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  1. Can I recommend the book Mastering Pixinsight by Rogelio Andreo? It’s available as pdf and/or hard copy and it’s a very good way to get in to and, more importantly, understand the Pixinsight processes. Mastering Pixinsight HTH’s Ian
  2. That is correct. The hub is powered at the scope end which then boosts the signal. All the aforementioned items then plug in to the hub and one single cat 5/6 cable ( mines about 10m I think ) runs from the hub to the laptop. I’ve had no problems with data loss/drop outs with this connection and it gives me a relatively cheap remote set up. After polar alignment complete, being able to sit in the warmth while everything hums away quite happily is a godsend.
  3. I use one of these now. Allows me to sit in the warmth in my kitchen while my camera and scope chug away. Camera, mount, focusser and guider all linked with my laptop through just one cable via the hub. It’s a great bit of kit and worth every penny.
  4. That’s good to see and pretty amazing for just 16mins. Where the appetite nicely. Quick Q. How do you avoid the reddening if the stars which I’ve noticed in a lot of L-enhance images?
  5. I'm in exactly the same boat as my view to the E from about 080 to 130 azimuth are out of bounds below about 60degrees. I have been trying the Heart and Soul,the Iris, the Elephants Trunk etc to the N but with the fairly bright Northerly horizon its been a bit of a struggle so have been largely concentrating on views to the S and galaxies around Ursa Major, that kind of thing.
  6. I have recently been running my set up with individual power supplies form a 4 pt extension lead thereby forming a great spaghetti junction. I now have in my sticky mitts a HitecAstro MountHub Pro V4 with a power supply cable with no cigarette lighter style or other type of adapter fitted thereby giving me the option of a power tank with cig adapter or a fixed 12-13.8v DC power supply. Having spoken to Dave at HitecA he recommended a Rapid switch mode power supply rated at up to 25A. I intend to use a QHY 10, an HEQ5pro and 2 dew heaters. Would this be a bit of overkill or would a Powerbank st
  7. Coolio. Thx for the reply CM ( love the name! ) I've been trying to avoid the largely Northern ( light ) skies over the past few weeks and have spent a bit of time on M27 coincidentally. Looking forward to experimenting with the L-enhance to see how it ( and I ) perform. As I mentioned, its my first filter so a whole new world awaits.
  8. Hi folks, Just a very quick question. I have an L enhance filter on order from FLO. While I'm waiting for it to arrive I was just wondering if there is any benefit to using the filter during these 'not quite so dark' nights? I appreciate all the light/moon pollution properties they offer during regular 'proper dark' night time imaging sessions etc but I wondered if they would increase the 'effective night' time for imaging at this time of year if working on nebula? I'm guessing the answer is no as you would still have the same background light and taking it to the extreme you wouldnt
  9. Wow. Nice work and its great to see what is possible with the new tri/quad band filters. Great stuff. Only comment is it may be worth cropping the L and R edges a tad as there seems to be an unmasked area or just an area which has had different processing from the rest. ( I say this as a complete newb so take it with a pinch of salt. I'd be over the moon producing an image like that.
  10. Haha. You spotted my deliberate mistake there then. It did confuse me a tad initially when I was referred to by my wifes name.Glad to hear I wasnt the only one or do AP'ers have a certain penchant for cross dressing?
  11. Thanks Craig and Thank you for being so restrained with your reply to my completely numpty question. Cant believe I went straight past that post....not once, but at least three times. Doh!!! Off now to wop myself around the noggin with vol1 of Burnhams Celestial Handbook in shame.
  12. Any news on login details yet at all? Sorry to nag but I'm just checking I havent missed something somewhere. Really looking forward to this and top work organising this series.
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