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  1. Will this work with the 1.25" focuser on my Sct 8" or is there a better one? I already have the Orion autoguide camera and a ZWO ASI 224MC camera that can be used to guide for my Canon t2i. https://www.highpointscientific.com/telescope-accessories/astro-photography/auto-guiders/celestron-off-axis-guider-93648 thanks in advance!
  2. Can this work? If so anyone done it and know the spacings? I would be using a cabin t2i and Orion autoguider, or ASI224mc
  3. I have uploaded three images of Jupiter that the original video was shot 07/10/19 using 150mm Mak on my atlas mount with asi224mc and firecapture. Processed in AS3. I than put the original unsharpened image from AS3 into Pixinsight and followed the directions in the video. I only did the Sample format conversion, and used his restoration filter settings. which should be my 3rd image. What I want to know, is what causes the halo I am getting? I always seem to get this from the restoration filter, no matter what settings I try. I have even done some of my older DSLR vids and still get this!
  4. Any point to using PIPP with an asi224mc since firecapture has autoguide with region of interest anymore?
  5. I tend to overdo my processing sometimes on the moon, and I would like an opinion here. Same two exact images processed in PI. Steps I took were: 1. Sample format conversion. 2. Either wavelets or restoration filter. 3. Unsharp mask. 4. TGV Denoise. Which looks better? Wavelet pic or the restoration? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I will have to try this. Been using AS3 and then processing in pixinsight.
  7. Anyone heard of any free stacking software that is better/newer than Autostakkert3 for planets/lunar?
  8. Can someone recommend a good tutorial on the firecapture settings on the equipment above? This is a new scope. I was using a 6" mak and reflector. The settings that seemed to work before not so much. I seem to be getting noisey pictures that even after processing they are either slightly blurry or grainy after AS3 and pixinsight. Maybe just upload your firecapture log file? Thanks.
  9. I have a Celestron C8 A SCT. How would I mount my Orion 80mm guidescope to it? The scope has the wide vixen? Style dovetail. No rings. Thanks for the help.
  10. I have a new Celestron c8 and I need a few shield. I already have owned an astrozap flexible for a 6". Do they make one that has the notch for a Celestron dovetail? Just looking for something inexpensive. I already have dew heaters.
  11. I apologize in advance for the weather. I just received my new Celestron C8-A SCT! So thanks for all the help. Now I just have to wait for, I don't know how long for the rain that came with it to go away. I do have a question about the Celestron dovetail bar. What is the knob for?
  12. Question about apeture and astrophotography. I currently have an Orion 150mm mak. I am planning on getting a c8 or c9.25. would I see improvement for planetary photography going from the the 6" mak to the 8" Cass? Is the extra $400 between the 8" and 9.25" worth it for photos? Thanks. https://www.highpointscientific.com/telescopes/catadioptric-telescopes/celestron-c8-a-sct-aluminum-optical-tube-with-cge-dovetail-91024-xlt https://www.highpointscientific.com/telescopes/celestron-c9-25-sct-aluminum-optical-tube-with-cg-5-dovetail-91025-xlt
  13. I have a 12" dob that has been in storage for a while. Even though it was capped and shower cap over the bottom mirror it's still dusty. I have pec pads, squeeze blower and eclipse optic cleaning fluid. Can anyone point me to a link or video on how to safely do this? Thanks.
  14. I think I had read somewhere that doing close up moon imaging during or around a full moon was a waste of time because of the brightness?? I do know about adjusting gain or iso etc. Tried to search the forum, but wasn't sure how to word it.
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