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  1. I am looking to purchase a Star Adventurer pack in the near future as my first foray in to tracked shots, however being a newcomer to AP, I am struggling to work out if the stock mount sold by Sky-watcher (being bought separately) would be satisfactory in providing a stable base as I have never seen one in the flesh. I note that is it is repeated many times that quality polar alignment, counterweight balance, and a stable base are half the battle in getting satisfactory exposure lengths, so I am keen to get it the right first time. I am sure it would be helped with buying a tripod actually fit for purpose! At this time it would just for a Nikon D5300 with a 14mm wide-angle lens, so the total weight load would not be too much. https://www.binostore.com/en/accessories/tripod/tripod-for-star-adventurer/
  2. I got an hour of clear skies the other day. Sadly the neighbours garden's security light illuminated halfway through the exposure, illuminating the trees a ghastly yellow. This is my time using APT. I believe this was 15 x 20.1 second light frames, however, lacking a tracking mount I went with a safe 20-second exposure. I could probably squeeze 24 seconds next time. I had to be at work later that morning, so I was limited in time. 15 light frames. Nikon D5300 - ISO 1600, 20.1 second exposure, f2.8 - Samyang 14mm F2.8. It is amazing how straightforward APT made the process. Ran a lead up to the PC and watched as the images appeared and it is so much nicer than having to view through the LCD. On reflection/editing, I think the image is slightly out of focus. Very peculiar working with focusing to infinity on a manual lens at night. ?
  3. Took the last few DSS stacked exposures with my Sony SLT-A58 before selling it on the bay for a Nikon D5300 (Looking to pick up a Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens for a bit more wide-angle versatility soon). Not had a chance to use the Nikon yet due to shift work sadly, but eager to get out and use it.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions on the book. Will add that to the Christmas list. ? The light pollution is not the 'worst' it could be (25 miles or so west of London). There are a few rural dark spots that are quite nice within 50 miles of where I live towards the south-west, so when the time comes I will venture out there!
  5. Thank you, everybody, for all the welcome messages
  6. Not my first post, but really happy I found SGL. This is the to start the astrophotography journey and get out under the stars. There have been few interests that have drawn my interests as much as this and there are so many parts which appeal to me. The wonders of the unknown, photography and technology to make it all happen. Learned quite a bit from reading member posts/guides. My ambition is to one day start targeting specific nebula/constellations and objects and factor in telescopes. I suppose as a mark of the start of my journey here is my first ever starscape. Nothing special but I had taken the same shot with different settings the previous night, so it is interesting to see the difference. ISO 3200, F1.7 50mm Minolta prime lens + Sony SLT-A58 - 6 x 8-second exposures stacked in DSS with moderate post-processing with PS. (a First foray into the art of stacking). So So many possibilities! ? Didn't do any dark/off-set frames but in due course.... One small step...
  7. Hi SGL, Recently have got back into my photography, and rekindled my interest in landscape/deep-sky/astrophotography. I bought a used Sony Alpha SLT-A58 last year and really enjoy using it. (My previous camera had been a NIKON D50 from like 2006? Or something, so the jump was a huge one. I also really liked the backwards compatibility with a large number of Minolta branded lens from before their acquisition by Sony, meaning I picked up a couple of great value lens for some absolute steals. A 50mm prime lens F1.7, and a 28mm prime lens have really helped develop my shooting and due to the lack of zoom, develop the fundamental skills and make me think about the shot composure. The SLT-A58, plus some basic 8-10 second exposures at F2.8, ISO 1600 have provided some excellent results, and with some basic PS post-processing with RAW, I am stunned by the starscapes I have been able to capture. I am excited to see where I can go with this. In the future, I intend to acquire a tracking mount to increase my versatility for long-exposure shots. (Currently, depending on the angle in the sky and lens, I can get about 8 or so seconds from my f2.8 28mm prime lens before the star trails appear) and also look at working towards DSO photography. I understand with the right set-up/tracking mount configuration, that programs such as APT can be great to allow control the guiding of the camera, however I am pained (and somewhat unsurprised) to discover that Sony locked down the cameras and there is very little, if not zero functionality available in programs (APT or whatever), meaning the expandability with the above. It certainly would be very convenient to be able to set-up a laptop in the warm and have greater control/sight of what I am shooting. Long story short: I am looking to CANON/NIKON as alternatives. The market appears to be bloated with well-priced entry level DSLR's, but I am looking to the future and want to invest in something that will help nurture the above aspirations, especially with a different lens and the possibility of introducing telescopes. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am considering the CANON 77D or Nikon D7200. I am looking for some alternatives for intermediate level camera systems that are future-proof for somebody who is experienced but not an expert. The first challenge will be the body, then the lens which will be another kettle of fish.
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