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  1. Many thanks for your excellent reply! David
  2. Hi folks I have a Celestron 8 inch Edge HD and also now have some 2 inch eyepieces. Can I use any of the visual backs on FLO or is it a certain thread size to look for? Cheers. David
  3. Where are you located please. Sorry if I missed reading it !!
  4. Thanks! It's a proud moment. Just need clear sky....
  5. And now the 150 The clutch locks etc are not strong enough on the AVX so this scope will reside on the EQ6. I just couldn't be bothered to set it up for the picture as yet ?
  6. OK here's a start. This is the AVX mount set up and balanced with the Esprit 100. The 150 is up next....... David
  7. Anyone have a Vixen SSW preferably in 10mm but may also be tempted by the 7mm. Cheers. David
  8. You can indeed. It's still available!! Complete with box and bag! David
  9. Thanks I'll go and look for the other one now! £££ Cheers!! David
  10. Hello. I have to admit I've not used them at all so can't answer sorry!! David
  11. BOTH EYEPIECES ARE NOW SOLD. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INTEREST... Almost new and mint condition eyepieces in 10 and 21 mm. Boxed with original carry bags included. £55 each delivered in the UK by 1st class recorded post. PayPal or bank transfer to pay please.
  12. Hi folks just out of interest what is the view of the moon like when it's daylight, such as early morning? Worth setting up the scope? ? David
  13. Hi folks! Anyone else here use a Baader clicklock diagonal? Just making sure - my Skywatcher scope has an adaptor to go in the 2 inch ep holder so I can use 1 1/4 ep's. I imagine I can use the Baader and just add this adaptor when required. What do you think of your diagonal? Thanks in advance! david
  14. Yes I think purely visual for now. I'm going to tackle the photo possibilities with the 100 once I get a flattener. David
  15. This is good. I like little gems! I liked it so much I bought it...... I'm planning to get in to moon exploration as a good starter so this will be handy! Cheers. David
  16. Hi all, I just bought a neat little EP from FLO called a TeleVue Nagler Zoom 3-6 When it arrived it's a tiny little thing but I love it already!! Anyone else here got one who can give me their opinion? I think I should find this eyepiece handy! One of my top items to find to view and photo is the Clavius Crater on the moon. Cheers. David
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