders might be interpreting that as a pointing error and trying to correct it. By turning the encoders off with the hand controller connected, EQM
  6. I am helping a friend setup a SW EQ8 using EQMOD. We have all the cables setup and the connection in Starry Night works fine with EQMOD connecting to COM 3. Setting the mount towards the NCP we then slew towards Mizar just as a test star. The mount starts to slew in the general direction of Mizar. The mount settles on Mizar but then the crosshair suddenly jumps a few degrees away and then starts to slew once again towards Mizar. Settles near Mizar but then once again jumps back a few degrees before slewing back towards Mizar. Th mount physically moves further and further north until it
  7. I have a QSI camera with the built OAG port. I know how OAG works. The prism in the OAG port pinches a small amount of the incoming light from the telescope and directs it into the guide camera. I wondered whether that means some of the same stars that are visible in the guider field of view should also be visible in the main camera FOV? I tried this last night on the Moon. Aimed telescope at the Moon and then started looped exposures on the guide camera. Light from the Moon was visible but was just out of view. So I shifted the scope slightly until the Moon came into the FOV of th
  8. Like many others I suspect I use SGP for my image capture. Some time ago I experimented unsuccessfully with building mosaics. I decided to abandon the attempt in the end but ever since then the previews of my attempts still load up in main window area everytime I run SGP. There are four of them in different tabs. I would like to start from a 'clean slate' when SGP first opens. Does anyone know how I can stop these preview images from coming up all the time?
  9. Thanks guys you are giving me hope that I might finally solve this one! Any more suggestions, keep them coming.
  10. Hi all, I'm getting close to holding up the while flag with this one so... HELP! My observatory has fibreglass base ring which is sitting on a hardwood surface (see pic). Ever since I installed this I have had a problem with water leakage through the base ring. I have tried silicone sealant but not matter how hard I try I always seem to miss a bit and the water seeps through. There must be a brush on sealant that I can use which I can apply all the way round the base, both in and out so it seals any gaps for water to seep through. We even tried applying some primer and then f
  11. OK Julian thanks for that. The date and time on the scope side would have been set from the GPS fix so I will get Phil to check the date and time on the PC.
  12. Hi Guys, I don't know if you can offer any advice on this... I was helping a friend on Friday evening in establishing an ASCOM connection between his 14" LX200GPS and Starry Night etc. After trying a few USB/serial leads and drivers we managed to get a stable connection to the scope and this worked fine in SN. However We noticed a consistent error between the scopes actually pointing location on the sky and the shown position in SN. For example with the scope centred on M76 we slewed to a bright star in Cassiopeia. The scope slewed fine and we took an image
  13. Appreciate that Dave. Answer is always staring at you if you just know where to look!
  14. A friend of mine has just started using Maxim DL v6. I showed him how to set up the Autosave feature to run a sequence with various filters. We set up an LRGB sequence of 5 subs per filter. However rather than doing 5xL, 5xR, 5xG and 5xB it swapped the filter after each sub so 1xL, 1xR, 1xG and 1xB and then repeated this 5 times. I know you end up with the same but is there any way to change the sequencing so you do all L subs then all R subs and so on?
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