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  1. Yeah I use a DSLR so that's fine. What can I expect in terms of exposure times and image detail? I can get up to 1 min exposure at the moment since I don't have a wedge.
  2. Ok this might be a stupid question but I own the Nexstar Evo 9.25' and as much as I love the scope I'm getting more ambitious with my astrophotography. My big problem is my FOV. Even with a focal reducer it's a struggle to fit the larger targets into the shot. My question is whether I could get a smaller OTA without needing a different mount. Would I be limited to SCTs or would I be able to get a refractor on there? Thanks
  3. I would be happy with that. It just gets confusing when people talk about long exposure. To me anything over 60 seconds is a long exposure. 30 seconds would be more than enough because I'm sure I can get good results via stacking. Will see!
  4. Thanks for the replies. This isn't my first scope, my main scope is the Nexstar Evo 9.25' with a wedge. Really I got the 130SLT is because I'm heading to Canada for two months where the skies are darker and I've always wanted a reflector. I use the Canon 60Da DSLR for my imaging. I have to use a Barlow because I won't be able to reach focus with my DSLR. I've done plenty of deep sky imaging I'm literally just hoping someone has tried using this scope for deep sky imaging. It's not the only reason I bought the scope, it will be mainly used for visual anyway.
  5. I know it's not an ideal scope for astrophotography and I'm not expecting anything special since I know about EQ mounts etc. If it could get up to 30 second exposures I'd be happy.
  6. My Nexstar Evolution handset just decided to give me this message 'boot loader serial invalid pkg 0080'. I assume there's a way to fix it. I got no wires or connections when the scope came so I have no idea how to hook it up to my laptop or which connection to buy.
  7. Yeah I've been told balancing the weight could be an issue. Like I say it seems like a really good scope so as long as it's possible to do some imaging (even short exposures) then I'm happy!
  8. I really want this scope but I wondering if I'd be able to attach my Canon 60Da to it to do some imaging? That's not going to be the prime use for it I just want to know if it's capable of imaging that's all. (This isn't my first scope, I own an STC but it's too big to travel with) Thanks
  9. I'm spending the summer in Canada so I'm looking to buy a scope while I'm there (Instead of shipping my Evo 9.25'). I'm literally looking for a reasonably priced scope motorized scope that is also capable of taking the weight of my DSLR since I do a lot of astroimaging. I've been looking at some of the Skywatcher Reflectors and a couple of Celestron's reflectors but I'm not sure what to buy. What would you recommend? I'll be shipping it back to the UK as well when I return.
  10. Thanks for the help, I've impressed myself with how good the results are!
  11. Just need your help setting the wavelets etc to get the best possible image out of this stacked moon picture!
  12. Ha! I already read through it so you know it's on Google! really helpful thanks!
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