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  1. http://www.peakstarparty.co.uk/index.php/store is this the PSP you mention?
  2. Wow. Thanks all for the responses/advice. I did not expect this much help! My main interest is to just observe, although later on as my experience develops I will probably look into photography also but to get my bearings, my intentions are solely to see more than the moon. (although as a complete beginner this is where i will likely to be looking first) I still haven't purchased a scope, however after reading though all your responses it seems the scope i initially intended on buying (celestron astromaster 130EQ) is't as good as the reviews seem. For those who have any tips or good viewpoints, I am from the Biddulph Area, in Staffordhire.
  3. Hi Estwing, I live in the Brown Lees area of Biddulph. My garden backs onto a bunch of fields right up until Mow Cop. There is virtually no light pollution from my back yard which would make it perfect for stargazing from. The Mow Cop Castle is on much higher ground and is literally 5 minutes from my house I believe this would be a great place to look into the night sky also. Thanks everyone else for your responses.
  4. So what your saying is, that a band new Celestron Astromaster 130EQ isn't as good as it either seems or used to be? Honestly, Celestron is the only brand I am aware of, however whilst looking over multiple forums, websites, reviews the brand 'Skywatcher' keep cropping up. Are they better than Celestron overall? or does it depend on the buyers intentions for the scope/mount etc.
  5. I think this would be a little out of my price range....
  6. Hi, I am new to star gazing and still deciding on what beginners scope to buy (see my previous post here). I live in Staffordshire, UK and was woundering if there are any groups/clubs that welcome new comers to join. I believe joining a group of 'fellow' stargazers would help take me from a mere novice to understanding all of these terms and setups. Are there any in my local area? If not in the Staffordshire area, Cheshire-east (Congleton/Macclesfield) is also a good area for me. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have always had an interest in astronomy/stargazing. Looking up into a clear night sky wondering what it would be like to be out there is always a summers night pass time favorite of mine. Although, having a high interest in this area as a child I became otherwise engaged in other activities like playing console games, and then more recently raising my own young children. However, my interest in astronomy and stargazing has since returned and I have recently wanted to begin looking into the night sky with a telescope. I am a complete novice when it comes to this and just wondered what would be a good beginners scope. I have recently been interested in buying the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ. I have read numerous reviews about this scope and everyone says that its really good scope for beginners. I have looked at images that people have taken through this scope using additional filters and lenses and I am more than impressed with what can be achieved. I am completely new to telescopes and wouldn't really know where to start. I had a low-grade telescope as a child, branded National Geographic which was great for looking at the moon with, it came with 2 lenses. I still have it but would prefer a 'more advanced', 'more profesional' scope. Any help/tips would be great. I have a maximum budget for this of £250GBP but could stretch to £300GBP Thanks all.
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