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  1. Hi cgarry,

    I came across this thread on PIPP and Magic Lantern raw files. Particulary the red cast issue:


    Have you had any progress on this issue. The histogram equalisation works, but results in the frames having different colours from each other, and when stacked and sharpened can cause some anomlies in the final image. The Raw capability of DSLRS with ML is really impressive, and it would be great if PIPP can handle it smoothly. Btw, the DNGs that are generated from the .raw files open up fine in Photoshop (no redish cast), so it must be the wawy PIPP (dccraw?) debayers them. Any help would be apperciated. Thanks!

  2. Haha, yup! I just rigged a slow motion control lever for the RA (formerly az). Will share once I improve it a bit. Should make planetary imaging with the dob a lot less of a pain........now to motorize it hmmmm....
  3. nice, gotta love those reflector shots
  4. I actually like the look of the 1st one, looks more natural. Though I agree, there is some more detail in the 2nd one, but looks less natural to me. Both are fantastic shots though, great work!
  5. Hello Allan! welcome to SGL.
  6. Lots of valuable information here guys! and a tad bit of interesting off-topic discussion Thanks everyone!
  7. Dude_with_the tube, sounds like I am going to have to join cloudynights as well. Alan, "Are TeleVue Plossl's not really plossl eyepieces then?" is this your subtle way of hinting at TeleVue's optical superiority? charic, thanks for your detailed opinion. I am leaning towards getting an 8mm bst, and the 6mm WO (though the WO is a lot more expensive than the bst! is it worth it?)
  8. Charic, which do you prefer using in your dob, the 8mm bst or the 6mm WO? (for an average run of the mill seeing day)
  9. The regular Meade 5000 plossls seem hard to find new. Are they cheaper than the HD?
  10. Thanks for sharing your opinion John! Looking forward to more views from others.
  11. Ok guys, I have taken all your advice into consideration, and did some shopping around. I have come to the conclusion that at least for me in Canada, and for the price range I am looking at, the used market is not worth it. So, here is what I have narrowed it down to, all new eyepieces. Please tell me we what you would buy (feel free to be strongly opinionated). Prices before shipping and taxes are given in US dollars: 1. Starguider BST Dual ED 8mm or 5mm ($65) 2. Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm or 5mm ($69) 3. Meade Series 5000 HD-60 9mm or 4.5mm ($79) 4. Baader Classic Orthoscopic 10mm or 6mm ($87) The Meade series if bought in a set comes out to $67 a piece, which is always an option as well, and puts it in the same price range as the BST and celestron. I have included the the Baader ortho in there because apparently good quality orthos offer the best contrast for big planets like Jupiter, albeit with little eyerelief. Scope is a SW 200P F/6 Dobsonian. This will mostly be used for Jupiter, Saturn, and the occasional Mars. Please give me your final thoughts based on the above four options. Thank you for all your help and guidance!
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