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  1. I'm pretty sure that they only fit the RDF only.
  2. If you know someone with a 3d printer, this works great. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:241592 I've made an few of them for others. It works a charm.
  3. I agree. It's a great mount as long as you don't over extend it to much.
  4. I found that there are 2 screws that hold the wedge to the mounting plate that can come a bit lose. When I tightened them up everything seems fairly stable.
  5. Max load on the Neewer tripod is 33 lbs or 15kg.
  6. That is pretty much exactly what I have. Just a bit older version of the SA. Works a charm. The Neewer tripod works very well for me.
  7. Or something like this if you want GoTo. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-az-gti-wifi-alt-az-mount-tripod.html
  8. I have both and find BYEOS is more useful for me (and it's Canadian) . As stated APT does DSLR and dedicated astro camera. Both are reasonably priced.
  9. I managed a quick test on M45 with the SA and a Stellarvue 60. A total of 23 min at iso 200. Needs a bit more practice on PA and the focus is a bit off higher iso and so on, but all in all I think I'll be happy with this travel setup.
  10. Here are a few. Lots more on youtube. Just search for star adventurer
  11. I wonder if there is a USB powered red LED light. That might do the trick. I'll have to check into it.
  12. Yup. that's what I figured. I guess it'll be just batteries for me, not about to take my PowerTank as checked luggage I'll keep searching for a nice small solution and post it if I find one.
  13. I've been having a problem with using a cell phone powerpack with my Star Adventurer. I've tried 3 different ones with no real success. The capcity of the packs are 6000, 12000 and 26800 mAH so there is lots of power. I can connect them to the S.A. and they power it but after a short time they stop powering it. If I connect a wireless cell phone charger to the pack to draw a bit of power then it powers the S.A. just fine. Any suggestions as to what sort of small low power USB device I can connect to the powerpack to keep the S.A. powered? Or something else to use instead of a powerpack? Thanks
  14. So, the belt is 2.5mm tooth pitch, 177.5mm length. What width did you order?
  15. First off, will the mount you have be sufficient for the camera and the OTA. Normal rule of thumb is the camera and OTA should be at 50% of the capacity of the mount. Secondly, give it a whirl and see what happens. To control the Nikon you can try Backyard Nikon. Third, once bitten by the AP bug, prepare to have and empty wallet, a lot of frustration and tons of fun and learning.
  16. kendg


    Very nice set of images. Thanks for posting them.
  17. kendg

    My First Ever Attempt

    Very passable image indeed. Keep up the good work.
  18. Thanks for the info on this focuser. I've been thinking about upgrading and now I think I'll go for it.
  19. Actually, since I found the PA option in the alignment menu (AX EQ6) I almost forgot I have a polar scope. I assume that the option exists on the EQ6 too.
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