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  1. Its always been a Salmon colour to me mate,
  2. I have the 6mm tmb planetary II ep and its on the border line as well..
  3. There's a skywatcher skyliner 200p up for grabs in the buy and sell section mate, cracking scope and offers loads for the money.
  4. Always a pleasure buying and selling here for me, You can always trust your fellow astronomers.
  5. Thats good to know, And is 12" enough for the 300p? I have a camping mat I could cut up..
  6. When is Mars visible anyway?
  7. Jupiter does have a ring system as do all our gas giants, But to faint to see from earth, So I take it you mean the cloud belts, I use x180/200 and see them fine, But I can also see them at x60/80.
  8. Wow not bad at all mate, great detail there.. In fact its fantastic
  9. I would say Meade 5000 or some TV plossls secondhand will cost 40/50. but to be honest you dont need expensive ones for the 200p dob
  10. I had one and Jupiter was stunning with it, clear bands and the GRS was easily seen. I even saw the moons crossing the planets surface creating a shadow many times.. Its a fantastic scope mate. Saturn was lovely too with a clear cassini division
  11. Welcome, You think choosing a scope is bad, Wait till you start looking at EP's!! lol
  12. Am not far and still haven't been to galloway yet.. I really should
  13. Haven't seen or heard of it.. record it I think.. I love watching the Universe and Extreme Universe, How the universe works etc on discovery and history hd..
  14. Thanks for that, I had a wee laugh there ...
  15. I hate the star hopping plava.. It works on somethings and not on others.. I need to practice more I think.. Still can't find M51 or 81, 82. I have seen them but just got lucky....
  16. johnkirkpatrick


    You can learn so much on SGL its just mind boggling, Real helpful people here and defo the place to be.
  17. what density do i use on moon filter for he 300p?
  18. Still not sure what to get lol, What would you get? the UHC or OIII? I will get the polarizing moon filter or is the cheap one on FLO just as good? Why is decision making always hard when it comes to astronomy. First I went gray choosing a scope, Then I pulled my hair out choosing EP's, Now the dam filters are driving me mad lol, This hobby is ment to be relaxing!!
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