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  1. Yes, I have read the Celestron info but had not seen the Cloudy Nights thread, which looks to be very helpful as well. The scope is still not working. I am only certain at this point that the issue is not with my 12V power supply. Guess I'll now begin working my way through the other possible causes.
  2. I have just encountered an error message which says "NO RESPONSE 16" when I power up my 130slt. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  3. I am looking for recommendation for a cellphone adapter for a Celestron 130slt. Thanks.
  4. Well. the new 9mm has arrived and works like a champ. Confirms for me that the 9mm sent to me with the telescope was a dud. I will be relaying that to the nice folks at Celestron.
  5. Just started experimenting with photography using a Canon SLR with my Celesteon 130 NXT. The videos I have watched so far online show the camera body (with adaptors) attached to a Barlow lens attached to the telescope. Took some decent pictures of the moon using this setup. My question is . . . how do you go to additional levels of magnification?
  6. Ordered a new 9mm X-Cel today - my 25mm is also an X-Cel. It's backordered so not sure when it will arrive, but I'll let you guys know what the outcome is once it gets here.
  7. That is correct - I cannot attain focus on the moon with the 9mm. Knowing now (per you comment) that I should easily be able to), it leads me even more to believe that the issue is with the lens itself.
  8. Is there any chance that the 9mm lens is the problem? Are bad lenses common?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. It is a GOTO scope and I am putting the object dead center im the 25mm eyepiece before changing to the 9mm (30 seconds or less to complete each step). I am also going from "25mm" to "25 mm with 2x Barlow" to "9mm". I do not have a 12.5 mm but purchasing one sounds like a good idea so the steps are smaller. The scope is tracking so I don't think that is the issue. I am typically using the Solar System Alignment to look at the planets, but I wonder if using SkyAlign or Two Star Alignment would be more accurate for using the 9mm.
  10. I have recently purchased a Celestron NXT130 and have the following questions regarding planet viewing. I have obseved the moon, Jupiter and Saturn using the 25mm lens ( with and without the Barlow) with good results. However, when I switch from the 25mm to the 9mm lens (with or without the Barlow), I either can no longer see the planet (Jupiter and Saturn) or cannot properly focus (moon). I can understand that the moon may be too close for the 9mm to be effective, but I am a bit stumped about the other planets. Looking for advice.
  11. I was able to center in the eyepiece tonight as you described. The fact that the slewing rate had slowed down to a crawl, and also the fact that the the scope does not make any sound at all at this speed, made me think that the directional buttons were not operating. Would have been nice if the instruction manual that came with the telescope had mentioned this! Thanks again for the assistance.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I'll try again tonight and let you know if I am successful.
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