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  1. Still looking, did purchase a celestron astromaster kit from this site. Should keep me going until i decide. Found this https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4001337671438.html Svbony171 for £45 (£2 discount new customer) 20-40 day delivery hurts though. I like the look of the bst and the celestron. They all have different range options though. Was thinking 8-24 was better as they are slightly more £
  2. Is this the £180 one? My budget is 50 to 60 unfortunately
  3. Cant decide sorry. Terrible at decisions. Could responders say if they were sent one of these telescopes... Which -eyepiece or barlow Which version of above Would you get a filter Cost Would help me a lot, thank you Edit: new areas of interest are confusing. Need someone to decide for me lol
  4. I think the fitting is 1.25 inch as its the heritage forgot to mention this. Thats a lot of choices. Barlows increase magnification but dont You loose some detail? Feel like barlow is better with a filter. Saw some barlows with 2 3 and 5x. Is celestron moon filter worth it?
  5. Gt my telescope based on recommendations here years ago. Its getting dusty though. Really just want to see as many planets in solar system as possible please. I read plenty but its too much to remember sorry. Struggled just looking at the moon Most things said barlows are a stepping stone. Can someone point out an eye piece on first light optics or something similar in UK please. Its for me and my 6 year old space obsessed son. Also a polarising filter if there worth it. Is a collimater cap as easy as a laser? I wont get round to making one so ill buy. Last step would
  6. Nice breakdown. I guess I assumed on a better model the eyepiece would naturally be alot better. The window you speak about or often lack there of can be frustrating. Ty
  7. Any sales on for this anywhere? Not sure who's reputable with best price delivered could someone help please? Edit: or something similar on here.
  8. So stay with heritage 130p but look at sourcing a shroud or wrap to go around the flexi tube?
  9. Is this better than the explorer 130? When ever I look at the heritage, the explorer also pops up. Will be primarily for looking in our solar system but would be nice to see some spiral galaxies or nebulae on occasion. https://www.jessops.com/p/skywatcher/explorer-130-eq2-telescope-89841?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpp6W19ux2QIVDl4ZCh3fzgqsEAQYAiABEgItpfD_BwE Edit: In the end my son asked for a few large presents that year so we had to compromise on the scope unfortunately
  10. Looking at getting another telescope for daughter. Does this advice still hold or has the market moved on and something newer and better is available for a similar price point?
  11. Are these books relatively cheap and child friendly (lots of pics not words)
  12. Mats looks a little earth like actually
  13. I'll have to wait and see how the 29th goes we have arranged to meet some ppl for a stargazing night. It's difficult decision as I'm trying to understand how much difference the 2 have. but im sure the skywatcher 100p comes with a X2 barlow which doubles viewing power?
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