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  1. Thanks all, Toying around with OTA ideas although still tempted with the 200. In the meanwhile i'll be looking for a decent mount.
  2. A few people have mentioned the 130p. What are the advantages of a 130 over a 200 and vice versa?
  3. Thanks again. It is a bit of a minefield isnt it. Im mulling over whether to buy cheaper with intention of upgrade at a later date, or go the whole hog and dont mention how much it cost... Book ordered
  4. So i guess the NEQ6 is the way to go, hmm might need to rethink as that is a fair amount of cash. @JOC I have considered the dobsonian route as the saving are massive and it seems to be the quickest way to start viewing. Can a dob be converted to EQ at a later time? At the moment i dont think i can say what i will eventually want to achieve with AP. Also i dont want to buy something then be disappointed very quickly if it cant do the basics.
  5. Regarding the HEQ5, is this really not up to AP use with a 200. I see the payload is 11kg which would seem plenty. Is the issue the sail ability of a 200?
  6. Around £1000 new but will take some saving first. Not adverse to second hand. Must admit, my only logic on the 200pds is that it seemed a decent step up from the 114. I'm happy to be proven wrong. The cam will do AV but I'm more interested in DSO imaging. I realise I will probably drive myself mad trying to do it.
  7. Thanks all, this is certainly helping my understanding. I will order the book. @DaveS when you say pushing the heq5 capabilities is that for visual or imaging?
  8. Yes, thanks you, That help quite a lot. So an EQ can be used relatively easy for viewing once the north alignment is done. I did consider the nextstar but discounted due to poor reviews on AP use.
  9. So youre saying a quick setup can be used if only using the goto for viewing?
  10. If i had the goto version does that not make viewing easier on an EQ?
  11. I'm starting to see that as a possible issue. More confused now TBH. I would like to try AP at some point and from what i have read this really needs an EQ mount. Is that right?
  12. Thanks, some great images on your site! I'll take a better look when in front of a bigger screen. I think a 10" may be too big at the present. I'd be tempted with DOB if I wasn't to keen on the AP.
  13. Having the 114 I thought 200 maybe the logical move? TBH, reading around forums and reviews a 200 seemed to suit our wants. I hear what you're saying about the mount. I do intend to get a decent one but wondered if there was a cheap ish option to get going before imaging. I'm starting to think not.
  14. Hi all First post and beginners questions. Both my wife and I are interested in the night sky and looking to increase our interest/knowledge. We have a celestron firstscope 114 which is somewhat disappointing and hence hasn't had much. We are interested in both planet and DSO. I would also like to try AP at some point, I have a 70d which I would use for imaging. With the above in mind I am very tempted with a Skywatcher Explorer 200pds. I realise the mount will likely need to be the HEQ5 which is a hefty outlay. Now a few questions... Is the above scope a g
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