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  1. Ok. Thanks! P.S. Why does "Astronomy Linux" has too much installed astronomical software? This project is devoted to Linux beginners and promotion of Linux among astronomy amateurs.
  2. Yes, of course. Each programmer creates what he thinks fit. This is absolutely normal. We have free CCDciel and KStars/Ekos for astrophoto capture on Linux, OS X and Windows.
  3. Oops... It's a big minus of this very very awesome software.
  4. Hmm... Try it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/841658/problems-with-wifi-on-gnome-16-10-asus-laptop
  5. You can install Astronomy Linux 18.04 with your name and password.
  6. Yes. ================== Login: astronom Password: 12341234 ================== You can change the default password in menu: Applications -> System Tools -> System Setting -> User Accounts
  7. Hello, our project has a new name 'Astronomy Linux". Now you can try two versions: Astronomy Linux 16.04 and Astronomy Linux 18.04
  8. Project's site has the new address https://astronomylinux.ap-i.net
  9. Hello all, I must to rename this project to "Astronomy Linux". Please, change the phrase "Ubuntu Astronomy" to "Astronomy Linux".
  10. Yes, but PixInsight do not free software. Astro Pixel Processor is another commercial software for astronomical image processing. StarTools is post-processing image editor.
  11. I know these Linux distributives for astronomy: Linux4Astronomy Distro Astro from Bamm Gabriana; Ubuntu Astronomy 16.04 from me; Fedora 26 Astronomy from Christian Dersch Also, Astrobuntu - Ubuntu Packages for Astronomy and Astrophotography. Debian Astro Packages
  12. Ubuntu Astronomy 16.04 is my open project and primary OS. Now, it has about 2500 downloads from all world.
  13. How can we get this night vision mode? At first, we have to install one utility for terminal: sudo apt-get install redshift Switch On: redshift -O 1000 Switch Off: redshift -x
  14. Ubuntu Astronomy 16.04 is my open project. 1. you can install it on your computer (default password is: 12341234); 2. you can use it without installation (live DVD mode); So, you can use it with or without installation.
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