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  1. What is the lowest temperature you would recommend using an orion atlas mount? Supposed to be a high of 9, low of negative 5f here in Cincinnati sunday ( blood moon eclipse) I am afraid of the grease freezing. Not worth damaging the mount.
  2. It will fit in both in imaging mode according to a fov calculator, but not movie. Guess I may just have to image. Any recomendations on exposure length, iso speed? Thanks.
  3. I have a 750 by 150 f5? Newt, but I dont think I was able to get it in the FOV. It will fit as far as imaging, but I want to use video and record some of it. I dont think it fit in movie mode even at 1080, I may be wrong, but this scope is badly out of collimation, and I cant find my laser! The other two are an RC at f/9 and 1200mm? And a mak cas at 150 by 1800mm f/12.
  4. With the lunar eclipse coming, I would like to get an idea of what type of lens I would need. I have six inch scopes, but even without EP's it doesnt fit the whole disk in the FOV. Just want to go bear camera mounted on my atlas mount. I have a Canon T3i, Thanks.
  5. Anyone ever used Highpoint scientific? Opinions? Getting ready to buy a new scope and they have it in stock Orion and opt do not. Thanks!
  6. I have a 3x explore scientific barlow and an asi224mc. Havent had alot of time out with the asi.
  7. I have a 3x explore scientific barlow and an asi224mc. Havent had alot of time out with the asi.
  8. Ive been looking at the mak or sct due to collimation issues after transport to the asteonomy club, as its supposed to hold it better. I have also been imaging with a dslr since about 2011 using registax deep sky stacker photoshop etc. and things arent quite as sharp as I would like. I think it has to do with the weight hanging off of the focuser as far as I know the DSLR is for deep sky in the ASI is for planetary so I will still be using the DSLR. I also think I'm just trying to talk myself into getting another telescope and correct me if I'm wrong with this would be a cheap way to try my hand at using a Mak or an SCT as this scope is only a little over $500. I greatly appreciate the replies.
  9. Some images...most if not all are dslr. The ones I have taken with the asi224mc have been horrible up to this point. Still honing my skills and weather has been terrible. I am just out of reach quality wise that I want.
  10. I think I am going to get a 150mm mak from opt. I know I wont see much improvement, but the difference in design will be much less stressful on the mount and alot more solid for mounting camera gear.OPT also offers trade ins so it will only cost me less than $500 Until I can afford a larger 8" or better SCT.
  11. Anyone ever trade in there old equipment for credit? If so, where? I see OPT offers this, and they have a 150mm mak that I was thinking about... anywhere else? Thanks!
  12. I have an Orion atlas mount. As far as telescopes I have the 6" newt and the 6" RC. Also had been told I wouldn't see much difference in a mak cass and the RC photos.
  13. Basically I was looking to see more detail. I like taking video of the planets and stacking them. Should I look for a different tube design as I already have an RC for deep sky? Like I said, I'm really interested in lunar and planetary right now, as I have a new asi224mc camera. Also trying to stay in budget around $500. The 6" newt has been a good all around scope.
  14. I've been shopping around for a new tube. I currently have a 6" newtonian and a 6" RC. I had seen orion has a 10" newtonian for sale listed here: https://www.telescope.com/mobileProduct/Telescopes/Telescope-Optical-Tube-Assemblies/Orion-254mm-f47-Reflector-Telescope-Optical-Tube-Assembly/pc/1/c/18/9959.uts I was curious about opinions and suggestions. Would there be a wow factor from going to this 10" from my 6"? Would the planets etc. Be much larger in photos? Thanks.
  15. What is the required size and format for posting on the forum?

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