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  1. Bortle 8 skies down here in Exeter, Devon. Chris
  2. I have tried to find M13 in Hercules with 10 x 50 binoculars from my urban back garden ,but with no success.Another item required is a tripod to mount the binoculars to keep them steady enough. Chris
  3. Hello Stu. My sky is bortle 8 and I struggle to see stars dimmer than mag. 3.5 with the naked eye. For instance Megrez mag.3.3 in Ursa Major is virtually overhead at present but is very faint. Chris
  4. Unfortunately Alcor is not visible from a light polluted site. I think people should qualify the comment that it is an easy naked eye double from a dark site.! Chris
  5. Only 3 stars seen. Exactly the same as the last 20 off years.! Chris
  6. I am interested in buying the above, which seems to be in my price range.Has anyone any comments or advice. I was thinking about a small reflector but there appears to be several posts on the forum about problems with collimation. Chris P
  7. Looked out at 7.00pm tonight. Sky was dark and clear. Venus easily visible in my 10 x 50 binoculars but Neptune mag.7.6? Not visible. Chris P
  8. Hello. You will probably need a tripod for 10 x 50 binoculars , Also it depends on your light pollution. If like me your naked eye magnitude is only 3 to 3.5 you will probably reach magnitude 6.5 with these binoculars. Chrisa
  9. I would like to join an astronomy society .Unfortunately I don't have my own transport and would need a lift to the nearest one. I did contact them but they had no members living in my area. I did manage to visit when they had an open day, but apparently they had no groups doing observational stargazing only using telescopes and cameras for photos. Chris
  10. Thanks again for the replies. I have a tripod adaptor bracket. All I need now is a reasonably sturdy tripod. Can anyone recommend a tripod for 50 pounds or less ? Chris P
  11. Thanks for your replies.The topic heading was monocular for stargazing but when I typed it in it changed to Binocular for stargazing! I was interested in observing with a monocular so any advice or thoughts about that would be welcome. Chris P
  12. I have a pair of Helios 8x40 Nature Sport WE binoculars which I find to heavy to view stars etc as they are dancing all over the place. I am interested in buying a monocular which is less than 1\3 of the weight for stargazing. Any comments or advice would be welcome. Thanks Chris P
  13. Out of interest where do you find those detailed light pollution maps of the UK ? Chris P
  14. Thanks for everyone's advice and comments. Unfortunately Albireo is not visible with the naked eye even when Cygnus is overhead due to light pollution. I have tried looking for it with 8 x 40 binoculars but without success. Is it easy to find with a 90 mms refractory ? Chris P
  15. My daughter works for a charity shop and they have had a donation of the above telescope. She has asked me to have a look at it and see whether it is worth anything. I opened the box and inside I found a 3 legged wooden tripod., telescope, a counterweight and a small 5x finderscope. However there does not seem to be any sort of mount for attaching the telescope to the tripod. Would be grateful for any comments or advice about this telescope. Chris P
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