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  1. I'm just keeping a close eye hoping things clear a bit as the night progresses, pleasure to read as always doug nathan
  2. Finally have my new travel scope! (Well I've had it over a week like) And I've just got round to making its light shroud, hopefully the stars will be out later so I can test it out.
  3. nice report mate and I have enjoyed viewing your images..... Globular clusters are beautiful! They are deffinataly my favourite in the DSO category! From my very limited knowledge I know there some of the oldest stars in the universe but do you know or does anyone else know what makes them 'globular' ? Why are they so tightly packed ? I've only ever seen them in other people's pictures or on tv and I can't wait to hunt some down myself! Thanks for sharing Nathan
  4. Nathan UK

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    Welcome to SGL mate
  5. If you don't mind I would like to add this to your report for other people like myself who are fairly new to star gazing that may benefit from knowing more about averted vision. nathan
  6. I've been on this site a while now and roughly been star gazing for the past two years..... Averted vision is something I'd never heard of so I googled it, thank you for bringing that to my attention . nice report Nathan
  7. It's done anyway I've ordered the scope it will be here between Thursday and Friday so I think I will have to get some stick on Velcro tomorrow and a camp mat ready for my new night fishing scope ?
  8. Welcome to SGL harry..... I have a sw explorer 130p you will enjoy it mate gives pleasant views of the planets especially Jupiter. do you have the 130/650 or the 130/900 version ? also have you downloaded any apps to your phone to assist you navigating the night sky while your learning? Ive noticed many on here use stellarium or sky safari. Personally I've always used sky map. have fun mate
  9. Yes mate just seen your picture then and ok thanks doug I will pick up a camp mat while I'm out so I have it ready ?
  10. I deffinataly want to make one for the truss part of the scope mate for a few reasons really , protection as the most important but I believe it also helps with contrast ? I've never owned a truss tube before just a little of what I've read mate. So camp mat all the way mate ye? nathan
  11. Thinking more about my equipment needs..... I'm going to need a light shroud for the skywatcher heritage 130p aren't I ? I have looked online and can't find any suppliers so I guess I will have to make one, ive seen people use them foam camp mats to Lycra to cardboard what would you guys recommend as the most suitable material?
  12. Haha no mate it was most definitely Jupiter I could just about make out its bands in this scope (but it was daylight Jupiter was rising in the morning maybe the day light was the issue) and could see its moons (I have photographed Jupiter numerous occasions in my other scope) and I'm not offended my friend . Maybe I was exaggerating a little because I wasn't overly impressed and maybe the word I was looking for or how I should of described it was it was too dim due to aperture so lacked details but it was also shining bright due to it being daylight and as a result that may of also affected de
  13. Hope you guys around the globe are getting clear sky's ? battering down in Liverpool tonight and cloudy unfortunately..... so last night just before 9pm and then again at 5am I had a little session with my new toy I purchased for night fishing (Meade ETX 80) i was firstly looking at the Pleiades open cluster when I seen what looked like a star go across my wide field view really fast and I followed it across the sky in awe for around and minute to which I asked questions about on here and @stu kindly pointed out what I was viewing the M062 global star satellite. The Pleiad
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