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  1. huh, didn't see that one coming! That's quite a surreal gif of the flyby in the article aswell ?
  2. Welcome to the forum skywatcher
  3. Nice and sharp Barry-Wilson, haven't seen this one before ?
  4. Sweet image, forgot about this gem. tempted to have a go myself ?
  5. Hi Sean, welcome to the forum ?
  6. Hi Walshy & welcome. You have come to the right place ?
  7. Hi sabowes, welcome to the forum. The moon is beautiful even through a small telescope and is best viewed around half moon. ?
  8. Lovely and sharp jjosefsen, working on a heart myself ?
  9. Nice & vibrant alacant, this ones on my target list...will get to it one day. ?
  10. Welcome to the forum Michmoor ?
  11. I hope you enjoy your dive into the astro-hole urandom, welcome to the forum ?
  12. Glad you enjoying the hobby TICKr, welcome to the forum ?
  13. Thinking very much the same myself! a bit cold for standing around these days though Welcome to the forum eshy ?
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