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  1. hi all, I let my power tank die and when I try to charge it, it lights up for 2 seconds and then it ''clicks'' and then stops charging... is there any fix for this? thanks Jon
  2. Thanks, I didn't realise it wasn't an easy target..... I was just very brutal when it came to throwing out poor quality subs, and there was a lot of them ?
  3. I messed around for ages, the only way I could see anything resembling an image was messing about with saturation and hue levels, the image was almost black when it came into gimp....the problem is I'm left with this orange glow and if I try to get rid of it the image virtually loses all data....... to be fair they are only 15 second subs and I'm using an alt/az mount with no guiding... it's in the north sky so I have had to delete lots of star trailed subs...... maybe it would easier if I can ever get round to finishing my wedge... ?
  4. I will try that....... there are lots of people on here that recommend what NOT to do... ? ok ye I'll keep at it. Cheers
  5. Hi all. Any tips on how to pull my image though using gimp? I have the pinwheel galaxy but it's completely black apart from the odd star... it looked brighter in dss. I know the data is kind of there because when I use the auto tools such as auto white balance or auto desaturate I can quite clearly see the galaxy but it looks crap. I have messed about a bit using techniques from various books but to no avail without using the auto tools it's virtually non existant. Thanks Jon
  6. Ordered a wireless one. Little things eh!! Perfect thanks
  7. Hi all. I already have a remote control that I can press once to take a shot with my canon... when I want to take around 50 subs I don't want to be pressing the remote over and over... is there anything out there that will take that chore away for me....
  8. ok, I have since figured out that it is 51 degrees from 90 degrees, so it should be set 39 degrees from 0 degrees as I'm already at 51 degrees at my latitude
  9. So basically how I have it set up on the picture? I do have a few adjusters on the wedge... will see... the hardest part is living in England. Once a month I can see polaris ?
  10. Could someone tell me if this is the correct way to measure the angle of degrees for my wedge....do I measure it from 0 degrees (horizontal) like in the picture, or should it be measured from 90 degrees (vertical)?? I am 51 degrees from my location.
  11. I have fitted a focal reducer f/6.3 hopefully this will help
  12. Hi thanks! The wedge does have provisions for adjustments on my wedge although how accurate they are I'm yet to see as I haven't got that far yet. I used a protractor to measure the angle of latitude for myself which I drew lines on the inside of my wedge for. How accurate that is going to be is certainly the question. I suppose trial and error again. ThanKyou for replies
  13. hi guys, I have a few questions about polar alignment using my homemade wedge! I have a nexstar 8se so hopefully someone will answer who has done the same thing as me! I point the forked arm on the wedge towards north? is this a rough estimate? or am I supposed to be doing something or working something out? after putting the telescope at 90 degrees, ( by putting the two index markers opposite to each other) it asks me to put it to meridian, does this mean I do this roughly, (by eye) or am I supposed to working something out? I have only tried auto align and polar al
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