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    The Moon

  2. Hey Waz, I'm not far from Waterloo... x
  3. Thanks!! I hope it's a good start to astrophotography and not a random fluke lol, we shall see x
  4. I just wanted to say hi from a newbie in London looking to meet awesome people, help further my skills in Astrophotography and knowledge of the night sky. So... Hello Below is my first ever attempt at taking a photograph of the Moon (except for when I was a kid with my little 35m lol). I took the photo by holding my Nikon 1 up to the eye piece of a telescope (the only info I have on the telescope is that it was a Meade, yes extremely amateur but I was only giving it a try). It's a few years old but after a chance meeting with fellow member, my desire to take photos of the sky has rekindled... I intend on starting to take photographs of the Moon and sky again. I will be using a Canon EOS 100D with a 55-250mm telescopic lens. Living in London I'm not entirely sure what I'll be able to capture but I'll let you know!!! If you're a Londoner I would love to know where you go about in the city for some clear sky and if anyone has any other tips about the kit I'll be using that would be really cool. Have a great day all x
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