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  1. Thank you all ... just the advice I was asking for, ES68/24mm + Vixen SLVs upwards is what I’ll recommend M
  2. ... well it turns out that @dweller25 was right after all, my apologies. The focuser arrangement *is* offset, allowing for adjustment of the distance from focus-knob axis to the big sprocket. Back plate, baffle-tubes and focus mechanism all now reassembled with new fittings, pics and more descriptions to follow... cheers, Magnus
  3. ... as a follow-up to this I thought I might post a picture of the inside-cover page to see if by some happy chance the previous owner is on SGL?
  4. Joe thanks - in general in life I agree with you, matching components on any system, be it hifi, bicycle, new kitchen or whatever, you get what you pay for and it makes sense to balance the "what you pay" accordingly. But in astronomy equipment, I do find this rule gets broken a bit. With something like the 130p you seem to get, for the mirror at least, much more than you pay for, but for the accessories, less. So I do think it justified to up the spend a little on the eyepieces for such a mirror, because the OEM ones are so poor, but obviously not to the level of Delos etc. So your suggestions of Meade HD 60 or BST are about right. Any othres in that category that stand out? Vixen? APM? ES? Cheers, Magnus
  5. That's as perfect and complete an example of hijacking a thread as I've ever seen ...
  6. I must admit I do notice a difference when shielding my Sqm-l just with my hand from my house lights when taking readings. If you could rustle one up for me too I’d be grateful ... M
  7. Hi all, A colleague of mine has a f/5 SW 130p and still uses the original eyepieces. He knows it's a fine telescope, but he wants to upgrade the eyepieces. He asked me for advice. I told him it very much depends on his budget: £900 per eyepiece gets him TV Ethos, £250-300 gets him TV Delos or Delite, £100 gets him [ Baader Hyperion? ], £40-50 gets him BST Starguider. I'm not that experienced and went straight for TV Panoptic/Delite/Delos so I can't really help him. He said he'd be looking for perhaps 3 eyepieces, in the £100 per eyepiece range. What's best at that price point? He does not wear glasses to observe. Advice gratefully received... Thanks, Magnus
  8. A totally unexpected arrival in the post. I have no idea when I ordered it or even any recollection of ordering it. Which means only one thing: . Still, I’m glad I did.
  9. This chart shows how Mars will be, from 51 degrees N, over the next year and a half or so. I.E. we'll have to wait until the first half of 2021 before it gets "good". "Size" in in arcminutes.
  10. ... fixings have arrived. The process of ordering them was amongst the most pleasurable ways I've spent the best part of £12! I thoroughly recommend accu.co.uk! And I expect they will have a disproportionate effect on the value of this scope, not that I have any plans to sell it...
  11. this caught my eye a couple of weeks ago ...
  12. Very jealous of you all who’ve seen E & F. I’ve had a few determined goes but no joy. Even when Orion is high, my view is directly over a nearby row of flats, so I’m never going to get undisturbed air in that direction, I think.
  13. A whole selection of variously sized and headed bits of threaded stainless steel, to completely replace all those on my old Intes Mak...
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