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  1. And the neighbours Leylandii trees will grow to be 30' tall and block the sky out anyway.
  2. No, not at all, find out where everything is, get everything ready, you'll still be learning things in a years time, but the curve gets shallower. Just don't start with a bump. I had the mount for 3 weeks before I bought an OTA to go on it.
  3. Yes, still waiting to see copy of insurance schedule as to what it does and doesn't cover. If Doc's scope fell on you you would certainly know about it!!!!!
  4. 2 more arrived today, so that's 9, plus confirmed 2 more in the post. 1 more covers field, FAS and insurance.
  5. Welcome to star gazing. With regard to your mount, try it inside first, it's raining outside anyway!!!! You don't want to realise that; ...You need to enter the date on the handset in mm/dd/yyyy format. ...The time is 24hr format, we aren't on daylight saving at the moment. ...You need to enter your lat and longitude(in the right order). ...Polar alignment, where's the polar scope? ...There are caps at both ends of it. ...You have to drop the counter weight bar and turn the mount head 45 degree to see through the polar scope. ...How do you get the ploar scope LED to light up so you can see the reticule. for the very first time, in the dark at the bottom of the garden. All best done in the warm, dry, you don't have to fit the OTA or weights even. You can get your coordinates off something like Streetmap, enter your address and then click the link that says convert coordinates, or words to that effect. Practise these things in the light and then they only take 5 minutes on the night. This is my experience anyway. Then on your first real night out you can; ...Have a go at polar alignment ...Try alignment on stars ...Look at some stuff(most important:hello2:) Google and get a program called something like polar204.zip then polar alignment is simple. Don't worry about setting rings and things first time round. Star alignment is easy, the handset will let you scroll through a list of what it has determined you should be able to see, Stellarium will let you figure out just what in the sky each name refers to. Oh, and finally don't forget, you could just carry the scope outside and move it by hand and look at some stuff, after all that's what it's all about. Jupiter, its moons, The Moon, keep me going for hours.
  6. Group (<21 people) membership of FAS plus insurance cover is between £42 and 54 (depending on if we get in for a discount quick enough). Basically £5'ish each or another 2 people. Awaiting copy of schedule to confirm; ...If your scope falls on someone you are covered. ...If someone knocks your scope over you are covered.
  7. I'm sending an email 'receipt' to those who I have had a cheque off or PayPal this afternoon, I'm sure everything else is just in the Christmas post splurge at the sorting office and will arrive soonest. As stuff does arrive I'll keep the email receipts going.
  8. Yeah, the link to the website always worked, it's the mail an officer a question link that doesn't.
  9. I've got loads, all different thread sizes and head sizes, you can have the lot and find a matched pair. The thread comes in a metric or an imperial size.
  10. I'm trying to contact the FAS but singularly failing to do so using the links on their website. Does anyone have any personal contacts for their officers. Anyone online in SGL that is an officer of a Club that is already a member?
  11. As the famous philosopher J Bon Jovi said, "We're half way there", 5 cheques so far. I've called the land owner and asked him to start things moving on the paperwork, should get something next week.
  12. I had the same on both counts. First time out I selected a hot pixel, Doh!!! Second time out because I use a DIY 200mm 9x50 finder scope arrangement I had to increase step size to 1500ms. Now it cals in 40 or 50 steps. In the manual it discusses why the software has to see a minimum amount of movement otherwise cal will fail. Once it's set up it works great though.
  13. I run mine off a lab bench power supply at 12Vdc the steady current is 1A, it's the same when tracking and slewing as far as I can see, the needle on the meter doesn't move off '1'.
  14. I've got the Skywatcher Explorer 200P with R&P focusser, love it. I've bought it a 'direct replacement' Skywatcher Crayford focusser for Christmas because its been so good all year. However, now everything is on the kitchen table in front of me the problem is obvious, the central hole is 6mm too small all round and the 4 mounting holes need moving out. I've had a chat to the guys up at Rother and it seems 'direct replacement ' is not that. Rework is necessary. We even discussed chopping everything that I had in and getting a new OTA with a Crayford, but it turns out the replacement is still better than the standard, and still requires rework to replace it! I'm very nervous at the thought of hacksawing away at the aluminium tube. Obviously you must strip everything out of it before starting. Has anyone done this before? How did you do it? Did you use any special tools that make it easier? Help!
  15. First cheque just arrived by hand this morning. Doc has posted some sat pics of the field. You can see the hard standing and the gate off the lane that we are talking about. Whether it's 'dark' enough is, as we said in the meeting, open to interpretation but the concensus seems to be for £25 it has other pro's which make it worth a years trial. I'll hang onto the cheques until I get 10, then cash them to pay the field. Do you want another meeting before money actually changes hands to see the excahnge of letters wording for yourselves? Any other cheques I will do similar until the next meeting when you can decide whether to hold the money in a fund, use it to book halls, divy it up so we all pay less for the field, whatever, it's up to you. I'll look at some sort of credit card sized laminated 'membership' card for those that have paid. If nothing else, it's your receipt for your money.
  16. Meade DSI IIc, PHD guided. M81, 13 x 5minutes M82, 63 x 2minutes DSS and then GIMP. I'm not doing the raw data any credit in my processing.
  17. Still at it, 4 hours, still clear, no snow, no wind, freezing though.
  18. Managed 2 hours so far in Nottingham, DSI says -2C, so it's probably more like -4C allowing for its self heating. Clear as a bell.
  19. Have you got a laser collimator and stuff, want me to pop over, can't say I can help but 2 heads better than 1 and all that.
  20. Clear as a bell here in Nottingham, no wind, settled snow from earlier, but it's freeeeezing, had to come in after an hour, my contact lenses were going brittle.
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