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  1. jonnydreads

    Exposure time without eq mount

    Yes I have a lens will try piggy back too... I wanted to anyway thanks
  2. jonnydreads

    Exposure time without eq mount

    I will look into that. Just didn't want to destroy the mac because I'm not very tech. May purchase a cheap laptop just for astro Yes good shout with the legs I never even considered that
  3. jonnydreads

    Exposure time without eq mount

    this is kind of what I'm dealing with for m31, out of focus, star trails, I think I'm just asking to much for what I have at the moment, I might get myself a bahtinov mask in the meantime too, to see if that makes a difference with the focussing, my eyesights not fantastic anyway so 2.5 million light years is pushing it a tad
  4. jonnydreads

    Exposure time without eq mount

    Yes your right. I will keep at it though. I'm determined to get something. I've got about 20 subs of m31 but they literally looks like blobs I can't see orion neb from my house at the moment or I would concentrate on that for sure as I can even see that through my eyepiece quite well.
  5. jonnydreads

    Exposure time without eq mount

    I have tried tonight. Nothing short of disaster again.... Im sure i have plenty of patience but everything in regards to imaging is working against me with this set up. To top it off I have a Macbook to process and theres hardly anything decent to process...I was kind of thinking if I could do it with this type of equipment then when I do get some equipment I'll be onto a winner
  6. jonnydreads

    Exposure time without eq mount

    I'm using nexstar 8se. Alt/az and 2000mm
  7. I haven't yet got an eq mount but still want to take images tonight. Is ngc 7000 unrealistic for 20 second exposures..? Dslr @ 1600 iso
  8. jonnydreads

    James webb telescope renamed?

    I'm sure it's already been confirmed where it's going to look first but I do hope they just point it randomly like they did with hubble. Although it will see 100 times further than hubble I don't suppose it matters this telescope will change textbooks I can feel it.
  9. jonnydreads

    dark-bias-flat subtraction

    Thankyou all. I might buy myself a cheap laptop with windows purely just for astro. Currently I have a Macbook and dss doesn't support it.... I'very downloaded a program called Keiths stacker but there are others although I'd prefer dss....... plus I'm hesitant to take the Macbook outside for more than an hour because of the dew. To be fair I'm a way off yet equipment wise too. Many Thanks Jon
  10. hi all, I'm about halfway through ''making very photon count''... although not the lightest read I've ever read, some parts of it, maybe over 60% has ''gone in''..... I've read and re-read about dark frame, bias frame and flats subtraction, the author says that these should be subtracted from the ''lights'', I think this is just a word he is referencing for the word ''subs'' which I now understand........ anyway, he only mentions that this must be done but not how to do it, is it a case of reading on or have I missed something...... I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information I'm wanting to absorb, Im also wondering if maybe I should go to my local astronomy club and meet people to see it happen hands on... I am an engineer and have always learned things so much better seeing it, rather than from a book.... I have many questions but don't want to crash this website thanks in advance, jon
  11. jonnydreads

    red images

    Ye thanks. It's definitely red on the street lamps etc but not on orion. The sky remains black around it. But for me the whole sky was red including stars.... I've taken it out and had a much more satisfying night tonight. Although all my images are still rubbish at least they're not red/pink
  12. jonnydreads

    red images

    Yes Ive been reading about that thankyou! Im going to try that once im more experienced.I've since taken out the lp filter to just see, and the moon is now back to normal. Hopefully I'm going to try it out tonight all being well. The redness was definitely the filter. But im unsure why???
  13. jonnydreads

    red images

    I've been messing about with it all morning lol.... the white balance is set to auto?? the clip in light pollution filter is skytech cls-ccd...... the person I bought if from left an sd card in the camera, its got lots of images on it and none of them are red... frustrating!
  14. jonnydreads

    red images

    hi, ye ill check it out thanks, this camera is a canon 550d though not a 300d, I will have a look .
  15. jonnydreads

    red images


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