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  1. Very nice Dom, not sure how I missed this! I have a Samyang 14/2.8, but not actually used it yet! You've inspired me to get it out again. Lovely image. M
  2. I spend an amount of time in two different places, one rather light polluted and one most definitely not (though usually quite cloud-polluted ). The telescope I preferentially reach for in each place is completely different. In the Bortle 6-7 place, I instinctively reach for my high-quality 105mm refractor, for exactly the reasons @Stu mentioned. In my dark place, I first go for my 12” newt, for the fact I can see spiral detail in M51, cloud lanes in M31 and so much depth in M13. I’d go for bigger if I had it... Horses for courses. M
  3. If you look on lightpollutionmap.info, select atlas 2015 and click on your location, you’ll get a very good indication of the best sqm value you should expect at zenith. I have collected lots of actual sqm-l data from two very different locations and that website is spot on for both of them.
  4. Trouble is, Televue stickers are very expensive. The free eyepieces that come with them aren't complete rubbish though.
  5. Could it be just that the clutches are too tight, so when you loosen them off to move they are still binding? IE the clutch torque "offset"? I have a SkyTee2 so am following with interest...
  6. Very interesting, and thanks, to add to the sum of knowledge. I too plan something similar re establishing f2, I’ll photograph a pair of stars of known separation and infer system EFL from that. Clear nights have been in frustratingly short supply lately though! M
  7. I have a bagful of Delos’ and I have to say up front I’m KEEPING them . They work really well for me. The reason I’m posting is to suggest you might also consider TV DeLites, I also have a couple of those, see my sig, and I think the DeLite 18.2 is my favourite eyepiece in my whole collection. Certainly when tested against the Delos 17.3 they always end up level. Both ranges have 20mm eye relief. Can I also ask, where are you based? How are your skies? Cheers, Magnus
  8. Yes I think that's consistent with this data: it shows that you should expect at least a full magnitude brighter than your full darkness at that sun altitude and with your rather low level of light pollution...
  9. Nice read. My next two eyepieces, filling in perfect 1.4x gaps in my collection, are going to be 24mm and 13mm. The 24mm is definitely going to be the panoptic. The 13mm I want I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford for a while though.
  10. I've been in SW Ireland since March, and my neighbour has been looking after where I live SW of London. As a gesture of thanks for his efforts, a couple of weeks ago I sent him unannounced a Heritage 150p, as he has expressed an interest in my astro shenanigans in the past. Last Monday I had to go back to London for a week or so after an unexpected terribly sad family event. But I did get to have a strange night's observing, followed by an afternoon. Wednesday I think I was out on my patio near midnight with my LZOS 105mm refractor on Skytee2, cruising through Ursa Major as I recall, and I could hear he was using his scope the other side of the 8 foot brick wall between our patios. then I heard him whisper-shout a faint "Magnus?". What ensued was me guiding him around the sky, shouting as quietly as we could over the wall. I think I started him out on too difficult a very first ever target, Epsilon Lyrae. His 12-year-old daughter (it was really her present) was operating the iphone and instructing him as to what he should be seeing. They hadn't been able to line up their RDF properly, so their navigation was a little difficult. But they eventually did find the Double-Double, but couldn't quite split the pairs. They were just aware that one of the doubles was not a point. To be fair, even with my 4" using similar maginfication I couldn't quite split one of them either. I then directed them to Mizar/Alcor. They were using a SW LET 25mm eyepiece (30x) and again trying to find it without a finder or RDF. Nonetheless they found it quite quickly, and I found it so gratifying when I heard over the wall "Ah, found it. Oh. Oh. Oh my goodness, Oh God that's lovely! Sophia [his 12-year-old], come and look at this!". I arranged for the next afternoon to go round and see how well it was collimated "out of the box" (not very well, as it turned out), and to see if we could find "daytime Venus". Around 1pm, I went round, collimated it, it was quite a bit out, and hunted around for Venus, 29 degrees or so away from the Sun. Having resaerached where it should be using the app "Sky Guide" (which I really like) he found Venus quite quickly through 10x50 bins, and eventually I found it in the scope. He was amazed a planet was so visible when you found it yet so not-noticeable, in total broad full-sunshine (30 degrees C !!!!!). I swapped in my DeLite 18.2 instead of his SW 25mm LET, and there really wasn't that much difference! I'd given him also my 9mm and 25mmm LETs that came new with my mak180. Those LETs are a very good improvement over the regular OEM SW eyepieces. So, all in all, I recruited one, very likely two, to this game of ours, and had a very memorable evening and afternoon. To offset the otherwise sad reason for my week's return to London. M
  11. The Skywatcher 25mm LET eyepiece is a very similar focal length to your 28, but is a 1.25" ... I would exchange it for that if you want as close to like-for-like. I very recently bought as a gift to my neighbour a SW Heritage 150p scope, and I gave him my 25mm LET which I had lying around. I had an observing session with him last night and I was very impressed with it. Much, much better than the stock one that came witht he scope. We compared it to my DeLite 18.2mm which I brought with me, a MUCH more expensive eyepiece, and the comparison was very good! https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p9041_Skywatcher-LET-25-mm-eyepiece-with-50--apparent-field-of-view--1-25--barrel-size.html Cheers, magnus
  12. I have several astro-related things with bubble levels on them. Even on expensive stuff, such as the EQ6 head on my Berlebach Planet tripod, and on all the others, the bubble level isn't even remotely accurate. I always use a premium straight level in both horizontal axes if I want to get things level. Putting a dot where true level is on your bubble levels is also a good idea. - I hadn't thought of that. M
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