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  1. I am selling my ES 34mm 68* 2" as it has too big exit pupil for my telescope. Optics are pristine and there is not even little mark on the barrel. The price in total, 140 127 GBP, includes shipping within the EU and PP fees. Thanks for looking!
  2. Up. Still looking for a Fujiyama HD-OR 18-mm. in good condition.
  3. Hi, I am looking for Fujiyama HD-OR 6mm, 7mm or 18mm. PayPal preferred. Thanks for looking! Clear sky, Dariusz J.
  4. Hi, For sale is a pair of Silvertop Plossls 7.5mm made in Japan by Vixen. It's the second edition called "BlackTop", really hard to find now. Eyepieces in excellent conditions. Caps included. PayPal preferred. Price 85 GBP includes shipping in EU and PayPal fees. PS. If you want to see how the walk on the moon looks like, just use these with binoviewer! Views are breathtaking!
  5. Hi, For sale is a set of Meade Series 3000 Plossl in excellent condition: - 5 mm - 6.7 mm - 9.5 mm - 25 mm SOLD - 40 mm SOLD All eyepieces made in JAPAN. Price for set £160 £130 £80 including delivery in EU. PP preferred. Thanks for looking!
  6. Hi, I just received the package from @At dusk with 2 Fujiyamas inside (9mm and 18mm) Everything was very well packed in bubble wrap, EPs and boxes in great condition. Shipping from Spain to Poland was really fast, took 3 days. Thank you @At dusk for transaction! Best regards,
  7. Hey, For sale is Baader Rowe Coma Corrector (RCC I) in a perfect condition (used max. 2 times). £90 including delivery in EU. PP preferred. Thanks for looking!
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