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  1. Hi All, Just a quick question. The wife has a Skywatcher Explorer 130P. I tried to do a bit of simple Imaging with it using the ZWO Camera. I knew that you could not mount a DSLR onto it as there is not enough back focus. I was wondering if its the same with the ZWO, as all I could get were blurred images of the Secondary. I think I already know the answer, but maybe I am making a simple error. Any help would be appreciated. Graham
  2. Hi, As I am new to imaging I would like some advice. I own an ZWO ASI120MMC and have struggled to get geed shots with it. Unfortunately my scope is not really up to it (Nexstar4 SE). Would I be better off getting a camera adaptor for my Fuji Finepix S8000FD bridge camera, Stick to the ZWO or just pick up a cheap second hand DSLR. My idea was to take very short exposures 2-10 secs max I can't really afford to buy a decent motorised EQ mount, or an ED80, although I know this is the way forward. Any ideas.
  3. Hi All, I own a Fuji FinePix S8000FD Bridge camera. Does anyone know of an adaptor that can be purchased, to enable me to use it for simple imaging. My budget will not allow me to purchase even a second hand DSLR. Graham
  4. Hi All, I am relatively new to astronomy and have been trying to observe for the last 6 months. I own a Nextsar 4SE, which I find easy to use. However, I have inherited an old Helios 200mm reflector on a very old EQ mount and tripod. Guess what, I have no idea how to use the EQ mount at all and am looking to get advice. The picture below, shows the mount off the tripod. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi David, The mount and tripod now feels solid (after the repair), but I am still trying to fathom how to use it properly. Still trying to work out how to use the EQ mount correctly, as I have never used one before. Hopefully I can suss it out sooner then later. Many thanks for the post. Graham
  6. Hi All, I am looking for a second hand tripod and mount. I already have an old Helios (old Skywatcher) mount and a tripod. I have just repaired the tripod, but have been advised that the tripod is not suitable for the 200mm Newtonian reflector tube , that it came with. It is quite heavy and about 20years old, I think. (please see attached Pics) I had hoped to get away with just a newish tripod, but the mount is custom fitted for the tripod, hence looking for a newish EQ Mount and Tripod. Please PM me, if you have anything to offer. Graham
  7. Hi Fozzie, Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Just fitted the bracket and it works a treat. Thank you very much
  8. Thanks John, None of the equipment has any markings on them, but for nothing, I cannot complain. I think I will probably have to buy a new tripod though. However, finances are tight at the moment, which is why I was going down the repair route. If all else fails, I will just stick to using my Nexstar4SE, until I can afford something better. Graham
  9. Hi, Just looked at the link and that appears to be exactly what I have been given. Cost £0.00. I just need to repair the mount and then collimate the scope and then I will be good to go. Thinking about it, I will probably just buy a new Tripod (a bit lazy really). Many thanks Graham
  10. Hi All, Thanks for the replies. Been away from astronomy for nearly six months, due to new job. Update on the above issue. Managed to find a good system to allow use of the ZWO. It came with the t-adaptor and I purchased the adaptor for the rear of the 4SE. This is what we then did. Ran the scope via mains power and connected via long USB to Stellarium in my living room. Then used the Rear aperture on the 4SE to mount the ZWO. Then ran this back to the computer using another long USB to the house and redirected the images to the 55inch TV in the room. Thus enabling my housebound wife the ability to control the scope from the living room and view on the big telly. All I had to do then was perform the 3 star alignment outside using the side aperture on the 4SE and finderscope. Then once all done it was all over to "her indoors". This also meant that apart from the first 10 minutes of the set-up. I was able to observe and stay warm as well, Bonus. We also had to use ASICAP, for the video feed. VAA Astronomy on a budget. No long exposures yet. Going to buy a decent EQ mount and ED80 for that. Graham
  11. HI, Had my 4SE for about a year now. took a while to get used to the alignment process, but once done this has provided me with hours of entertainment. You won't pull in as much light as your dob, but you wont be disappointed. Great little grab and go scope. Graham
  12. Hi All, I have just acquired a very old tripod in need of some repairs. I have searched the internet to try to identify the tripod, but to no avail. One of the securing brackets for the spreader is broken. Looking for advice on how best to repair or bu.y the required parts The tripod also came with a EQ mount, which I cannot also identify and a 200mm Reflector Scope (looks just like a Skywatcher 200P). Please take a look at the photos I have attached and if you can help please let me know. Graham
  13. Hi, I have inherited a ZWO ASI 120MC-S and wish to use it with my Nextstar 4SE to take short planatery/moon exposures. However it seems that i need a nose piece of some sort fro it to fit to the rear photo adaptor of the 4SE. As i want to visually acquire the target, before taking the photo. Can anyone please advise on the adaptor i would need to purchase.
  14. Hi All, We are going to be setting up for VAA over the next couple of months. However, as we are at the limited to our backyard due to spouses mobility issues, we have come across a problem. We were going to purchase a HEQ5 Mount, to go with a Startravel 150 OTA and full guidescope system, as well as an atik infinity camera. My idea was to control the mount from the living room, via Stellarium and then push the video feed to a separate computer with a second Monitor. This would enable me to " mess with the feed", but still allow the wife to control the scope. I think this is a decent set up, but at no point in the night or early evening can we actually see or track Polaris. I am aware that we need to accurately Polar align the scope to get good tracking for VAA, but not being able to polar align correctly leaves us with a problem. I was wondering if there is any hardware changes we could make or is there a way of polar aligning without being able to see Polaris. We have only owned Alt/Az mounts before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Newbs2215 This Post was originally posted in the VAA forum, but due to no replies, I though I would copy it to the imaging section.
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