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  1. Greg-- Nice captures. Since Paul has been awol lately, you my want to post on the SX mailing list where Terry and others can help troubleshoot.
  2. Heya Paul. I suspect SLL v3.4 is coming soon. I am following your bitbucket dev site closely so suspect what may be in store, but can you give us a preview of what we can look forward to in the next release?
  3. After getting a thread of mine on the other site banned, I used the excellent example of SGL and this forum on how I hoped they would handle this not 100% 'astrophotography' / not 100% 'oberserving'. I knew folks had to blaze that trail, and very pleased to get some of the history on how we got to where we are. Thank you Paul! Thank you SGL for having an open mind!
  4. Awesome history lesson! SGL has been on the cutting edge as far as forums go for us VA/EAA enthusiasts! Grats for 1k!
  5. Thank you Paul! Your tireless efforts with SLL are very much appreciated. I finally have some clear night skies forecast starting mid-week and looking for to new captures!
  6. Thanks Paul. Your bitbucket is awesome. I just d/l the latest test version and looking forward to testing, v3.3 and beyond!
  7. I tested the latest TEST-BUILD-170102 last night and the issues with Windows OS and 1s and less exposures look to be resolved. I was able to run 1ms exposures for over an hour with no issue.
  8. Thanks for the comments! Martin, it was indeed extremely low. By the time I finished this set and decided to try to reposition for more of the tail and/or mono captures then it was too low. It looks like it my be even better positioned in the morning later in January.
  9. Very happy to get a shot of comet 45P/Honda-Markos-Pajdusakova this evening. This is a multi-spectrum capture with SLL, MN190 f/5.3, SX-825 and RGB filters. 6x30s each RGB, sum stacked with linear and non-linear integrations and re-sized. Too bad I didn't position this a bit better to get more of the tail! Arcsinh integration: x^0.25 integration: Linear:
  10. I have found the new FWHM setting to working great. Handles keeping wind gusts, poor tracking, etc out of the stacking without me having to keep and eagle eye on the monitor. Now if Paul could add a setting to exclude exposures with a satellite/plane streaks! The down side of not having to keep a close watch on every single exposure is I have miss these now and have to start the stack over,
  11. Hi Paul. That image is without any filters. So far I've not made much use of the 'save stacked fits', but am definitely planning on doing some experimentation. Hi Roel. i originally also liked the first one best, then noticed how well PixInsight handled the over-exposed areas at the bottom of the image with just the 'auto-stretch'. Very much looking forward to Paul's various new features!
  12. Starlight Live is so awesome. You can grab nice images with little to no experience, and use the built in tools to take your captures to the nest levels. We have a saying here is the Southern US, "the best thing since sliced bread" Aka Starlight Live
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