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  1. Thanks again Louis! I really like your writing style, very informative! I should buy you a beer :D You are right, I should slow down and enjoy my purchases. I actually have had this telescope several years already. My initial enthusiasm for observing faded few years ago because I only had two usable eyepieces, I was missing some necessary accessories and I didn't have money to invest into hobby. Maybe I should have mentioned this in beginning of this thread but my writings were already quite long and I was afraid that nobody would read long texts these days. But because of Covid
  2. Thank you very much for helpful answers! Based on your recommendations I will buy Omegon Redline SW 22 mm and Morpheus eyecup for that. Nagler Nagler T4 22 mm certainly would have been super but if you say Redline is almost as good but costs 1/4 of Nagler it was difficult to justify buying Nagler. High power side is still bit unclear. Now Firstlightoptics seems to have one Pentax xw 5 mm in stock so I was thinking to buy that. Though I have understood that sky needs to be calm (good seeing etc) to able use 240 x power. Couple stupid question but is this also true for very bright objects
  3. There was second hand Explore Scientific 92 12 mm in 'For sale' channel. Seller thought that focuser can easily support 1-2 kg and should not be any problem. Instead telescope balancing might be issue. So I made scientific test and placed 1 kg bottle of milk near the focuser. For me it seemed that there wasn't any balancing problem and brake holds so I dared to buy that. I'm 39 years old. According to Tele Vue's guide (https://televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=54&Tab=_Choose) my eye pupil size would be 6 mm. Does this means that I would see shadow of secondary mirror (or some oth
  4. Thank you very much of your detailed and helpful answers I think I got field stop size now. Field stop size is like diameter of CCD but now we have circle and that 1.414 is actually square root of two. Don's advice about focal lengths and magnifications was very useful, I'm going to follow that. I looked eyepieces you all suggested. For 12 mm Explore scientific 92 seems very tempting but I'm concerned about it's weight. Does anyone know is my telescope able to handle it? If not, I guess APM 12.5 Hifw would be my choice. Don's mentioned 24 mm seems to be tricky. It appears that ther
  5. I have Orion XT10 intelliscope (1200 mm focal length / 254 mm mirror / f 4,72) with two Orion Sirius plossls (10 mm and 25 mm) which came with the telescope and Televue Delos 8 mm eyepieces. I also have Lumicon UCH 1.25" filter but so far haven't found any use for it. Besides these eyepiece I only have tried Baader Aspheric but I was really surpised about it's poor image quality (astigmatism) specially considered it's price. So for my first eyepiece I wanted more quality and bought Delos. I'm wearing glasses so I would need long eye relief eyepieces. My 10 mm plossls is useless for me. I'm pra
  6. Ok. Thanks for clarification. Nikon sounds bit challenging eyepiece but I bet views are rewarding.
  7. Thanks for your response. I ordered 8mm Delos. It helped the decision that there is bit discount on Deloses in http://okularum.eu. bomberbaz, good to know that eye relief in Nagler 26mm and Nikon 17hw is enough. I would have assumed 16mm eye relief is bit tight with spectacles. Not that I could afford for Nikon but I could looking for second hand Nagler.
  8. Thanks Axunator for pointing out okularum tip/link! I also ordered Delos 8mm. My first eyepiece besides two plossls which came with the telescope. Michael, you didn't like Morpheus after all? Is there big difference between Delos and Morpheus?
  9. Four months and still undecided :S Many of you who have posted in this thread seem to have 8mm and 12mm rather than 10mm eyepieces for 10 inch dob. Would 8 and 12mm be better "base line" than 10mm and 14mm? If using 1,4x factor rule and one would have 12mm eyepiece he would get 6,1mm - 8,6mm - 12mm - 16,8mm and 23,5mm focal lengths eyepieces. Now if I add 17mm eyepiece and 2 x tele-extender I would get 6mm - 8,5mm - 12mm and 17mm. Then some 24-31mm. Sounds like a plan? Let's say if I had 92 degree apparent field of view with new Explore Scientific 12mm ocular and barlowed to 6
  10. Thanks everyone from answers. Seems quite hard to decide which focal lengths would be best. There is lot of good focal lengths between 8-17mm but I think I settle on 10mm and 14mm. I also emailed to Firstlightoptics and Steve suggested these FL. I would get with 2 x focal extender: 14mm / 7mm = 85x, 170x. (2,96 exit pupil with 14mm) 10mm / 5mm = 120x / 240x. (2,11 exit pupil with 10mm) Those new Baader Morpheus EPs looks promising. Still probably would be wise to wait John review and decide after that which 14mm I´ll buy. I have read that 14mm Pentax xw would have some field curvature. How bad
  11. Sounds like all are nice eyepieces. Do you mean that Delos isn't parfocal with Pentax xw but 17T4 is (at least somewhat) parfocal with Pentax? Would that Pentax xw 10mm be good choice for first eyepiece? And how about if I order two? Is 10mm and 17mm better pair than 10mm and 14mm (along with somewhat usable 25mm plossl)? I could also buy 2 x focal extender and also get 5mm and 7mm or 5mm and 8,5mm. You are probably right that Dioptrix would be better than glasses but I'm practically blind without glasses and need them while reading star charts etc. Though it would be nice to try it with Exp
  12. I have had Orion XT10 intelliscope (1200mm focal length / 254mm mirror / f 4,72) over a year now with two Orion Sirius plossls eyepieces (10mm and 25mm) which came with the telescope and now would be time to upgrade new eyepieces. 10mm plossl is useless for me as I need to wear eyeglasses due to astigmatism. So I badly need new eyepiece in higher magnification area. 25mm is somewhat usable, I cannot see entire field stop, if it is right term, unless I push eye and glasses onto eyepiece which means glasses might get bit dirty. Manufacturer list on their website that 25mm eyepiece have 16,9mm ey
  13. Looks promising. Can't wait to see John's review.
  14. Does others have similar experience or is this individual case? Is this anything to do with ES Europe has nice discount for it? Price start to be tempting and I have considered to buy it. At least CN link that Ruud posted author reviewed ES 68 similar or even better than Panoptic.
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