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  1. Hello all. I was thinking about buying a dovetail bar and screwing it on top of the tube rings shown in picture below. This can be used to mount a guide scope when I am ready for some imaging in the future. Do you think that same location would be too high for a finder scope? I am using the finder scope socket on the scope for a StarSense. What do you think ? Cheers David
  2. Hi all. I just bought one of those Celestron StarSense alignment gadgets in the hope I can get it working ok. I use a AVX mount for both my SCT 8" Edge HD and a Skywatcher 100 mm refractor. Changing as the mood takes me! It may be a daft question but should this accessory work with both scopes? I imagine if it does it would have to be calibrated each time it's swapped over. Thanks! David
  3. Hello! Welcome from another new guy. Good pic! David
  4. Hi folks. Just making note here of one of the first things I noticed, since getting back into astronomy and using an EQ mount.... 15 years ago I just used an Alt Az mount and tracked objects with the movement wheels for observation. It was an ideal way for basic observing and no photography. However now I have a scope with a Celestron AVX mount the first thing I noticed when setting up is that all the best items in the night sky I want to look at are behind me!! ?? Seriously though it was odd to get used to. I'm going to find my feet then start have a go at photography. Starting off with the moon which I assume could be a decent starting point. Enjoying my time on the forum so far thanks all.
  5. Thanks John! I thought you were up early, sending your message 4 hours before breakfast but I see now where you live!! David
  6. Alan if you would be prepared to keep this until Friday 14th just like the 30mm I would like to buy it please. I would pay for both first thing in the morning on Friday without fail. David
  7. Close neighbours then! Could be handy!! David
  8. Hi mate. I work at Direct Rail Services at Etterby
  9. Aye quite good here once the neighbours put the out side lights off!! David
  10. Cheers mate not far away near Cockermouth! Work in Carlisle though! David
  11. Hi Ron! Thanks. I live in Greysouthen which is in between Cockermouth and Workington. so quite dark. I work in Carlisle as a train driver! FLO have been great and lots of parcels arrived!! Might be out tonight!! David
  12. Thanks for the message! The guys at FLO advised on that book and I ordered it. Cheers for mentioning it ! David
  13. Another! Excellent. My family originate in Scotland. One of them being Kier. Cheers. David
  14. Good morning Alan, I would like to buy this please at the asking price. Could you kindly wait to conduct the sale on Friday (14th Dec) and I will be able to do the transfer for you. I am 100% willing and committed to buy. Regards, David Hardie
  15. Hello everyone! Just joined today having got back into astronomy a month or two ago. 10 or more years ago I was quite keen and had an Orion reflector scope and really enjoyed looking at the moon and planets. Unfortunately it all had to go when the wife also went. LOL. However now things are OK again I visited FLO for new equipment. I'm only 7 short years off retirement so I thought I would buy decent kit so it would last well into old age! So I got a Celestron 8 inch SCT Edge HD and a Skywatcher Esprit Pro 100, along with various eyepieces from Vixen and Baader. The AVX mount does for both. Thing is now though I need to learn how to use it all. Using the Celestron I got good views of the moon but my attempts at planet observation were disappointing, couln't seem to focus well but maybe the sky was poor. My main objective is to learn the AVX mount to be able to set up properly and track objects, and to view the Andromeda Galaxy. Years ago with the Orion I saw the Orion Nebula which was a brilliant sight. Future plans are to photograph deep sky objects. Hoping to learn lots from fellow members. Maybe I even have some neighbours? Cheers. David
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