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  1. Never used. As new. Offers over £40. Additional cost for level of postage required, ie tracked etc.
  2. Weight, cost and location isnt an issue, lm just looking for something that doesnt move if l breathe on it
  3. I have a Skywatcher SkyMax 127 that came with the orignial synscan mount. I find it very flimsy and prone to movement. What would be the next step up in guided mounts taking into consideation l may upgrade the OTA to 180 or above.
  4. Ive just updated my gear with a Synscan Wifi and Power Tank. Have not had the skies to view for the past 12 days. Which program would suit the wifi adapter best for controlling the scope. Probably wont use my laptop to much but have both programs, SN Pro 6 and Stellarium. I have Sky Safari on ipad and as of yet the only thing l have managed to do it connect synscan pro on android to do alginment.
  5. I think l will go the Synscan Wifi and Power tank route then. Cheaper all round.
  6. I see. So just a glorified Synscan Wifi adaptor then which is almost 5 times cheaper.
  7. Does anyone have one of these units? I have been pondering various options. Not wanting to have a birds nest round the scope with power tanks, laptops and cables, to a certain extent. Does the SkyFi unit power the mount, can do away with power tank and battery pack if it does, as it also accepts power from a portable power bank which l have.
  8. Ok, so putting the power bank to the side for now. If l went with the Skywatcher 7Ah unit what lead would be needed to connect to the mount?
  9. When l purchased my Mak 127 from Skywatcher it came with a empty battery pack that accepts 8 AA batteries. I have been looking at the power tanks but wanted to see if there is anything else that l can 'adapt' to use instead of buyng. I have a 20,000 mAh portable power bank with various usb outputs and wondered if there was a way to use some sort of adaptor from usb to Goto mount.
  10. Just ignore me, adjustment is on the right. Williams.
  11. I recently purchased a very nice binoviewer with 2 20mm EPs. Unlike regular binos there doesnt seem to be a way to balance the focus. I find the left EP to be out of focus. I was wondering if there is such a thing as a spacer to allow for minor extention of an EP in this case.
  12. No reason why you cant connect a webcam to the notebook, as long as you can get drivers.
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