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  1. Captain Magenta

    The Great Andromeda Galaxy

    Stunning, I especially like the star colours Magnus
  2. I phrased poorly - the 35mm-only was meant for M31, being so big. Though I didn't try too hard for the Ring anyway, the time I went for more magnification I found my 10mm was dewed up and being before my hairdryer epiphany, I gave up at that point.
  3. Very much depends as well on your level of light pollution. I have a Mak127 located 30km SW of central London in Bortle 6-7ish, 19ish mag. Through that Mak, mostly with a 35mm Panoptic eyepiece, I can see a faint fuzz of M31, I've never been able for M57 or M13 or M51 or M81/2 and I have tried. Edit: on reflection, I might have just about made out M13 as an extremely faint patch knowing it was there. But M51 I've really strained for several times and absolutely nothing. Magnus
  4. Captain Magenta

    Oh God is this the Future?

    https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/oct/17/chinese-city-plans-to-launch-artificial-moon-to-replace-streetlights ... and astronomers seem to be included amongst those trying to promote these schemes in many cases <head in hands> Magnus
  5. Captain Magenta

    Is this scope worth my marriage?

    There has been an AP 130EDT f/8 for sale on a certain popular auction site for a few months now, item number 292446981651 .
  6. Captain Magenta

    Forum Speed Issues

    me too from an otherwise very fast connection just today... Magnus
  7. Eeek! 6D + Samyang 24/1.4 is exactly my set-up for wide angle astro-photography, so I can shudder at your pain. But I have had the camera rained on continuously for 3-4 hours with no problems (albeit with a sealed "L" lens attached). And the Samyang is manual-focus, so it may well be recoverable - I hope so. Lovely, lovely shot though. I'm half Finnish and the country is swarming with cousins of mine, so I get there from time to time, so i hope to "catch some Aurora" at some stage too. Cheers, Magnus
  8. Yes but we DO want to know , at least what they are, if not how much
  9. Captain Magenta

    Flying Tak!

    Is the 16” Sumerian when suitcased too big to act as hand luggage with the rods etc in the checked-in? I would’ve thought that’s precisely what it was designed for? But maybe 16 is just toooo big? Plenty of space in the cavities for everything else you need: 1 credit card, 1 toothbrush, 1 pair of underpants? Magnus
  10. Re: the hairdryer: I found that simply pointing the airflow at the secondary at an angle from the front of the scope through the spider was enough to very quickly clear it. The airflow "wraps" around the whole assembly quite well. Being very careful of course not to touch anything with it. Similarly for the eyepiece itself, I suffer from eyepiece fogging at the same time, and blowing the eyepiece worked just as well. Cheers, M
  11. I have sequestered one of my wife's old hair-dryers after similarly frustrating sessions. It's a total game-changer, and if it contaminates viewing slightly because it's heating up the secondary and/or the spider-vanes, although I haven't noticed it, it's something I can live with for the sake of making the difference between that and seeing nothing at all. Cheers, Magnus
  12. lightpollutionmap.info is a well-regarded map of Light Pollution around the world. To get an idea of how much light pollution you would expect to see as an observer, you need to select the "Atlas 2015" button in the menu. The other settings, VIIRS 2018 for instance, do not show what light pollution you see as an observer on the ground, they show what light sources you'd see looking down from, say the ISS. For Malham it suggests it's SQM 21.4 & Bortle 4, so you should easily see the MW on a dark night from there. When you say "the other night" how recently was that? If within the last 2 weeks the Moon has been up and that will certainly wash out the Milky Way. Cheers, Magnus
  13. Over the weekend I was trawling through the photos I’ve taken from my two recent trips to our place near Baltimore, SW Ireland. Two of my images, shown below, had a very bright 1-second “streak” in them, and I was wondering whether to edit them out for the purpose of possibly printing and framing either of them. It occurred to me the streak might possibly be the ISS, but how to find out? I suddenly remembered that I get the automatic notification emails giving me notice of the ISS passing overhead, so I searched back into those to find out. The photos were taken at 2139 and 2140 on 31/03/18 *. I found this one: “Subject: SpotTheStation … Time: Sat Mar 31 9:39 PM, Visible: 3 min, Max Height: 87°, Appears: 15° above W, Disappears: 84° above ENE” So yes, I’d inadvertently photographed the ISS! Definitely keeping them in now and will definitely print and frame one or both. Both were taken with my Canon 6D + Samyang 24mm f/1.4, 1 second at 1.4 & ISO1600 . It was after dark, with the Sun 14 degrees below horizon, but the Moon was full and also up. I processed one of them to look like daylight, I’m quite pleased with the effect. Venus is the bright blob more or less centre-frame in that one. Cheers, Magnus *(camera data says 2039 and 2040 but I’d forgotten to set the daylight saving on the camera)
  14. Captain Magenta

    Focussing A DSLR

    With my Canon 6D I use Live View on 10x on any bright star, and it quickly gets me spot on, both for a 300mm/2.8 lens and a 24mm/1.4 . I was considering getting a hand-magnifier as well to magnify the Live View image but I don't think it's necessary. Cheers, Magnus
  15. Captain Magenta

    Wow......... polar alignment

    probably wise

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