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  1. It's just an old cannon 40d, stock no modification atall... Great lens for astrophotography, look forward to your results,
  2. My first go at imaging m45 shot using a vintage super takumar 135, f3.5 iso640 best 80%of 35 120second subs. The camera was mounted on a star adventurer and polar alignment was rough
  3. Sorry... Your right, I always start my imaging planning by looking at what others have achieved and their settings, so I feel it is helpful to include settings in the post. as this was a simple test of mounts capabilities and turned into an impromptu imaging session, I wasn't expecting great results so didn't pay as much attention to settings as I would have but if I remember correctly it was f3.5 2minute 400iso x16
  4. I have photoshop cs6 and am wondering if there's a process similar to the scnr that wimvb run
  5. Thank you soo much for the comments, means a lot due to me learning the craft (astrophotography) from this forum, it's amazing to be able to give back something
  6. Wow thanks for that guys, I don't have pixinsight but seeing the results of your edits, I may have to have a play with a trial licence
  7. Haven't been imaging for a long while, but recently tried to re kindle the love by buying a star adventurer. Last night I set out to just test the ability of the mount so stuck the 135mm on my 40d and took test exposures (no intention of imaging atall, just wanted to see what it could do) To my amazement I was getting 150 second exposures unguided @ 135mm so ran with it and got this...(I know it's far from perfect but I am pleased with the capabilities of star adventurer)
  8. I believe (and hope) there's going to be a massive drive by sensor manufacturers to advance sensitivity (iso or gain). Take the A7S (haven't had the pleasure of using one YET!!
  9. Here in north east Essex it has cleared (I use the term loosely) whilst setting up the dslr on eq mount I saw a meteor go from approx NE>E below Cygnus, the meteor was bright and left a "smoke" trail visable for a few seconds. Fingers crossed for the imaging run
  10. Same here in Essex, iv had wall to wall clear nights all weekend but now nothing but cloud predicted... Fingers crossed someone at met office got it majorly wrong
  11. Yes sorry reading my description it is very vague.. North to south is how I described the direction (more helpful then saying left to right lol). Looking at a star chart of the area and the bearings you gave, I'm convinced were on about the same thing... Was it just my lack of meteor observation or was this a big one?
  12. So tonight I am going to try capture deneb area with my 55mm lens on a dslr. Whilst setting up I noticed a very bright iss pass so stopped to observe it and as it was crossing Cygnus I noticed a very bright (easily brighter then iss) I want to say fireball, it actually looked like the haduken from the old game street fighter. It moved from north to south in (roughly) the Pegasus area (just out of frame
  13. +1 for the Cygnus region. Tried to image it wide field (dslr+55mm lens) a few times but all the stars just overpower the image
  14. Nice report... Im in Clacton and the forecast for tonight seems to be more of the same, if not better.
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