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  1. I use Stellarium (free planetary software) to find the closest star to it. I then use this star with my GoTo on my telescope. If you don't have GoTo or are using binoculars (I can JUST see it as a green smudge in 10x50's) it will still get you pretty close.
  2. Great image! Liking the dust lanes aswell :-)
  3. Also from the same night, my first attempt at the Triangulum Galaxy. Will be trying this one through the telescope next :-) (This was at 300mm) http://www.astrobin.com/235776/ @ calli, I only knew it was a meteor as I saw it, but didn't think I had caught it in the frame. If I hadn't seen it then I wouldn't have known if it was a meteor or an iridium satellite.
  4. After seeing it would be the first clear night in a while (and for a while!) in the UK, I decided to just go out and grab some data. Was very surprised when they came out like this :-) Really enjoying my new 60D and Photoshop CC 2015 as they really do help; especially with the hundreds of tutorials online teaching you! Thanks you to all who help with videos. Orion. My next mission is to add more data (shorter exposure) to show the core and it's stars better. Comet Catalina and a meteor (still have to process Comet Catalina data yet :-) ) but I can now say I have captured a meteor :-) My newest try at Andromeda with the 60D and Photoshop CC 2015. Very pleased with the new result.
  5. Very nice image and a great start. It's an amazing feeling when you realise you have something in a picture that is 2.5 million light years away.
  6. Thanks Steve, I am finding out that one of the biggest tricks now I have converted to the 'Darkside' is the post processing! I have only just got Photoshop CC (2 days ago) and have been using Elements for only a few months so am still getting to grips with curves and haven't long figured out star masks; and there was me thinking all I needed to do was take a picture LOL. At the moment my head is a mess with idea's from all the tutorials, but just need to get them organised. At the moment no 2 images are the same, but I am sure with practice I will get there ;-) I always shoot in raw (CR2), save the stack as .tif then edit and save as .png for upload.
  7. An updated image. 40 light frames @ 30s 290mm 20 darkframes 10 bias iso1600 @ f6.3 edited in Photoshop.
  8. My first image of Andromeda was the tiniest little smudge and no where near as good as yours, but the excitement that I got knowing I had got Andromeda in an image was the best! Keep up the good work, and hopefully we will have some clear nights soon!
  9. New Years Eve was spent with the family and since the skies were clear I decided to set the scope and camera up and pointed it towards Orion. Managed to get 40 light frames of Orion @ 290mm. Below is a single frame of 30 seconds. I have put the single frame up because the stacked images do not show any colour and I am still to figure out Photoshop and how to bring the colour etc out to make the image look better. Still very happy with my single image Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
  10. Great images! Makes me want to get out more!
  11. Keep trying StuartJPP, you get it in the end My 30sec lights were done just as the moon was going down in the West and as laudropb said "It was worth the wait and effort!" @funkysandman, no I didn't use any flats. I only use light, dark and bias. The flats seem to be a lot of hassle for me at my level.
  12. Thank you michael and hadyn42, I wish you luck! As you know the weather hasn't been so nice and it was a lucky catch with everything going in my favour. Merry Christmas and A Clear New Year!
  13. Today I am a very happy man After a frustrating night a few days ago in which nothing worked for me to get a picture of Catalina, even to the point that when my telescope eventually aligned successfully after 5 attempts the clouds rolled in and when they cleared the telescope had lost alignment! I later figured out it was a short in the power cable! After fixing it I tried again at 0400hrs this morning. After a successful alignment I used the nearest NGC galaxy to get in the area and found Catalina. A test image of 30 secs showed Catalina directly in the centre of the view. I was that excited I didn't try any focus adjustments....wish I had, but still very happy with my image. Canon 60D @ 300mm piggy backed on the back of the 6SE (49 x 30sec light, 20 x 40sec light, 31 x dark frames and 20 x bias @ f6.3 iso 1600. Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and edited in Photoshop Elements) I am still learning and have only just found out you can stack on the comet in DSS which will be my next mission.
  14. Beautiful image and loving those tails! Have been trying to get Catalina myself, but as Davey-T said, weather is not good in the UK at the moment!
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