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  1. Hi everyone, i just wanted to share my results from a week ago.After deciding between mw core and cygnus i decided to imagge the latter.Shot was taken from bortle 4 suburban sky and exposures of about 4 minutes with unmoded camera.Lens was 50mm canon lens although not wide open,it was on f3.2 i think and iso 800.It is about 45 minutes worth of exposure time stacked in dss without any calibration frames.Edited in pixinsight.I could pull out a bit more colour for that surreal effect but i just prefer this natural look more.Hope you like it,and am looking forward for your reactions and opinions.
  2. In case you are wondering how some of my pictures look like here is one taken with 300mm f4 lens.I don't really remember how many light and calibration frames i took. ps. this was actually a failed attempt,since clouds covered the sky,just after 15 minutes.But it gives you a clue.
  3. Thanks for the response everyone,this really gives me hope
  4. Hvala na odgovoru,kamera je canon 1300d,krop faktor na senzoru je 1.4,to objašnjava što je na prijateljevoj kameri field of view znatno veći -David
  5. Great shot Mick,everything is on point
  6. Thanks Adam,this is exactly what i was looking for,great shots,i don't really mind galaxies being smaller in wide shots,i was just wondering if you can pull out the detail from them,since that limits the number of pixels you are working with -David
  7. You can't really go that wrong with binoculars,just make sure the quality of optics is good.Also if you are not planning on buying a monopod or tripod,chose some that have smaller focal lenghts and show wider field of view,so it will seem like the picture is more steady and that is crucial when viewing objects in space.Just keep that in mind,larger is not always better.If you didn't already,download some apps,starmaps on your phone,so you can find objects easier.Dark sky is the most important factor,so go to the darkest place you can,and bring someone with you,so they keep you company,it can g
  8. Thanks for explaining it to me,i cannot believe i haven't heard about that program until now,guess i'll have to try this technique when the first chance apears
  9. Hi everyone, I was just looking up some images of galaxies taken by amateurs,and they all seem to be taken with large telesopes.I mean,i know why that is.Except for andromeda and triangulum,galaxies are really small,so we are better off taking frames of close ups with large focal lengths.But since i don't have equipment like that,and i am getting my old SA tracker back in the middle of the galaxy season,i would like to see some of your results and opinions about this.Till this day i only captured pinwheel and andromeda galaxy,but i also had one failed attempt to capture whirlpool galaxy,b
  10. That is a tremendous image Adam! Galaxies are my favourite objects indeed,and close up shots like these never fail to amaze me!Just looking at this image makes me wondering about all the secrets this galaxy holds. I also had this idea of combining frames from diffrent setups,but i never actually was sure if it would work.Did dss itself crop the frames and stacked them or you had diffrent stacking process because of the diffrence in focal lengths. -Clear skies,David
  11. i agree with your opinion the first one looks way more natural,but i like the second one more as it seems less noisy and it makes andromeda pop out more from stars thats just my opinion,someobody else might not agree both are still really great images
  12. my first andromeda image and a second deep sky image overall i remember being really excited imaging this from my backyard in bortle 5 zone i used old tair 300mm lens,star adventurer and canon 1300d umodified edited in lightroom,i was actually really happy with this result next image was shot with same equipment but from even more light polluted skies and from balcony,so my polar allignment was pretty much off i edited this one in pixinsight after i learned the program this is the newest one still same equipment skies were little darker
  13. ok i will try to pollar allign it better next time
  14. thank you for response,i will leave it the way it is then
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