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  1. Still for sale: not enough payload capacity for FZ1's needs. (Stated payload of this mount: 3.5-4kg) Magnus
  2. For Sale my Skywatcher Supatrak AZ Mount, which came with my Skymax 127 scope. It’s all in perfect condition and working order and I’ve had it from new in Dec 2017. I’m not selling the scope (yet). Included are the tripod, accessory tray, mount head, Synscan handset (V4 with latest firmware), Serial-to-mount-jack lead (for firmware updates), 10xAA battery holder and a couple of home-made power supply leads. As per the picture but without the actual telescope. It’s given me sterling service with the Skymax 127 OTA, but I’ve recently acquired a larger small mount to accommodate my heavier refractor. I’m asking £115 (the handset alone costs £145 new). I’d prefer it to be collected from Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16, otherwise please add £20 for postage within the UK. Thanks for looking Cheers, Magnus
  3. It certainly looks almost identical. But the EQ3-2 is rated at 5kg, whereas the 35-M is at 10kg. I wonder where the extra capacity comes from. I'm interested as I have just taken delivery of an EQ35-M, to support my 105-650 LZOS for a more or less grab&go set-up, albeit with a Berlebach Uni tripod in place of the SW one. BTW I have both the Skymax 127 and the 180. I like them both.
  4. I do point out what I think might be interesting if anyone is nearby, mostly actually when birding rather than planet-watching. The only planet I've ever done it for was Mercury this last Feb/March, when cycling through Richmond Park. I was catching someone up, and when I came alongside I pointed out "that bright dot", and that although featureless and unremarkable, it was rare to see it as it's generally close to the Sun and therefore always low when visible. He was impressed and grateful. I also often get people asking what I'm looking at. People's reactions can be amusing. On one occasion, and I was staring at a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Richmond Park, a woman with her child asked, and I explained and handed her my binoculars to have a closer look. She seemed to slightly panic, she had no idea how to use them. Also, if it's a young couple, often the woman will ask what I'm looking at and the man will look slightly irritated.
  5. I also have the skymax 127 and supatrak. I know what you mean but have got used to it actually, I now don’t find focusing a problem. I’ve tried the clothes-peg and it does help. I’ve also used a MUCH heavier scope on the mount than it’s designed for, 9kg, and it’s handled it fine too. M
  6. I am about to take delivery, within a week to 10 days, of a brand new EQ35M and a Berlebach Uni tripod, so the OEM tripod (and baseplate, obviously) will be surplus. New, they seem to be £105, so if you can wait, and be prepared to pay day £75, it’s yours. Magnus I’m in Sunbury-On-Thames so not far from you.
  7. I’ll take the Skywatcher Guidescope Mounting & FLO Adaptor plate please pm on the way cheers, Magnus
  8. I’ve tried to get one off their site in US, but they won’t ship to UK unfortunately.
  9. At your peril. When I did that, and it was in fact @Stu‘s refractor I looked through, I ended up subsequently considerably poorer?
  10. Is it Jupiter? And the first one looks to me like hand-held camera shake on, say, a 1/4 second exposure... Cheers, Magnus
  11. As the aperture gets bigger, the range of useful magnifications must be higher in order to maintain the same range of exit pupil diameter (say 0.5mm - 7mm). The formula for exit pupil is Aperture divided by Magnification. This constraint is in addition to magnification limited by seeing, etc.
  12. Great read Niall, thanks. Although I was out on 3rd May not too far from you, by the time you were out for this one I was on the Rosslare-Pembroke Dock ferry, looking longingly out of the dirty cabin window at a lovely clear night, very jealous. I'm going to have to develop a strategy for frozen hands, I nearly couldn't pack up they were so weak. Magnus
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