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  1. Hi, I am looking at the William Optics ZenithStar 61 or 73 for a decent portable scope for mainly imaging with. I already have the HoTech SCA Field Flattener for my ed80 that is supposed to be suitable for scopes at f5 - f8 and was wondering if I can save myself some money on the wo field flattner. I use Canon 600d for imaging. Any help, thoughts and advise much appreciated
  2. wanted: DS 80ED Pro or similar scope must be willing to post unless in Newcastle Tyne area. I am after a scope to travel with primary usage would be to use Canon DSLR Many thanks Tony
  3. indeed; stunning images, much better than I would have expected at this level of mount. I think for me its definitely worth having a go. I am thinking of using an Orion 50mm mini guide-scope and I am giving serious thought to a Synguider 2.
  4. oh wow! I wasn't expecting to see such good results or as long as an exposure, very encouraging indeed. Polar alignment and balance is something I need to get better at for sure.
  5. Hello good folks of SGL, I was curious to know if anyone who has the Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe with Enhanced Dual-Axis DC Motor Drives fitted have set it up for Guided Astrophotography, and if so what weight have you been able to get away with mounting and how good are the results (resulting photo's would be great to see). The reason I am asking is that like many others that have dipped their eye into astronomy (visual) the EQ5 seems to be a very popular and accessible mount and tripod to get and with good reviews (at least that was the reason for me) and the Enhanced Dual-Axis DC Motor Drives now come with a auto-guiding port and as such could be a possible entry point to guided astrophotography. I am aiming to get a HEQ-5 or an EQ6 Syntrek (not sure which as I will want to travel to dark skys occasionally) when funds allow and is something to aim at for sure but would be very curious to see what others have been able to achieve with this very popular mount. Many thanks and clear skys to all :-)
  6. Perhaps a little late to the discussion but here is my case, I got one of these cases for my SW Explorer 150PDS, also large enough for collimating tools here's the inside after adding supporting foam cut outs. I got both the Case and Foam from flightcasewarehouse.co.ukCase: Road Trunk...andSupporting Foam .....I also got some standard cushion foam for the tools part and lid, cheap from ebay.
  7. Thanks for posting, and great to read such care and consideration has been taken with his estate.
  8. Many Thanks for the hints and better explanation. I do indeed intend on moon and planets to start with and choose the canon 600d for the ability to do videos as well, I am not 100% on what mod is being applied, I bought one that is described as a astro moded from cheapastrophotography. The Zoom eyepiece apparently will mount a slr with the adapter and I intended on using it for the moon and planets initially before moving on to the DSO's. again many thanks for the tips and sage advise, its much appreciated.
  9. Hi Folks I have just started again in the hobby and have bought sw150pds eq5 baader click zoom & barlow hyperion t adapter (to allow connection to t-ring) canon t adapter Here is my first effort holding the iPhone to the eyepiece. I have ordered a 600d moded and have a couple of questions about connections. 1: The 150PDS needs the 50mm extension when using the eyepiece, do I need this in place when connecting the SLR to the Eyepiece? 2: I am slightly worried about the overall weight that will be placed on the focuser and subsequently the OTA, Should I be concerned? I do have plans in the future to buy a Moonlite Cr2 but that is some months away. 3: Am I right in assuming the the connection is as follows. SLR > T-Ring > Eyepiece T-Ring Adapter > Eyepiece > Focus extender? 4: I initially will be Photographing the Moon, and Planets (if alignment allows) before upgrading the mount to the heq5, but my thoughts are baby steps... Is there anything else I need to be aware of with the above set up and any general exposure timing tips for unguided would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Tony
  10. Squirrel-Labs

    Moon Images

    Photographs of the Moon
  11. HI Folks, Fellow northerner here just starting out. here is a light pollution map I am using to try and locate good sites: Light Pollution Map and on the iPhone I use WeatherPro (by meteogroup) the pro version has good satellite maps and some prediction which I have found reasonable, I use this along with the FLO Clear Outside app. together I get reasonable results
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