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  1. Finally got the roof redesigned and built, was a good day yesterday ... very wet last night but tarp held up (mostly) I will get some photographs of the roof once the weather gets better!
  2. Step forward ... step backward! I finished the roof over the weekend, then didn't like it . A full 3m x 3m self supporting rolling roof is too heavy and is difficult to manoeuvre smoothly ... so major roof redesign! I didn't want a pagoda support structure as this would mean 2m hangman supports sticking out into the garden. So I have decided to split the roof and have a fixed roof over the warm room side and have a 2m x 3m roof which rolls off toward the field (north) ... no problem with hangmen on this side (I may even put a couple of nooses on it as a feature) I will add some pictures after progress today. It was too dark by the time I finished last night! Luckily I have work tomorrow so I can get a rest
  3. More progress in between jobs this week ... cladding started, roof track and rollers arrived ... big push on the project for the weekend.
  4. Well I will have plenty of time to decide as the pressure treated feather edge board will need a while to completely dry out before it can be primed and painted I like the white edging though.
  5. Been working on some cladding ideas ... is this too LOUD?
  6. The red lights are the Angus TV transmitter about 15 miles away.
  7. More progress this week ... I'm waiting on the roof runners to arrive then I will be able to construct the roof and internal frame. Also deciding on the cladding as it has to look pretty!! If the weather holds for this weekend I'm hoping to get the scope on it to get my PA for the base plate done. West facing side East facing side Internal And ... relax!
  8. Its OK Gina, I fine filed the edges and corners then rubbed down with 1200 grit paper so they are nice and smooth, but I may get the jigsaw out and round them off a wee bit!
  9. Table top mini-gun mounted ... if you are needing any aluminium the Aluminium Warehouse are great!
  10. Good progress this weekend. All the timber frame houses I built as a teenager served me well ... and the building is only 3mm off square! If the weather (and my back) holds I should have it finished in 2 weeks.
  11. Welcome to SGL Bob, the home of the most expensive and fantastic hobby (it is a hobby isn't it?) in the universe.
  12. Thanks Neil, These posts are monsters, they are pressure treated and can sit outside for 50 years with no problems. When it is finished I will be applying wood hardener and filler then sanding to a smooth finish, the hardener will prevent any digging insects. There is very little vibration as being wood there is a certain amount damping built in as it were. And if there is a problem I can always cut it off and bolt a steel tube to the concrete plinth!
  13. If you are prepared to venture out a bit further then the Backwater Reservoir near me is excellent: https://goo.gl/maps/NcpSWTyHjtM2 Plenty of parking and there is pretty much no light pollution in most directions.
  14. Thanks, not too bad for LP either. This is a 15s exposure during bright moonlight at about 12am on Sunday, it never gets dark here at this time of year.
  15. The above post was yesterdays work ... today concrete was poured ... 0.144 cubic meters of it or approx 350kg or 1/3 of a tonne And this is the 360 from the top of the pier ... 360 Panorama Link Click symbol in top right of photo to view panorama Next stage is ordering the wood for the base build
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