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  1. Thanks. Just trying to fish out some more info, as they haven't communicated back yet
  2. I placed an order for a fairly standard observatory from this supplier, back in Sep 2020. They warned me it might be a few months due to supply difficulties. I hadn't heard anything from them by Feb 2021, so sent an email. Nathan said they hoped to start on my order in March. Since then nothing. Tried calling both phone numbers last week and emailed but still no response. I even paid extra up front to help them through Covid. Here's what I received in Feb 21 Hi Steve, We are still here and working. Lockdown has made a few things difficult but we are still managing to get installations out. Looking at the schedule though, we should be on to your build in the next couple of weeks. Provided that all goes well, the weather was very conducive to work last week. But I will be in touch as soon as we are starting your build. Kindest regards Nathan
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