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  1. Zayvin


    Heya! Welcome to the forum
  2. I saw you had them listed last night Ordered myself a set for the 9.25.
  3. This has to be one of the very few sensible, well good at least, things to come out of his mouth since he gained office. So excited that someone will be pushing the boundaries once again!
  4. Zayvin

    Hello From Malaysia!

    Welcome to SGL ZiHao
  5. Zayvin


    Welcome Michael
  6. Hi folks, I am very, very new to this game but would appreciate some guidance on how to proceed. The equipment in my signature is what i have at present, and i am in the process of acquiring a ZWO ASI224 camera. Could you please advise on the best way to attach this to my optical chain?
  7. I am new and after much contemplation went for a SCT. The things i have seen tonight, i don't think you would be disappointed with one of these.
  8. Zayvin

    Just Joined

    Heya, Welcome! Just starting out myself, good luck
  9. Welcome! ....not jealous in the slightest of your dark skies, honest!!
  10. Just a fyi, Sky Safari is doing its 50% deal now! I picked up the Pro version just now. The dollar to pound conversion rate is a little off still but it looks a fantastic app and can hopefully control my Evo.
  11. Zayvin

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Lawrence!
  12. Welcome! envious of the dark skies!
  13. Zayvin

    Hello everyone!

    Hi John, Thanks for the welcome. Can you recommend any of the dark sites in the dales/moors for a newbie like me? I don't live in the best area regarding light pollution but at least the street lights turn off around 23:00.
  14. Hi, sorry for the thread resurrection! As this has been on sale a while now, and i am sure many of you have now purchased one, is anyone able to comment on how quiet these are. Does it have noisy fans or emit excessive buzzing noises etc? Any help appreciated! Thanks.
  15. Zayvin

    Hello !

    Hi Pawel, I am not a million miles from you and am also making my first leap into astronomy.
  16. Zayvin

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks all! Sadly, i have not had clear skies since picking up the scope I thought today would be promising as it was a nice day but alas, not tonight . Always the same, the more you want something, the harder it is to get.
  17. Hope you are right! I am not a small 40 year old and picking up my brand new 9.25 this evening was a bit more than i was expecting, i am hoping a lot of that is packaging ....roll on tomorrow when 'she' will be unwrapped! For what it is worth, i will report on my 9.25 (and first scope) experience tomorrow, if the rain holds off.
  18. Zayvin

    Hello everyone!

    Hi all, I just thought i would introduce myself. I have been a long time lurker on here for many months, finally stumping up the courage to post. Why this evening you may ask? Well, after many months of deliberation, as of this evening I am now the proud owner of a Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25 and a full set (bar the 24mm) of ES 82 mm eyepieces. Some might call me crazy, but i have been umming and ahhng for months and am firmly of the philosophy of buy once, buy right! Sadly, this evening the scope is still in the box Rain is pouring down in my area ....let's hope clear skies come at some point this weekend. Anyhow, i will have plenty of questions over the coming weeks, months, years i am sure.
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