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  1. Sweet Zeiss W-PL 10/23's. Tried them out on Jupiter and now the Moon. Insane color fidelity, contrast and sharpness 😲..
  2. My new max-true-field eyepiece came today 🙃. Thank you Alan!
  3. Both scopes are about FR5 so that's 1000mm vs 1500mm. The Nagler 17 has 82° AFoV, that SW28 56°(?). 1000mm/28mm=35.7x and 56°/37.7=1.48° TFoV 1500mm/17mm=88.2x and 82°/88.2=0.93° TFoV a 25mm 100° eyepiece (ES) in the 12" would give you about the same TFoV (object framing), but part of the field would be peripheral vision. Have you taken the parameters to Stelvision or Telescopium? You could take screenshots and paste them side by side in post to compare. Do you not reach for the 12mm very often because of bad seeing or are you not into higher powers observing? In that case, and for the purpose of outreach, my choice might be the Panoptic 35. I find it very comfortble and when barlowed is like a 17.5mm. Or consider a cheaper alternative for outreach.
  4. The postman made my day with this beauty coming from the UK. Thanks David :).
  5. I've recently moved from a Bortle 3-4 at the coastline to a Bortle 2-3 at about 500 meters above sealevel. I still have light pollution from a coastal village due south (grrrr) but from about 35° towards zenith, the sky is awesome. I have no sqm meter (yet) but I figure it'd be about 21.8. Now here the sky does indeed looks brighter, especially with the summer Milky Way overhead. It rather looks dark bluish gray.
  6. From what I've read around, you'd 'need' an 8mm Delos. Unless you really want bigger AFoV. Then it's 9mm Nagler > 8mm Ethos.
  7. I think the Paracorr II was a 'wise' decision although time will tell how important a difference it makes to me at F5. Though some first tests on globulars in particular proved satisfying. As for the Ethos 13, I don't know yet. Next week I'll be comparing it with an APM 13mm. I'll see how I go from there.
  8. I had my eyes on the APM / Lunts since last year only. Just ordered the 13mm and will be comparing in a few weeks to my TVE13. If it goes like I expect, I will sell both and buy the 9 and 20mm APM HDC-XWA's. The E21 is just too expensive and reading here... I will be using them in a 6" and 19.5" F5 with a PCII.
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