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  1. jase1973

    My low-cost DIY RA drive for EQ5 mount

    Question, do you have a polarscope. I'm looking for one but havn't found one to fit yet.
  2. jase1973

    My low-cost DIY RA drive for EQ5 mount

    just tested mine on the breadboard, inbetween the clouds and seems to be staying on track so far. need to solder it up and make a box. I just found visual frustrating due to the speed things move and not always being able to reach the slowmo control to keep things centered. Startests are suddenly easier Thanks for the handy project. VIDEO0042.mp4
  3. jase1973

    My low-cost DIY RA drive for EQ5 mount

    It's an interim solution while I am putting an rduinoscope together. http://rduinoscope.byethost24.com/rDUINO_step1.html
  4. jase1973

    My low-cost DIY RA drive for EQ5 mount

    I've revised the code to suit my application and my irresistible urge to change things. I've used an 8255 driver as I had them to hand and I've wired the microstepping up to the arduino so I can see what difference a change in stepsize makes and it's easy to reverse in code the motor direction after soldering everything. this particular code is using 1/16th steps and a 16t and 40t pulleys, so needs to step 2.5x faster #define STEP_PIN 2 #define DIR_PIN 3 #define Mzero 10 #define Mone 11 #define Mtwo 12 #define Denable 5 void setup() { digitalWrite(DIR_PIN, HIGH); digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, LOW); pinMode(DIR_PIN, OUTPUT); pinMode(STEP_PIN, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(Mzero, LOW); digitalWrite(Mone, LOW); digitalWrite(Mtwo, HIGH); digitalWrite(Denable, LOW); } void loop() { digitalWrite(STEP_PIN,HIGH); delay(37); digitalWrite(STEP_PIN,LOW); delay (38); }
  5. jase1973

    My low-cost DIY RA drive for EQ5 mount

    no problem. I've gotten past that now but I've killed 2 drivers by being silly. Are you still using it or have you moved on. I'm just trying to get something going while I build an rduinoscope controller.
  6. jase1973

    My low-cost DIY RA drive for EQ5 mount

    Nice work, I can't tell from the pictures, but did you tie ms2 high to enable quarter stepping?
  7. jase1973

    Those EQ5 Steppers

    Much fettling? I put 40t on. But I got the wrong shaft size so need to get more. Worth it for the bigger ones?
  8. jase1973

    Those EQ5 Steppers

    Like this? PS how many teeth on that big pully?
  9. jase1973

    my first dso...what to do to improve?

    the altaz mount is the problem, the sky still rotates whilst your camera is not, hence the blur. an Equatorial wedge should solve this, if the goto can work in equatorial mode....
  10. jase1973

    DIY tube rings

    thanks for that, what was the inside diameter of the assembled ring?
  11. jase1973

    DIY tube rings

    many thanks, I'm just waiting for them to process my login
  12. jase1973

    DIY tube rings

    Hi John, Ive taken a look as I'm intersted in some rings too. I can't see a way to download as stl. any suggestions?

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