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  1. If anybody would be willing to pay by a PayPal gift/friend then price reduced to £520. Postage still included.
  2. Use the Force young padouines. Do not give in to the evil powers. Rejection leads to hate, hate leads to anger and anger leads to eternal cloudy skies... If I could tempt you with a ovno after the price.....??
  3. ‘Go on! Go on!’ To quote from the illustrious Father Ted series ?? It does get a bit like that, this hobby, doesn’t it?!
  4. Greetings all. After much head scratching I have decided to part company with my SBIG 8300C camera to move on to ( possibly an Atik Horizon ) video Astro. As a result this camera is up for sale. It has been owned by myself for about a year and was bought second hand from a colleague in the US. It is approximately 7 years old but still in tip top condition. I have enclosed photos below but if you need any more close ups please do let me know. Hopefully you are all aware of it’s capabilities and specs so won’t teach you to suck eggs but the images the Kodak KAF 8300 osc 3326x2504 sensor produce are excellent. The camera comes with all leads/power supply/manual etc as well as the original CCD software.... and the original case. I’m looking for £550 Which will include postage/insurance and I will absorb the PayPal fees. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers, Ian ps I am in South Oxfordshire if you would like to inspect/collect.
  5. First photo taken using my new ( but secondhand ) Lunt ls35 with iPhone held up to a 20mm eyepiece. All processing done on phone with just contrast adjustment and nothing else.
  6. I wish I could add some technical knowledge here....but alas I can’t....and even if I could with your night time temp statement I would have deleted it anyway as I’m currently sat outside in 5 degree drizzle getting thoroughly miserable. Jealous doesn’t begin to cover my feelings right now!
  7. I was in a similar boat about a year ago with only a small etx 105 for visual viewing so can empathise with your predicament. After asking a few questions on here and doing some research I came to the conclusion that ( as Olly mentions above ) I would be throwing my money away pursuing this route. Patience ( and a bit of luck ) is definitely required if you are looking on the second hand market but it is worth going down this track. I was fortunate to find a used WO Megrez 90 and an HEQ5 pro for £400 at an auction in the West Country. That was then followed up by an ST 80 guidescope from the classifieds here ( for about £70 ) and a second hand SBIG 8300cfrom astromart ( around £500 ) This was my big investment but flogging a load of junk from the attic on flea bay got me most of the way there. Chuck in a qhy II guide came and my entire imaging kit cost only a smidge over a grand. Sticking with a DSLR will still give good images and it will take you a while to sort out Getting to grips with your eq mount and guiding. Then you can save a bit more cash and start improving your imager. Baby steps as they say. The point of this is to say that you don’t have to buy new and you do need to be patient but don’t throw your hard earned money away to buy the newest or latest gizmo or continuing down a dead end alley can be costly. You can get stunning images ( not mine btw! ....yet ) for relatively small amounts especially if slowly built up. All this being said, youve started on the correct route. Keep asking questions on here. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience ( and bruised wallets ) to guide you down this route and help you avoid the pitfalls. I’m still in a similar position to you, being on the first rung of a very tall ladder, but it helps to have people alongside you to guide you up. Just keep taking those little steps and good luck.
  8. That’s a beautiful image Arno. Great stuff.
  9. Apologies geordie85 and Marci. I never thanked you for your advice which has worked a treat.....sooo.... thank You!!
  10. Apologies for piggybacking on this topic but im starting off on a similar route with similar equipment. When you say about using the POTH hub/driver do you lose any capabilities when compared to the EQ5/6 drivers in the drop down menu's? I was going to ask about why use the POTH hub but you have already answered that above for which I thank you. I am having the exact problem you mention in that individually I can get my QHY/SBIG and HEQ5 pro working but stick them all together using Maxim5/APT etc and it all goes for a ball of chalk. Guess what Im going to be trying tonight ;-)) Thanks for starting this very enlightening thread and for all the handy advice. Cheers, Ian
  11. You could buy an intervalometer such as this Suitable for Nikon d3300 which would help to control your exposures. I was also gong to recommend Backyard Nikon for computer control alas the d3300 is not compatible sorry. cheers, Ian
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