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    60s 70s pop music,playing the guitar, cars , air rifle shooting and my 12 inch skywatcher dobsonian.
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  1. Cheers for the reply, yep the Optic Star scopes are great quality and value for money. Bet you get some great dark sky in Derbyshire. I spent a lot of time up there in Calver .
  2. Looking forward to taking my 127 mill refractor and home made Baader solar filter set up, out to catch the Mercury solar transit,, hopefully under clear skies. The little Orion 50mill solar filter for the front of the finder scope has proven really effective when locating the sun.
  3. Pic of my 127 refractor with home made Baader dollar filter to view sin spots.
  4. Wow ,, great photos, they remind me of the times in the mid 1980s that I used my 35 mill slr camera to take time exposure night-time,star trail shots. Looking at your pics makes me wasn't to dig out my old cameras. 35 mill film can still be bought and developed at Speilmans.
  5. Went out last night with my Jenoptem10x 50 binocs and lay on the sun lounger hoping to see some activity. The only activity I saw was the cloud rolling past Vega . I think I did managed to see Epsilom Lyare , though not in it's double double form. Will go out again tonight, but will be better wrapped up. Gets a bit chilly after 11 pm.
  6. I have owned a explore scientific 6 inch achromat in the past . I was not impressed with it. The duel speed focusser was a real disappointment , it seemed more like a gimmick to be honest. I have had more precise focussing with the standard rack and pinion focusser on my Optic Star Achromat. I am now seriously considering their 6 inch quad refrac, especially as I think that the T mount will handle this tube no problem. Problem is though the wife,,,,,.
  7. Hi Dave, I have a Optic Star 127 mill Refrac mounted on a skytee mount as I am mostly a visual observer. I can say that I have very much enjoyed using this scope and have not regretted buying it. This is the same scope as all the outher branded achromat 127mill refractors , comming from the same factory in China, but costing much less due to OpticStar's own branding. I would agree with some outher comments on this topic that the extra inch aperature is helpfull over the Tal. I have recently made a Baader solar filter for the scope ( see pic) . Cheers Mark.
  8. Having bought a optic star 127 mill F9.5 refractor and being very pleased with its quality build and performance , iam now fully intending to buy the 6 inch quad for deep space work. Will be mounted on my skytee2 mount.
  9. I have had the refractor out since 4pm and the finderscope aligned,ready for tonight's show, thank god that the sky is clear and it's warm enough to observe in shorts and tee shirt. Am really looking forward to observing Venus and jupiter tonight , along with hoping to split the double double In the Summer Triangle. Clear sky, warm night and exciting things to observe,,,,,.Great
  10. Hi seachelle, yes I would agree with ronin above , I have a few Vixen NPL eyepieces they are very good quality for the price, although we are all aware that the price of astro stuff all mounts up. Just take it slowly. Upgrading your standard stock eyepieces that came with your scope ,with ones that give better contrast and a wider field of view,should be a first priority. Just for example ,say a wide field 30 or28 mill for starclusters, Pleiadies etc, medium 20 or 15 mill bring things a bit closer and then 10 mill and below for high power work, to help get the detail in Jupiters cloud bands( if the atmospheric seeing conditions allow). Various colour filters can also help to bring out a bit of detail when attached to the eyepice. But really,just enjoy what you have at presant , much better than what Galilleo started out with. I too am looking forward to looking at Venus and Jupiter tonight,if the pesky clouds don't get in the way,,,,,arrrgh.
  11. Hi seachelle,from cloudy Liverpool. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge.Don't let the curse of cloudy nights ( so astronomers say) put you off seeking to observe the celestial wonders of the night sky. Interesting what you said about aligning up your finderscope with your telescope. It is it is very important in locating objects that you want to see at the eyepiece. Use a low power wide field one first, 20 mill (wide field of view)you can switch to a higher power,10 mill( gives you a narrower field of view)Have you learned how to work out the magnification each eyepiece gives you with your scope yet? If not this can be done by dividing the focal length (the length of your telescope tube)with the eypiece used , E,g FL800~20 =40 Also try swapping your finderscope for a optical one with cross hairs in the reticule, a 6 x 30 would suit your scope fine and may make it much more easy for you to use and centre on objects. Easy to aligne on a distant daytime object e.g telephone pylon , etc. Sorry if this seemes a bit like a lecture, but some of these points really helped me. Cheers,,,,,.Mark P.s not relevant,but I noticed that you share the same birthdate with my wife. Clear sky's Mark.
  12. I have been very happy so far , with my skywatcher12 inch flex tube dob, it has given me some wonderfull low power,wide angle views of the half moon,when combined with my Explore scientific 24 mill eyepiece-f1500<24=62.5 mag .I can hardly wait to utilise it on my first winter objects like the Orion Nebula and Pleiedies star cluster.
  13. I had a look at these Bresser 8x60s today at a Lidle store near me. They seemed lightweight for their size and the clarity looking through them,inside the supermarket,seemed very good with crisp clear focus and image. The individual eye adjustment did seem very sensitive however and needed more time to accurately focus. At £26.95 I was impressed , they did seem to preform like real , quality binoculars and not the usual cheap rubbish. I am seriously thinking of buying a pair ( if there are any left) before the weekend.
  14. Hi Dan ,great galaxy pic. I too really started to get more interested in astronomy since getting married and moving into a house with a garden. I am a visual observer , having a skytee alt az mount , but have managed to take a great pic of the moon through my phone cam at the eyepiece, through my 12 inch Dob. Here's a pic of my 127 refrac , with home made Baader solar filter. Cheers and welcome from just down the road in Liverpool.
  15. Hi it's a skytee 2 mount . Really good solid mount that takes the weight of big scope's very well.
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