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  1. Thanks for your advice everyone, I'll be sticking with the Dob for the time being. hopefully I'll get the Skyliner 200p OTA mounted on an EQ mount for AP at some point Greatly appreciate all your help
  2. Hi SGL, Looking for a bit of collective wisdom; I'm thinking about getting a scope mainly for planetary and lunar observing, possibly with some DSO hunting thrown in. I've read lots and lots (and lots) of threads suggesting a Skyliner 200p Dob or similar would be good, aperture rules and they're dead easy to use... however I've also read several suggestions that a decent Frac (I'm not looking to spend ££££'s here) punches through poor seeing better than a Dob and offers nicer views generally. Something like an EvoStar 90 or 102 on an eq3-2? So as you can see, I'm a bit lost! Basically I'm after a good all rounder with particular attention on planetary and lunar. Any advise welcome Thanks in advance James
  3. Thanks Brant, definitely some food for thought. On balance, would a Skyliner 200p Dob with a later upgrade to an EQ5 mount be best, just go straight in with a Skywatcher 200p on an EQ5?
  4. Hi SGL I'm looking for some advise or suggestions as to whether a Skyliner 200p Dob OTA on an EQ5 mount would be any good for some imaging. I'm undecided, should I get the rings,dovetail and mount and stick a 200p tube on, or would I be better off buying another reflector already on an EQ mount? Thanks as always James
  5. Can't wait for it to arrive, just need some clear skies now eh? Cheers pal, best place to be!
  6. Apparently Rosetta has had to move to a higher orbit around 67p as material is ejected... Philae might have moved again as the comet heats up? Such a wonderful little probe and a truly amazing mission. Can't help but feel attached to it really, it's done so well!
  7. I'm ordering a 200p Dob this weekend mate, hope to get out next week if these clouds shift
  8. Hi Est About 2 minutes from Alsager! I've heard heading into the peak dist. is worth a trip, will definetly give Longnor a go though
  9. Hi SGL I'm based South Cheshire not a million miles away from Stoke and The Peaks Has anyone got any recommendations on good dark sky areas around here? Thanks in advance James
  10. Hi Richard Welcome to the lounge; I can speak from first hand experience, everyone here is more than helpful and I've got loads of great advise Clear skies James
  11. Thanks everyone, I'll be placing an order with FLO for a Skyliner 200p this week! After reading loads of suggestions and reviews I'm confident the 200p will be able to keep me happy with DSO and planetary viewing... I've drawn up a list of objective targets and I'm eager to get started. Luckily my area doesn't suffer with too much LP and I'm no more than 20 minutes from a good dark sky area. I'll let you know how it goes! I'll probably end up asking for some pointers on eye pieces/filters when the time comes; thanks for everyone's help so far Cheers James
  12. Very useful guides, collimating sounded pretty daunting but the guide made it nice and simple!
  13. +1 for Stellarium, SkyView is also pretty good
  14. Thanks everyone for your suggestions... I've researched collimating using a Cheshire and I'm far less scared now! Great user guide available from Celestron. I've now narrowed my choice down to either the Skyliner 200p or a Skywatcher Explorer 150p with the eq3 mount and GOTO motor.... Works out as being about 200 quid more than the Skyliner dob... Basically I want something I can use and enjoy for a long time but I'm not sure which scope would be a better investment. Has anyone got any suggestions as to which I go for? I'd like to place an order either way at some point this weekend! Thanks again
  15. Thanks everyone I've read some super reviews of the Skyliner 200p as a first scope, can anyone qualify this?
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