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  1. Dose anyone know were i can buy dust covers for 1.25 eyepieces? Thanks brian
  2. Thanks for the post it's not a go-to I do have a laptop but no handset Really appreciate any help Brian
  3. I have an EQ5 mount with polar scope but i am unsure were to get the polar star this is the view i have when i look? Can anyone help please Regards Brian
  4. Thanks for that whats the upside or downside to mono Vs colour?
  5. Can anyone recommend I good web cam I can get for my telescope 200p within my budget of around £200? For planetary and moon pictures
  6. Thanks for the comment I was happy with the out come
  7. Hey thanks for the tips when we get some clear skies I will give it a go
  8. Hi there I have just got a motor for telescope as I want to take longer exposures can anyone give me advice on how to polar align my scope it's a EQ5 mount and tripod 200p scope is it just practice makes perfect? Any advice would be great Brian
  9. Taken with my skyway her 200p and Nikon DSLR
  10. taken tonight august 5th 2017 Exp time 1/800 ISO 100 with my DSLR nikon d3300 with skywatcher 200p
  11. Waxing crescent 27/7/2017
  12. Hi have not put it in any competition:)
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