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  1. This is M92, an object I have found tricky to process due to it's bright core. 10 minute subs blow it out and to a degree so do 5 mins! I tried both and in the end just added the whole lot together. This is 2 hours of 5 min subs along with 1 hour of 10 min subs given 3 hours in total from the QHY11 attached to the GSO 12" RC. I also acquired some color data from the QHY8L that was riding piggy back on the 12" RC attached to a 6" RC...
  2. Wow, those are beautiful captures Luke. Graham at Astrotec also gets a mention in the post I've just put up, he also did the belt mod on my NEQ6 before I moved onto a EQ8. A great bloke and a genius mechanic.
  3. I think this is the first real RGB image I've managed having had NB filters on for the last few months. This is also the first image that utilised the full QHY11 chip as up until now I have had to chop loads off. Graham at Astrotec made me a superb chain of adaptors that allow the full chip to catch light even through the 2" filters which are now the narrowest part of the chain. I'm pleased with the flatness of the field, the 2.7" AP field flatner seems to do a really good job and chip tilt is less than I suspected it would be. If you feel brave hit the full resolution button in the upper right of the link below!
  4. Absolutely fascinating. They all seem to be orbiting in the about the same plane given the reasonably consistent star trails. I guess that is as it should be! Good stuff.
  5. Last night was the clearest night in ages and almost reminiscent of the skies I remember from years ago! It was also -5c in the obsy! As I still have my NB filters attached to the scope I was looking for a target I could stick to for most of the night and the crab was pretty low to start with but I love this object and from looking on the web there appeared to be some reasonably strong NB signals coming from it. By 2 in the morning I had 2 hours each of H and O and 1 hour of S. Before packing up I spent 15 minutes just gorping at the sky, it was stunningly clear. I started processing this in the SHO color scheme but I didn't like the result so applied HOS which I preferred.
  6. I was hoping to collect data all night on this object - that would have been a first for me - but the predicted clear skies came to end at 10pm! Still the early evenings meant I still managed to get 1.75 hours of Ha and an hour each of O and S. I was processing this with the intention of ending up with a Hubble pallet but I liked this intermediate result so much I stopped at this point....
  7. This is 3 hours worth of 900s Ha subs on The Dolphin nebula SH2-188. Even without O and S this has proved very hard for me to process, I think I have been through every noise reduction technique in PI and ultimately settled on none at all, just some judicious stretching.
  8. Thanks, some really encouraging comments - I seem to be struggling with subjective factors more than technical ones at the moment!
  9. Thanks Maximidus. I think that's probably it for the Bubble this season. No doubt i'll tinker with the processing I do seem to have a particular problem trying to add vibrancy to my images.
  10. I managed to get 2 hours of SII (8x900s) to add to the H and OIII of my previous image. This is a slightly wider view of the area.
  11. What do you mean by comprehensible - recognisable? It's hubble palet (SHO) but with only 1 S frame. S(1), H(8) and O(8).
  12. Thanks Chris, I thinks it's the lack of SII that makes it bluer than usual and I've pushed the saturation a bit! Yes, 12" scope was used for this.
  13. I managed to get 8x900s subs in Ha on the bubble a month or so ago and managed to get 8x900s in O last night and just 1x900 in S before the clouds did there thang! I think the lack of S which maps to the red channel is where most of the noise comes from.
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