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  1. Thanks guys. I haver now received my Redcat 51 from FLO and am very impressed with the quality and size of this small ''scope'' It fits on the Star adventurer very neatly and easily. Not tried it out as yet - the clouds are back again! Keith
  2. Has anyone any experience with the Williams Optics Redcat51 telescope . I am considering its use on my Star Adventurer mount with my Cannon 600D camera.
  3. The latest issue of ''Astronomy Now'' details the SkySafari6 programme, and indicates it can be used for remote telescope control. Has anyone had experience of this programme ? I am interests in the possibility of using it to remotely control my iOptron MiniTower mount so that I can get accurate star alignment. Keith (old codger)
  4. I have just started using the Star Adventurer and can confirm the very good impressions mention above. I have sunk 3 wooden pegs into the lawn such that the mount is polar aligned when placed on them .( a quick check with the finder on the pole star position is very easy) I hang a building brick under the tripod for added stability. So far I have managed up to 6 minutes tracking without any trailing, but usually use shorter time exposures. My only problem is finding and pointing the camera at the chosen target. The Canon 600D has a flip out screen which helps to centre a bright star, but
  5. Thanks to all for your help. I followed Dave's advice and ''bodged'' the the Right angled finder by gentle cutting and filing away the rectangular protrusions untill it was a good flat surface which I then glued to the eyepiece of the Adventurer. The right angled finder is now fixed permanently to the Adventurer. Had a quick look last night as the clouds came over and easily got a polar alignment. Will try for a more accurate alignment once we have clear nights. My tripod can be placed onto 3 wooden pegs driven into the lawn so that it should always be polar aligned . KEITH
  6. Thanks Dave. Strange to relate I actually have one of the Seagull right angled finders which I got for my Cannon DSLR, but have never used since changing to the Cannon 600D with an angled screen which means I don't have to bend down to squint through the viewfinder anymore. I will examine whats required to 'bodge' it to fit the eyepiece. Any suggestions? Keith
  7. At my age I find it difficult to get down low enough to look through a polar alignment scope. Does anyone know of a suitable right angled mirror which could be fitted to the eyepiece of the Star Adventurer ? I have seen one on U tube but there was no information on what it was or how to get one. Keith ( old codger)
  8. I got almost identical results DEC.3rd. using my Cannon 600D with 30s exposure at ISO 1600 and stacking 3X 30sec in Nebulosity and stretching in Photoshop. The best way to get good focus is to zoom in first, focus and if you can magnify the image on your camera ( mine lets me do X5 and X10) to get the most accurate focus then zoom out and your camera should still be in perfect focus .When you then zoom in again it should remain in focus. I believe some people put a bit of 'Bluetack' on the telescopic part of the camera to keep it in focus. Old Codger CYGNUS LYRA. 3DEC 2018 30S. ATISO16
  9. Michael, at the risk of driving you mad- I have looked at the Device Manager on my windows XP but cannot see any reference that indicates the USB to serial. Sorry to be such a pain ! Keith
  10. Hi Michael. No not yet, so will do so and let you know. Thanks
  11. Thanks Michael. Despite spelling errors ( always my problem!) I had installed NexRemote on to my Laptop and it talks to me and tells me to' select the settings and press OK', but then cannot connect to the telescope, so I must have done something wrong or missed out an operation. I will keep trying. Keith
  12. I have acquired a second hand Celestron Advanced GT mount and am trying to use the Celestron Next Remote to control it. When all coupled up the Next Remote image on the laptop (Windows XP) speaks audibly to me and asks me to 'Select Settings and Press OK'. Whichever settings I select it comes up with ' Cannot Connect To Telescope'. What am I doing wrong or have not done please anyone? Keith Moore
  13. Thanks guys, your solution worked just fine. Now have it up and running but as usual no clear skies ! Keith
  14. I have been using BYEOS with my Cannon 600D, and downloading to my old Windows XP laptop for some 2or 3 years. Now I have had to buy a new laptop using Windows 10 and cannot find the means to download the BYEOS programme. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?
  15. 'Old Codger' regrets to say he cannot now attend the event due to continuing health problems. Good luck and clear skies to everyone. Keith Moore (old codger)
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