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  1. Sounds good. Plank & Leggit near the Sawley site?
  2. A planet with no clouds and permanent night.
  3. Yep, and slowly amassing a collection of 1 and 2TB external drives.
  4. I think you can get it all off the QHY website, I got a program called QGVideo off the CD that came with my camera.
  5. I've used it like that and always found it OK, though considering what else can go wrong what libraryman says makes sense for peace of mind.
  6. If you search the forum for similar posts on using thin single sided adhesive PTFE tape for packing focusers and you think it would be useful I've got a mile of the stuff and will post you some, a bit more robust than paper packing perhaps.
  7. Assorted set of T extension tubes, cheers for the offer though Ibbo!
  8. Helen, "You don't want the fields to overlap because if they do it means that your OAG prism is in the lightpath to the main CCD", of course, obvious when you think about it, I was worrying about nothing. cgarry, " I usually use the "tools->auto select star" option as the stars are not always visible on the display", this also makes me feel better.
  9. Interesting, I've got the Brightstar and a QHY5. I spent the weekend getting the QHY5 and my imaging Atik 16ic to both meet focus together. What I did find was that over the 20m length of my garden the guide FOV was nearly 40cm offset from the imaging FOV and I couldn't get the two to overlap. Does that sound right?
  10. If you stack with DSS then do this; 1...Stack your Ha subs with the first sub set as reference frame, save the resulting file. 2...Now load all of your Red sub files into DSS plus the Ha sub that you just used as reference frame in 1 above. Select all frames. Set the Ha sub as reference frame but then deselect it. Stack the Red subs and save the resulting file. 3... repeat 2 with your Green subs. 4... repeat 2 with your Blue subs. 5... load your stacked Ha, Red, Green, and Blue subs into Photoshop. They will all be aligned with each other by virtue of using the common single Ha sub as reference frame.
  11. Yeah, I'm faffing, I'll be on AB&S tonight and buy a range.
  12. It's a male T to female T extension tube, I need to move my QHY5 15mm relative to the imaging camera.
  13. Hi, have any of you local guys got a 15mm T extension I can try before I buy one. I'm trying to balance guide/imaging camera focus on my OAG.
  14. Phew, just what I wanted to hear, thanks.
  15. I'm just trying to remember what I've forgotten from my University Optics course! If I focus my guide camera and imaging camera on the fence at the end of my garden today will they still both be in focus together on DSO tonight? Will I only need to fine adjust the focus on the OTA tonight? Should I get the cameras in focus together on something further away, say the horizon?
  16. Yes, I finished it, and the Ascom driver. It is available to buy. It is intergrated into Sharpcap and works great. It also works with Bahtinov Grabber and is especially good when using a gamepad in the dark. I've pm'd you.
  17. Phoned and placed order for QHY5 yesterday, midday. Camera arrived 14:00 today. 26 hours door to door.
  18. I think the big bucks come in 'over time'. You do not need to spend a lot of money to take astro photographs that you will enjoy and be happy to show other people. With time you will want to improve and buy better equipment. After a couple of years it is easy to have gradually spent a couple of grand! But you've enjoyed it, and got the most out of it, so what. I know people that would probably spend that much watching away game fooball or playing golf. Perhaps it should be, "'If your're getting into serious Astrophotography, Expect to eventually spend BIG bucks". Alternatively, you could go out and spend £2k tomorrow:eek:.
  19. I don't think the words have those meanings in this context. I think reserves are smaller locales within a larger area, which maybe called a park. We spoke about this at the last Peak Dark Skies meeting but can't exactly remember how it went, sorry.
  20. "it just seemed a little weird having it form a link between the camera and reducer", still doesn't sound right. Have you got a pic of the setup. As said ^^^^ the filter usually goes at the other end of the reducer to the camera, not in between.
  21. I've got both mounts. Both the CG5-GT and the HEQ5 make some horrible noises whilst accelerating and decelerating. When slewing the difference is that the HEQ5 is a lot quieter than the CG5-GT, but still not silent. When tracking both mounts are almost silent, you have to put your ear on the casing to check they are moving. I've stripped and regreased both. Adjusting the drive train can minimise the start/stop noise on the HEQ5 but won't necessarily get rid of it. It made no difference at all on the CG5-GT. If it was my new mount I'd leave it alone for a while and measure some periodic error and test its slew and tracking accuracy before taking it apart. Without a benchmark you won't know whether you are making things better or worse.
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