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  1. Just popped my head out the back door, and there's a stunning golden-orange moon just rising in the East. It's about to rise behind heavy black clouds, but I just wanted to say how beautiful it looked... that's all.
  2. Was that on Sunday evening, the 14th? I was also out looking for some late Perseids when I too spotted a pulsing light. At first I though it was a plane, but the flashing lights on aircraft are coloured, not white. It was pulsing at about 1 second intervals, and I timed it passing just below the head of Aquila at 21:49, it then passed through Pegasus, then just above Andromeda. On a gut instinct I checked Nanosail-D passes, and my observation matched the predicted timing and track perfectly! Calsky gave the predicted magnitude to be -2.2, but in my opinion it was much brighter (at least from my position, and at the brightest part of the pulse was almost as bright as the ISS.
  3. I saw 5 Perseids in about half an hour this morning aound 01:30BST. I also a nice bright meteor at 01:26. It came from the zenith near Cygnus (so not a Perseid) very fast moving and at least mag -2, extending all the way down to Pegasus, a real beaut...
  4. Thanks whooshbang. It does look to be better than the C4 prog.
  5. Ooh Goody... more barbeque weather
  6. On Channel 4 this Saturday, 23rd July 7:30pm til 9:00pm As Atlantis completes its 135th and final mission, this definitive documentary charts the legacy and tragedies of the most ambitious space programme ever undertaken - the Space Shuttle.
  7. The full Moon will drown out much of the shower, but in 2009, I managed to see around a couple of dozen of the brighter Perseids over 2 hours by positioning myself so that the Moon was hidden behind a tree. Whether or not it'll be worth it for you is for you to judge, but one good thing about this year's is the 13th is a Saturday, so most people won't have to worry about getting up for work in the morning. If the weather is kind I'll be watching...
  8. End of an Era indeed... And unfortunately I don't think we're going to get a single viewing opportunity from the UK during the entire mission
  9. LIFTOFF!!! Good Luck Atlantis...
  10. Also being covered on BBC News channel (Freeview 80) from 4:15 pm.
  11. There were a lot of small clouds with gaps between. The best way I can think to describe it would be a marbled sky, if you see what I mean. So i suppose it's possible a bright meteor could shine through. And yes, they were definitely clouds; I handn't had that much to drink That's not unusual, I'm sure the Great Attractor for clouds is around here somewhere...
  12. I was watching last night's display, but none as beautiful as this - more like the one's in your Flickr NLC_005 imagine.
  13. Thanks Probe. Very interesting...
  14. Just seen... Popped outside for a smoke after logging out of here, and right in front of me at 23:24:15 I saw a green streak that looked like a meteor trail. A bright, short trail, about 10 degrees long and arcing gently downwards just a few degrees above the horizon, due East of my position (Lat 53.5, Long -0.7). It's cloudy here tonight, and am wondering if a meteor would show through the cloud? Hard to guess it's magnitude because no stars visible for comparison, but bright! This is getting spooky now, that's three nights in one week I've seen bright meteors (possibly) in the East, but this time I was looking in the right place at the right time... I can't think of anything other than a meteor that would cause this. Anyone ever seen anything similar?
  15. Well Done on finding the Lagoon and Trifid, BK. Sometimes I just can't be bothered hauling the full set-up outdoors and it's nice to be able to just pop out with nothing more than a pair of bins. I've just moved into a new flat, and for the first time ever I have a good view of the southern sky almost to the horizon, despite being near the centre of town. I can see the teapot quite clearly and the Sagittarius region is rapidly becomming my favourite part of the sky - so much to see there. Good luck with your night's quest, Andy.
  16. I was out too, trawling through the rich clusters in Sagittarius area, saw some NLC. I forgot Jupiter was rising and packed away just as it came up. And for the second time in one week, I managed to miss a bright, slow-moving meteor (at least -1/-2 magnitude). I'd just looked up from the eyepiece, and caught it's last fraction as it faded away. The same thing happened Sunday night...
  17. Ah, sorry to hear that Alan. Just had another look and they're still showing. Not the best I've seen, but still a lovely sight.
  18. A cloud-free night here in Lincolnshire, and I've just been watching a minor display of whispy NLC in the North, just below Capella. It's starting to fade now though. Anyone else seeing this?
  19. I saw last night's 22:35 pass. It still seems to move pretty fast and hard to tell if it's any slower, but it was the longest ISS observation I've made to date. It was a high pass, culminating a tad under 60 deg, but I was able to follow it for almost 8 minutes, whereas my previous best would be around 6.5 minutes
  20. As TJ says in the OP, the station's orbit has just been boosted so you probably just need to update your satellite TLE. My copy of Stellarium was spot on.
  21. Thierry Legault’s Incredible Ground-Based Views of Endeavour’s Final Flight docked with the ISS.
  22. Well Done Isabelle! When you see how bright it is, it makes you wonder how you've never noticed it before. Close to the summer solstice and with a series of favourable passes happening, this is a good time to see the ISS. Hope the weather co-operates...
  23. I've seen one. A couple of years ago now, but I knew where and when to look. About 45 deg alt, and magnitude -8, and so bright there was some iridescent colouration... a strange sight in a daylight sky.
  24. In Windows you can set the clock to display up to two additional clocks. I have one set to local time (GMT/BST), one set to UT, and a third usually set to EDT/EST for American timings (for shuttle and other NASA launch timings). And if you click on 'Change Time Zone' you get a list of locations around the globe and the time difference in GMT(UT) +/- nhrs... Saves googling every time.
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