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  1. Thanks again for all your replies. Just looking at the Skywatcher catalogue , just noticed the Skywatcher Heritage 100 p which is well within my price range. I looked at the review by Sky at Night magazine and they seemed to think that it was good buy. Obviously it has limitations but it seems ideal for me. Any comments or advice gratefully received. Chris P
  2. Thanks to everyone for their advice and comments. I note your recommendation Alan for the Skywatcher Evostar 90mms reftactor. In fact my daughter bought this for me 5 years ago as a combined 65 th birthday and Xmas present. I selected it as I was advised it was suitable for towns with bad light pollution. I found it too long and bulky for me to carry in and out to the back garden. Also I never got to grips with the equatorial mount.! It never seemed to move in the direction I wanted it to. The other telescope that might just be in my price range is the Skywatcher Startravel 80mms refractory on an altazi muth mount. If anyone has advice or comments about it , I would be grateful to hear them. Chris P
  3. Further to my post about the Skywatcher flexible 130 p, I am now looking at a short focus tefractor. I am 70 years old so can only manage to carry a fairly lightweight telescope into my back garden. I am interested in viewing the moon, double stars, bright planets and the brighter star clusters. I am looking to purchase one of the following Celestron travel scope 70 Bresse r Classic 70/350 Skywatcher mercury 705 70mms. I understand that these telescopes have limitations, but they the only ones in my price range. Any comments or advice would be welcome. Chris P
  4. Thanks for all your advice and comments. Will have to give this some thought over the next few days. Chris P
  5. Thanks for your reply LukeSkywatcher. I notice that problems with collimation crop up frequently on the forum. Also the Heritage 130P has a Red Dot finder which will be of limited use in my light polluted skies. Chris P
  6. Thanks for your advice Jetstream. Unfortunately a Go To mount is way beyond my budget. The SW heritage 130 P is just about within my means. I note your comment about collimation. I did have a 90 mm SW refractory but never successfully lined up the finder with the telescope. Chris P
  7. Thanks for all your replies and comments. Great photo of your telescope Mark. Unfortunately I have no practical skills so would not be able to make any adjustments as mentioned. Also I doubt that I would be able to collimate it if necessary. I have a bortle 8 sky so what could I expect to see through it apart from the moon and bright planets. I would like to see some of the colourful doubles in the night sky , but I can,t even see Albireo at mag 3.1 with the naked eye.! So presumably deep sky objects are out of the question. Chris P
  8. Thanks for your reply Demonperformer. Does any member of the forum use a Skywatcher Heritage 130 p flexitude.? Is it as good as the 5 star ratings promise.? look forward to any comments. Thanks . Chris P
  9. I am interested in buying the above mentioned telescope, as it appears to have 5 star reviews all the time. A couple of questions .As I live in a light polluted area and the telescope has an open tube surely stray light will affect the view. Also presumably you need to have a solid garden table to mount it on ,to ensure its stability. Any comments or advice would be welcome. Chris P
  10. I think these results are fairly accurate and not dependent on age. I have lived in Exeter for over 25 years and still only see 7 stars in Orion. Chris P
  11. It must be nice to have dark sky. From my light polluted back garden I can only just make out Hercules with the naked eye. I have tried looking for M13 with 10 x 50 binoculars but without success. Chris P
  12. Very interesting but what does it indicate in visibility of stars with the naked eye and their magnitude.? Chris P
  13. Just seen this telescope advertised in the Astronomy Now magazine for April 2019. It would seem useful for both astronomical and terrestrial objects. Has anyone had experience or advice about this telescope.? Any comments would be appreciated. Chris P
  14. I have been trying to download the Binocular Sky Newsletter for March., without success. It mentions a newsletter tab on the site, but I cannot see it on my tablet. Any help would be gratefully received. Chris P
  15. I can only see the seven main stars of Orion from my light polluted back garden. I see no point in buying a telescope if your skies are Bortle 8 Chris P
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