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  1. The present criteria for cataract operations is visual acuity worse than 6/9 and THAT YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE IS BEING AFFECTED. Clearly the latter statement is very different for many people. Having visual requirements for something like Astronomy would count I am sure. Other people are happy to walk around in a total blur without an issue to their happiness.
  2. Interestingly (possibly), another way to open the 'drainage angle' is to carry out cataract surgery with an implant intraocular lens (because the new lens is flatter). Was this considered at all, especially as you say you already have an early cataract?
  3. Yes, multifocal implants have 'ghosting' issues, due to the fact that the Distance & Near focussing areas are (usually) in alternate circles radiating out from the centre. The brain is constantly receiving 2 images and has to sort them out. Usually not bad in brightly lit conditions, but more difficuly when dim. Some people have no issues, some don't sem to cope well with it. An alternative (and more modern) design has the implant lens actually flex within the eye, something similar to normal 'accommodation', but it appears the effect seems to diminish with time.
  4. Thanks for this thread, really useful.
  5. Strange isn't it how we are all so busy seeing as far away as posible that we so often bypass this awesome body, thinking it more of a nuisance.
  6. Thanks for this link - heard nothing about it from anywhere previously.
  7. WELCOME- Are you in a city, or out 'in the sticks'. I would imagine the skies are brilliant if the latter !
  8. CONGRATULATIONS - I presume you would want to buy new, but if not check out the FOR SALE/SWAP forums on this site, or UK ASTRONOMY BUY AND SELL. You may find ones as suggested above, but with upgrades of eyepieces, etc.
  9. Welcome - Australia is a big place, what part will you be returning to?
  10. Heat haze and shimmering of the image will be more significant in Summer months, both from air and ground heat effects.
  11. With standard parabolic mirrors I think you might end up with a nasty degree of spherical aberration as this set up would be working way off axis. Nice to see some original thinking going on. Keep the grey matter ticking.
  12. Welcome from a fellow Mancunian. Unfortunately I don't have a Welsh bolt hole! Take your time making choices and use the forums, unbelievable amount of useful stuff to be found in here.
  13. What not chat to FLO about the fact it might not have been the right option for you.
  14. I suspect that somewhere in the next ten years, some fundamental knowledge step is going to be taken.
  15. I have the same scope. Weight issue might come in if I had to carry it far, but I have a viewing spot not far from the house (only point that blocks the street lights).
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