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    To much to tell, from time travel to chemistry and ufo research, to creating,,,,special,,,, sent perfumes knowing chemistry inside out.
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    Mars would be nice...

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  1. Since I do chemistry also my new Pheromone mix became dangerous to wear today.

    1. ronin


      I can only think of one possible reply/comment and I will get told off for that.

  2. Snow...and when, +1 celcius on North pole instead the normal -25. Earth heats faster then they tell, usual coverup..

    1. xtreemchaos


      yep def the beginning of the end, wonder if we will get some clear sky afterwards.:-).

    2. pipnina


      Ice caps melt... Turns into cloud, moves over England for 30 years.

  3. Best eyepiece ever? Lunt Solar Zoom, blew many people over looking trough it, combined with the ED Zenithstar.

  4. Skyoptics7

    Magic called roof .

    Roof and then some in the sky magic from these.
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