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  1. Hi Impster, and welcome from the North Lincolnshire coast.
  2. Tantalus

    persied meteor shower!

    Yes, very disappointed. In this part of Lincolnshire, I got 90 mins and 15 Perseids until the clouds rolled in around 01:15. We all know that our weather is not the best, but in my experience this summer has been worse than last year.
  3. I seen this a few times. I'm sure I read somewhere, maybe on here, that it's an old russian rocket.
  4. 661-pete - I absolutely detest going to sleep when it's light, though I understand that some forum members do get up early to observe. I prefer to stay up, then go to sleep later. If there's a reason to be up very late, i.e., 04 - 05am, then I'll pull an all-nighter. Not sure I get your point about fewer light-polluted hours, an extra hour is not going to change peoples lighting habits. Beulah - I agree about the long depressing winters, Sam, but an extra hour will mean longer depressing mornings on your days off, and an extra hour in the winter is not going to give you much extra light at night, depending on what time you finish work. Up here (Lat 51.5), by the end of December it's already getting dark by around 15:30. And it also means you'll still get those annoying headlights later in the evening, and the light spilling from neighbours homes will still be a problem when you want to observe. I can see that an extra hour would be less of a problem in the winter, but does that not also diminish the arguements for adding that extra hour?
  5. This has been tried before, and failed. But my main concern is that a cash-strapped government will push the tourism arguement, and 'Mr Cameron... after delivering a speech in London promising to boost British tourism, and signalled he was willing to consider the switch.' The Bill is to be debated later in the year, but apparently already has the backing of conservative MPs and others, and the article gives the impression that this is the best chance to date to get the bill passed. There is a lot of resistance to the move in Scotland, but I'm not sure that that would be enough to defeat the bill. And I, for one, am not sure that we can leave it to chance. I intend to write to my MP and make my feelings known.
  6. Conservative MP Rebecca Harris wants to advance clocks an extra hour for all or part of the year! This could mean BST would become GMT +2 We certainly will look at it,” the Prime Minister said. “The argument will be won when people across the country feel comfortable with the change.” Full story Give me sunshine: David Cameron considers double summertime - Telegraph IMO, it's bad enough having just one extra hour in the summertime, but if Ms Harris gets her way, then I think it will have a serious impact on observers between March and Oct with fewer hours of darkness in the evenings. Whilst it may not have an impact on some, there are many amateur observers who have to be up early in the morning for work, and they will be hardest hit.
  7. I went out at 23:30 for 90 mins, but only saw 6 Perseids and 4 others. Gonna have another go tonight if it stays clear. Just seen the time, didn't realise it's nearly midnight already...
  8. Thanks Tom, I enjoyed reading your report. I'll have to have a go at M94 soon, sounds interesting. M57 might be worth another look though, in better conditions. Back in June on a particularly clear night I was able to see some detail in the ring with a modest 5" refractor, Your bit about balancing the scope on a wobbly table made me laugh... the number of times I've tried balancing my scope in all sorts of questionable positions just to get a look at a target rather than wait for a better opportunity And congrats on your tally of planets. Does that include the mighty Pluto?
  9. IRAS 05437+2502 taken by Hubble. Astronomy Picture of the Day Not sure why I like it so much, but I absolutely love this image. The structure in the blue-grey dust cloud is stunning in itself, but that bright peak really tops it off, if you see what I mean. Apart from that, can't really say anything else, just stunning...
  10. Is this still on the go? I normally recieve an e-mail notification when the new issue is released, but have heard nothing this month, and can't find it on the website. Anyone got any news?
  11. Tantalus

    BST or GMT

    But if you have to be up early in the morning, it's not always practicle to stay out too late...
  12. Tantalus

