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  1. Nice sliver of Moon with weather being very well-behaved. Unfortunately Saturn was hiding behind the big Magnolia. Canon EOS 6D with 24-70 f/2.8L, 70mm at 1/8 sec f/2.8 ISO400 . Cheers, Magnus.
  2. Captain Magenta

    Imaging with a Fujifilm camera

    I have a Fujifilm X100, the very first X series model I believe, and I love it, and have been meaning to take some astrophotos with it. Trouble is, I also have a Canon 6D and Samyang 24mm/1.4 , and that's what I always seem to grab first. My Fujifilm is a non-interchangeable lens, a 24mm/2.0 but an APS-C sensor. You have reminded me of my intention, so once I'm back from my dark place in Ireland in the New Year, I'll report back... Cheers, Magnus
  3. Captain Magenta

    First go at the Milky Way

    Very nice with the kit lens, which has not the best reputation. Next upgrades: AstroTrac or equivalent to allow you to eliminate trailing for exposures of tens of seconds or minutes at a time. And a better lens, though it seems from this image you have a very good example of the 18-55. One can photograph the Milky Way from any sufficiently dark location anywhere in the world, but where you are you can see something few of us can: the Aurora Borealis! Your next project Being half Finnish myself, i’m well overdue a trip to visit some cousins Aurora is on my list! Cheers, Magnus
  4. Captain Magenta

    Cygnus in December

    Beautiful Magnus
  5. Captain Magenta

    End of Chromatic Abberation??

    isn't this treason? Magnus
  6. Captain Magenta

    The Tropics of Scotland

    I've had exactly that experience. The SHEER BEAUTY, and impossible adequately to describe i. to people who've never experienced it before and ii. to many people who live under such skies and simply take it for granted, not realizing they live in a privileged and increasingly rare setting Magnus
  7. Captain Magenta

    Smartphone shots 17th Nov 2018

    Very nice Stu. You’re inspiring me to get a phone holder. I have Halide, I can recommend it, I have a few others and it’s my favourite, extremely convenient to adjust exposure at a swipe, but I haven’t used it at night. Funnily enough I too was out last night in the back garden, was apprehensive about dew but luckily none turned up! Must be a very localized phenomenon. I finally split Rigel as a double with a scope of my own (mak 127), not especially clean but definite, which I’ve only ever managed before with your Tak on a WAG night in Feb. Magnus
  8. Captain Magenta

    M57 - Ring Nebula

    Mine too. When I saw it first, only in August this year with my new (2nd hand) 12” newt, I shouted out loud and dragged my wife and friends out of the cottage to have a look. I must finish writing up and post my August sessions, it was that 12” ‘s first light too.
  9. I’ll take this please ... PM on the way... thanks, Magnus
  10. Captain Magenta


    PM about to bd sent ... I’ll relieve you of the reticle eyepiece please thanks, Magnus
  11. Brilliant, thanks Stu, it's on the birthday list, failing that the Santa list. Cheers, Magnus
  12. Stu - do I recall you got one of these? If so, do you recommend it? I'm compiling my birthday-present list... Magnus
  13. Nice, interesting. Are you adjusting for the partial extinction "magnitude reduction" due to the increased air mass away from zenith the light has to travel through? I have found a formula for it and apply it in my "magnitude filtering" feature in my homemade star-map spreadsheet. It suggests an appreciable difference, extremely so as you get closer to the horizon. It might help reduce some of the differences. Cheers, Magnus
  14. One single-still from my 400mm Canon lens on an EOS 7Dmk2: 1/60 sec at f/2.8 and ISO 400, on a tripod. Given it was taken through an open bedroom window with warm air flowing out, I'm quite pleased to have got, at close inspection, definite signs of Saturn's rings; and all the things I wanted without having to create a composite: the Earthshine (just), not-too-overexposed Lunar detail, and a definite Saturn. Cheers, Magnus
  15. Thanks all for the kind comments. I did also get a fair few shots at various exposure values through my 143mm frac* , but they need more processing than I had time yesterday. I'll try to get something up this week... Magnus *aka Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L

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