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  1. That looks awesome Mariosi, magnificent sketch.
  2. Hi, May I ask You for upload more pictures of the items? Luke.
  3. Prism... so there is a problem with Vixen NPL with mirror diagonal 1,25" it would focus without any doubts. I heard rumors that prism better co-op with achromats "reducing" AC. It would be Great to check that out under dark skies. I have a plan to compare that scope with Old Gold series ED 100/900 side by side on planetary and lunar work. On M42 there was no differences between them. Sharp trapezium, superb contrast on both scopes. Double clusters in Perseus, magnigicent view. Ofcourse less detailed than from 12" Newtonian but it was pleasure. On Moon with pair of TV zoom 8-24 set on 8 mmn there was no even hint of CA. Great colours, medium shaprness but propably because Moon was low on sky, maybe 1.5h after rising. Important thing, with 20 WO erfles added to Binoviewer set there was easily visible CA, yellowish little glare!!! Thats why erfles Goes away and i'm waiting for package from FLO with BST ED's pairs. Best view of Moon i have with 25 mm e-lux Plossl, superb sharp and no CA. I would be able to make more reports when sky will be clear. Sorry for english. Regards Luke
  4. Nice report, may I ask You a question?. This Takahashi diagonal is prism or mirror? Mine 102/1100 is TS brand. Using bino Wo and pair of WO 20 mm 66 eyepieces (~55x) I couldn't split Double Double. Adding Wo 1.6x barlow at ~90x magnification one of pair splitted with dark tiny lane. Second pair won't co-op with me this night and that time i didn't have any more pairs of eyepieces to check how it perform. If it's not a problem, maybe I'll hook up to your topic about this telescope? When I was looking for information about that scope, there were not so many of them, maybe in this way we will help others in choosing their first refractor
  5. Hi, 46P last time I saw 5 or 6 December. I waited in the dark of the bedroom for an adaptation to the dark. After 11 PM street lamps in the village went out and then I went to the balcony door. The comet jumped out of the sky background immediately as an airy, gray, sizable spot. She reminded me of the M33 in small binoculars but larger and more roundshape (Edit: I mean it feels like it was huge on sky using averted vision, not literaly bigger than m33 in binoculars, it was easily like half of the Moon) . Even then, if I remember correctly, it was about 4.1 magnitude? To be sure, I confirmed observations with the old Bresser 10x50 binoculars. In the binoculars were propably the size of the Moon with a brighter center. Beautiful view, I'm glad that I could admire it a few times this year but it was the first time with naked eyes. After 10 minutes, clouds have come and it continues to this day Regards Luke
  6. Thanks for reduced price. I've just order pair of 8 mm, 12 mm and 18 mm BST for binoviewing so... next cloudy month belongs to me
  7. Hey, Maybe it is not significant but I had the opportunity to compare 9 mm 100 degrees Lunt XWA and Omegon Panorama 9 mm 100 degrees in the daylight with F10 achro. I can only say that the above entries coincide with my observations. It was very hard to cover the whole field of view (almost impossible for me, im not using correction glasses) , when I pressed my eye to the eyepiece and saw the whole field then I fought with the blackouts, when I moved my eye away from the eyepiece, blackouts disappeared but the field of view was very limited, say to about 80 degrees. Fieldstop was terribly blurred, I can compare it with vignetting in binoviewers with long FL eyepieces. Maybe it would not be so significant for me if it was not next to Lunt 9 mm. XWA allows you to cover the entire field of view without any problem, there are no blackouts and the fieldstop is black and obvious like the night. Looking through Lunt is a pleasure while Omegon can cause some problems. Shame that i have no opportunity to do some night test for correction in Panorama. Regards Luke
  8. Hi, I don't know what is AYO (i'm not from UK so it's hard to me to understand a short names ) but i assume You want to ask is this rock solid mount (AZ6) without counterweights in windy conditions. I'm afraid it will not be much better than AZ4. Two weeks (maybe three, dont remember exactly) ago it was windy up here where i live, 30 kph - 80 kph, and it Was a fight with it. Nevertheless i saw that evening best Mars this year using bino WO, magnification around ~100x. Amazing contrast and colour, polar cap and dark areas. View far better for me than from LightBridge 12" and even from 20" F4 Truss Newt. Next scope need to be 5" F15 achro Regards and clear skies Luke. P.S. The END OF OFFTOPIC
  9. I'm in love in this scope, TS 102/1100, tube shortened to reach focus with binoviewer. Kelner eyepiece its just for dust covering clear skies.
  10. Things Look better and better. Next to collect is APM HDC 13 mm. Regards Luke
  11. Lunt 9 mm almost in my hands. Please remove add, thanks.
  12. Hey, I am happy to buy an APM HDC eyepiece 13 mm 100 ° or 9 mm regardless of which manufacturer, it could be APM / WO / Lunt / Myriad. Optically flawless, I am not interested in the condition of the housing, it may have some scratcher etc. Payment by PayPal. If someone would like to part with one of them please send me a message. Regards Luke
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