    BST or GMT

    Yup. Another vote for GMT, and more viewing time.
  13. It was my first clear night for ages, so I went out to a nearby wood and stood in a clearing. It was dark enough to make out the Milky Way, and later as the Moon rose, it was conveniently hidden by trees. Calsky predicted the Local Hourly Rate to be around 4, but in the space of two hours, I reckon I saw at least 20 Perseids, and a number of others. One of the best was a slow moving one that passed close to z Cygnii, moving in the wrong direction to be a Perseid or k Cygnid, and one of the slowest moving I've ever seen, and around mag -1 to -2. I took my bins with me, but didn't really use them because I was enjoying the meteor show. I was only supposed to be going out for an hour (work in the morning) but I was having such a good time I was having trouble tearing myself away and stayed until 02:30. And even as I was walking home, I saw one Perseid that was bright enough to outshine the intrusive glow of the orange streetlights down the avenue where I live. Fingers crossed for next week, and let's hope they're better than predicted.
  14. Phew! I thought I was going mad... I logged on Sunday, not aware of this issue, and was reading a thread that was dated as 'Today', but I knew I'd read it before even though I hadn't logged on for a few days. At least now I know if I am going mad, then it's nothing to do with SGL
  15. A3 would be a nice size, and I'd be prepared to pay up to £15. I would prefer only one image per page, otherwise you loose the advantage of the bigger format. A4 would be adequate for up to £10, but no smaller. Great Idea though...
  16. On warm summer nights I'll have a few bottles of Bishops Finger or other ale, and on cold nights it's Southern Comfort to warm the cockles. Never heard of Licquorice tea though, I'll have to try some of that...
  17. Perseids - July 17th til Aug 24th. Maximum is 12/13th Aug.
  18. It could've come from the delta Aquirids, which are active from July 12th to August 19th, or maybe from the alpha Capricornids, which are active from July 3rd to August 15th. Both these showers have their radiants in the East/South East. The Antihelion source is also around the same area at this time. SPA's Meteor section has charts and some good info for meteor fans. Last year I saw a few nice meteors from this area, including a stunning earth-grazer. IMO it's worth keeping an eye out towards the East if you're outside and the Moon's out of the way.
  19. That's a great sketch Steem. I like the way you've got a nice sharp edge on the crater,and some good detail without overdoing it. A very clean looking image. Well done!
  20. That's a fantastic rendering Roel, and very realistic looking. It can't have been easy to do in reverse (white on black) - Do you have any formal artistic training? You should frame the original and hang it somewhere. Well done.
  21. Thanks Abell. I did see quite a few objects, but without a star chart I coundn't identify most of 'em. And yes, I'm at Lat 53.5 deg. I've never heard of Barnard's E, I'll have to look that one up (Could be a while though, cloud city up here at the mo). Thanks for the tip...
  22. 9-10th July,2010 16x60 bins With a clear sky and balmy temperatures last night, I decided to go for a walk with my bins in a nearby field. I love these hot summer nights - you can stand and observe for as long as you fancy without freezing any of your bits off! Started off with M31 - not at its' best yet but I can never resist a peek. I also tried for M33 but so far it continues to elude me. Then the double cluster, which to my eyes didn't look that well defined tonight, maybe not dark enough yet. This particular field is not very dark but it's a lot darker than my back yard and has a clear wide horizon in the East and South, and I could just make out the Milky Way stretching from Cassiopea, overhead and all the way down almost to the southern horizon. I've been wanting to have a good look at the Sagittarius region, so starting from Altair I moved down through Aquila to the Wild duck cluster, and scanned the southern reaches of the Milky Way. My gaze was drawn on by a number of star chains, one which took me towards IC4665, a nice mag 4.2 open cluster just above Cebalrai (beta Oph) and another chain that took me down towards Sagittarius. I was surprised by how many fuzzies I could see with binoculars so low down in the sky. I didn't have any charts with me so I couldn't identify them all, but I checked with Stellarium when I got home and I can definitely Identify a few... M8 - The Lagoon nebula which through the bins it appeared as three distinctive stars in a row surrounded by a patch of nebulosity. I also caught M21 close by, and as I observed M20, The Trifid nebula, a small meteor passed right through my FOV. T'rific! As I reluctantly made my way home I caught a satellite flare close to Polaris at 01:12, before coming into the glare of street lights. Next chance I get I'm gonna bring my scope down here and have a proper look through this region, which I can't see it from my house. And it'll help me boost my meagre tally of Messier objects.
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