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  1. Many thanks for your replies Brown Dwarf and happy-kat. All I need now is some of that most illusive of components ... motivation Cheers Pete
  2. Yes ... very true about the blue colour. Before my Op, the gas flame in a cooker was a pale, washed out blue colour. Now it is vibrant lilac colour. I had my Ops done under local ... several rounds of drops to dilate the eye followed by several rounds of local anaesthetic drops. The hardest part is to lie perfectly still looking into a light ... knowing full well what is going on. Luckily I had a nurse to hold my hand Pete
  3. Hi everyone, I'm sort of back after an absence of over a year or so. Had problems with my eyes ... got two new implants and can see the stars again. Having sold all my kit ages ago, I have a faint hankering to do some more wide field imaging. I have a Canon D1000, a nifty-fifty lens and a Manfrotto tripod. Also got a tablet and DSLR controller. I'm all set to go ... however. Just had a thought about something. Assuming I going to take 100 exposures of Orion's Belt at 2 secs per exposure. I'm leaving 2 seconds between each exposure for the sensor to cool down etc. That means there will be 300 seconds (100x2 + 50x2) or 5 minutes for which the stars to move across the field of view. As I'm planning to use the nifty-fifty ... should I be worried about problems with the stacking of the images? Many thanks Pete
  4. Good luck with your second op Ron. I had my left eye done in mid November last year. My eyes are quite sensitive with my left more sensitive than my right. Needless to say the op was a little more involved compared to the op on my right eye. I was told a very important trick ... keep both eyes wide open under the covers. If you close one (I was closing my right eye under the cover) it almost forces the other eye to close. I'm back at the specialist on Monday as I do have a slight issue with my left eye. Pete
  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Good luck with your operation John. Mine was a bit scary as it was done under local anaesthetic. Very strange. I just kept on saying to myself ... tea and cake afterwards. One thing that I did think about was whether looking through the telescope at bright objects such as the moon, Jupiter etc. actually caused the cataract in my right eye to get worse. I never did ask the consultant about that. Might do that next week when I see him again about my left eye issues. Pete
  6. I've not posted on here for over a year now ... here is the reason why. In October 2017 I sold all of my astro-equipment ... scopes, books, filters ... power packs ... the lot. I decided to sell my gear for two reasons. The first was that I was becoming more involved in other things ... also I needed the money to fund car repairs ... and I had lost all of my motivation for all things astro (oh, hang on, that's three reasons). At the time I was struggling to do the basic stiff like focusing my scope on stars and planets. I was wearing glasses at the time, and had been since primary school. Without my glasses, I just could not focus on anything ... with my glasses it was a major struggle. In short, it was just no fun any more. Forward to April 2018 ... a regular 6 month visit to the opticians. The optician was concerned about my deteriorating eye sight. My right eye was significantly worse than it was 6 months previous. I could have gone along and splashed out several hundred quid on new specs with stronger prescriptions .... but luckily he referred me to a specialist. So off I went. Less than two minutes into the examination the specialist diagnosed a particularly bad cataract in my right eye and also one in my left eye. The diagnosis explained a lot ... and I began to wonder what might have caused the deterioration (according to the optician I'm a bit on the young side to get a bad cataract). Forward to October 2018 ... cataract operation on my right eye. The difference was ... and still is ... utterly amazing, totally breath taking. From not being able to see anything long distance before the operation to seeing pin points of light that are stars in the heavens a day or so after the operation I won't bore you with the details of the operation (as some may be squeamish) ... needless to say it is a bit of an eye opener. November 2018 ... operation on my left eye. To be honest, not as dramatic a change compared to the right eye (that's actually a known physiological response ... doing the worse one first dramatically increases the positive response). I can see long distance in focus but still have a few issues with the left eye. Now when I look into the dark sky without glasses, I see stars as they are meant to be seen ... pin pricks of light. The down side (if there is one) ... having clear implants has increased my light sensitivity. Seeing stars is fantastic but car head lights at night, especially when coming straight towards you, can be a bit awkward. Do I miss not having my gear anymore ... TBH, yes ... Am I going to buy some new gear ... probably not as the lack-of-cash situation has not improved. I still have my trusty Canon D1000, a descent tripod and a nifty-fifty lens. I've a faint hankering to do some more wide field shots in the future. Pete
  7. **** ALL BOOKS SOLD **** Please could the mods move this thread into the SOLD section. Thank you
  8. Hi, Sorry ... all the items are sold. I will complete the sale this weekend. Regards Pete
  9. Hi, Just sent you a PM. Might be able to work something out regarding the distance. Pete
  10. BUMP Reduced the price to £750 for everything ... Great kit at a real bargain price
  11. Thanks for your interest. I've made a note of who would be interested in what if I decide to split the items. Forgot to mention that item 4, the auto-focus handset has been repaired so is not in original perfect condition. Still works ok.
  12. Hi everyone, I’m selling all of my astro equipment partly because I’m getting more involved in other hobbies and have little or no time for star gazing anymore and also partly because of poor eyesight. I am growing cataracts that are getting slowly worse but not yet bad enough to be corrected. So reluctantly I’ve taken the decision to sell all my stuff. Everything MUST go. Ideally I would like to sell everything in one go rather than splitting up the items. Together they form an ideal starter pack for anyone interested in astro-photography and/or general star gazing. ITEMS: (Please see the photos below and PM me if you have any queries) Item 1: HEQ5 mount in white plus tripod also in white Item 2: Synscan GoTo handset (software flashed to version 03.27) Item 3: Skywatcher 200 PL tube in Black with the following eye pieces: x2, x3 Barlows; 10mm, 15mm eye pieces and Illuminated Eye piece with cross-hair. Item 4: Auto-focus hand set attached to scope (I do have the original manual knobs if you want to remove the auto-focus unit) Item 5: 12 Volt DC 4amp Power Supply Unit. I used to use battery packs but as I never went any further then my back garden I invested in one of these power units. They are worth their weight in gold. I can plug the unit into the power socket in the garage (with an additional RCB surge protection plug) and have hours of trouble free power. Item 6: Philips Web Cam. I have the original lens if required (see photo) Item 7: Collimating eye piece ... never used Item 8: Various Filters (different colours etc) WAS originally on for £950 ...... NOW REDUCED to £750 for everything Even though I have reduced the price, I'm still open to offers. I know it’s a lot of money but you will be getting a complete set up for astro-photography and/or general star gazing. Also, if you buy everything I will also include the astro-books that I’m selling (Making Every Photo Count, Turn Left at Orion and Lunar and Planetary Web Cam Users Guide) and also the Stay Sharp Bahtinov Mask for 200mm scopes ... and also a folding aluminium storage case for tools, lenses etc etc. ... all included in the price It is a great set-up and you'll have everything you need for astro-photography using a web cam and/or for star and planetary gazing. PAYMENT: Ok, there is a lot of stuff here so payment could be by bank transfer or if you prefer by PayPal. Please remember that if paying using PayPal, the buyer must pay all fees. POSTAGE: I’d rather not post the items due to excessive cost. I live near Lincoln and am happy to drive a reasonable distance to deliver the items. I also go to Cambridge quite a lot so could use Cambridge as a mid distance base. PM me if you have any queries or want to see more photos. Thanks for looking
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